Month: July 2022

Determining how to fix a malfunctioning nest thermostat

Could not re add the thermostat on the android app.

I deleted the app data in files and then turned on wifi. Then went and detached the thermostat. Scanned the qr code and it fails. Then did an add without scanning that worked. Ensured the correct key was entered. And re entered thec wifi password in the app and presto changeo now the app on the android app can control the blasted thermostat.

Nest Thermostats suck

For reasons beyond this god damned Nest thermostat drives me batty. I set it to 72F it goes to 80F. So I tried reseting it but no go. I think maybe tomorrow I’ll unplug the thing and let it reset.

Revelations from music

So I’m chilling out listening to Amazon Music and Culture Club doing Karma Chemeleon came on. If you listen boy George is singing about his relationship with the drummer of the group. Its interesting .

New chefs knife

So my chef’s knife the handle disintegrated. Ordered a new one. Cost all of $17. I sharpen my own knives. Usually once a week. I can actually tell the blade is getting dull. Few swipes through the sharpener and good as new.