Month: August 2022

A new series to watch

It’s on Netflix called Sex Education. The premise one kid with dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes, his mom is a sex therapist. And it’s set in Britain so the grade levels are ever so slightly different.

Another story line is blue eyed boys best friend who’s black and gay. Well the son of the school’s headmaster. He likes to needle the gay black for kid. And yeah they get it together. Seems the son who’s white likes the gay black kid.

Addendum to bagel with cream cheese and lox

I started thinking.. how would I improve this as i used cream cheese with onion and chive. To improve I’d use plain cream cheese, saute some finely chopped shallot, fresh garlic, and then once that’s cooked let it cool and combine with the cream cheese. That’s a definite improvement.

Reading: A Queer History of the United States

The author is Michael Bronski. The impetus to read it comes from someone getting the audio version. And because both our tablets are signed in as me i got the two the audio and text versions.

I’m 40 pages in and he covers from the early 15th centuries on. I’m up to the period between the Revolutionary and Civil wars. It’s fascinating how privacy and public get further refined even in the 21st century. It even talks about the concept of the other. Cool stuff.

The food of my people

Yeah i know I’ve only got a small percentage of Jewish ancestry. But we thought we’d try bagel with cream cheese and lox. That latter is strips of smoked salmon and the cream cheese was onion and chive. It’s delicious. And i thought I’ve eaten raw, smoked and cooked salmon.

And come to find out I like raw and smoked salmon best.

The frustration of new podcasts

So someone heard an ad for a podcast called Queer in Your Ear. Allegedly this podcast says it’s on TuneIn. But going to TuneIn says it isn’t there yet. But searching for it on the web says sound cloud has it.

But you cannot install and run Sound Cloud on an Amazon fire tablet. Why? Because it checks for Google Play store. No such thing on Amazon. So had to install the app on his phone.

So my advice for Sound Cloud take the check for Google Play and maybe just maybe address that there are in fact devices devices that are Android based but don’t have the mother fucking Play store.

Update on fun times

So I was released from the hospital yesterday. The wtf moment was of course provided by Walgreens. Apparently just mentioning you just got out of the hospital doesn’t work. You need a mother fucking coupon. I hate Walgreens.

Fun times

So I’ve been hospitalized since Tuesday when I presented to the emergency room. They transferred me to the Emory main campus hospital to refer me to neurology.

But between the MRI and ultrasound they spotted a clot in my left leg. I’ve been here since Tuesday of this week and won’t get out until the 18th. I’m going stir crazy. The food isn’t too bad especially since salt and pepper is included. But television is just a little bit annoying. The ads drive me nuts.

But the bad news now I have slow progression ALS. I maybe have 10 to 20 years. But i have hope as i know technology keeps marching on. Maybe I’ll become a cyborg or maybe nano tech to the rescue. And of course they have me on blood thinners for the clot.