Month: September 2022

Diverse music

So I’m listening to Amazon music. First up was Blood Sweat and Tears with “you’ve made me so very happy. ” immediately followed by the Clash with “should i stay or go”

Most notable about the Blood Sweat and Tears song was there are no gender pronouns used. So can be gay , straight or any. Nice.

29 years together this weekend.

Keyron and I observed our 29th anniversary with a meal. In that i discovered long ago seasoning is critical.

We had Ribeye steak seasoned with salt and pepper. Then seared 4 minutes per side in a hot pan. Also made that kick ass sauce. It’s cooked bacon lardon and shallots and mushrooms. Cook the bacon And drain it but leave the grease in the pan in go the chopped shallots for three minutes on medium heat. Then the sliced mushrooms. Finally after five minutes put the cooked bacon and heavy cream in. Salt and pepper also.

That along with baked potatoes and a nice salad . Let the meat rest and then sliced it up. Keyron actually complimented the cook namely me.


Good movies on Amazon Prime

Watched the movie Pride on Amazon Prime video. Good movie set in the UK in the mid 1980s. You know when the Iron Lady was Prime minister. And the mining community was on strike in south Wales. A bunch of gay and lesbian people in London started financially supporting the striking workers.

Yes indeed. But some of the miners didn’t want their support. But their minds changed when they got to know the gay and Lesbian kids. To the point it’s lgb pride parade in London. The protagonists are told no political messages. But who shows up but every mining union with their banners held high. Good movie.