Month: October 2022

Nest thermostat issue

So I’d had an issue where the only mode was cooling no heat. Went round and round with Google support on Twitter. Until they mentioned a wire swap. I thought about it and replied it worked before so what’s up.

Took the thermostat off the base, cut the power to the hvac system and pressed down on the w1 tab. Removed the wire and noticed two things. First when they wired it they left a piece of wire insulation hanging. And that the copper wire had a bit of corrosion. So grabbed some steel wool and shined the wire. Re inserted the wire and et voila heating and cooling now work. I replied to Google on twitter detailing what I’d done. They replied “good catch “

Reading: The Sumerians: A history from beginning to end

So I’m always interested in history and I was aware of the contributions of the Sumerianls to language, music, and literature

But they also invented the wheel. Just think about our entire transport all involves the wheel or something that rotates. Even my wheelchair.

There’s more. They actually had same sex couples as depicted on Steele’s

And religion yeah christianity and all the abrahamic religions borrowed heavily from the Sumerians.

To conclude they really had it together 5000 years ago.

Gave the new cast iron pan a run today

Cooked sausage patties in it. Used a little bit of oil just to keep it good.

I was going to do the omelet in it because the surface of the pan looks like I’d have it non stick . Maybe tomorrow I’ll do that. I do put butter in first so that’ll help.

When one runs out of butter

So usually when I go eggs in use a tablespoon of butter per egg. The more fat the better. But only had a couple tablespoons of butter. But i did have cream cheese.

So i did one tbsp of butter and the rest was cream cheese. Apparently someone likes eggs with cream cheese. It is now mandated by someone. Tastes really good too.


Breakfast prep today

It starts with eggs and butter. Melt butter in a non stick pan one tablespoon per egg over medium low heat. Once butter is melted stir in eggs. Stir the eggs and butter and wait about 2 to 3 minutes. Then stir again. Now it’s time to fill it. Spice wise it’s herbs de provence, garlic powder and freshly ground black pepper. On top of the spices goes chopped up American cheese and black forest ham. And sometimes a bit of chopped up potato.

For the first time in years

So the spouse has been going crazy ordering what i term “woo woo” audio books. That sparked my memory.

I recalled that I’d read the book “The Adolescence of p1” by Thomas J. Ryan. Good book about a computer virus that learns and hosts itself in multiple mainframes. I hoped it was available digital but no. I ordered the paperback version. Something I’d not done in years is buy a real physical book. It’s all been ebooks for nearly a decade or more.

I explained I had hundreds of physical books. Gave them away and went ebook all the way. Moving books is a chore. But my Fire tablet will do nicely.