Month: April 2022

When Google Assistant stops listening

The spouses Android 9 phone appeared to no longer respond to voice commands. You understand ok Google or hey Google. I checked everything but didn’t get assistant to stay active.

I then checked the battery saver settings and it showed it was turned off so I turned it on then off. Then we created a new voice model. Assistant is working now. It’s fully active once again.

medical progress

i read a lot about medicine. For example recently found out they can now cure hepatitis C with a 98% rate. Or how they’re now using mRNA to devise treatments for melanoma and other cancers.

an I’ve read that the venerable MRI has gotten many improvements too.

it’s a good time to be alive.

music Sunday/Domingo

As I do during fin de semana is chill out with music. The last track that came up was Digital Underground “Sex Packets”. The thought occured to me that’s what Viagra is. But it’s Sunday really the end of the weekor the beginning?


Funny today

Noted that i called someone and the call went dead. Then tried calling back. To get his v voicemail repeatedly. And better it’s a dang good thing I know Spanish. The OGM says please leave a message for his phone number as in DOS DOS nueve then the last seven digits..