Month: November 2022

Thanksgiving snafu

So I’ve got a Gourmia sous vide stick. Gv140 to be precise. It’s stuck in Celsius mode but no biggie as I know 76c is about 170F and so on. But I didn’t realize the unit will go down top 7.6c took me about 5 minutes to recall just keep dialing up until it reads 76.0c d’oh

Thanksgiving feast

So yesterday morning I put 3 Turkey drumstics seasoned with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder into a 170F (75c) sous vide bath. Three hours later reduced the temperature to 160F. About 73c.

Then seared a 3lb breast that was seasoned into te bath.

Around 2pm did mashed potatoes then put them in a container covered and put that in the souse vide to keep it warm

Then the cornbread stuffing was prepared plus a can of yams and then seared seasoned brussel sprouts got cooked, steamed and the feast was complete. We ate at about 5pm. Someone even said everything tasted good. Oh And gravy too. The Turkey breast came with a gravy packet.. plus the drumsticks produced a lot of juice. Combined that with the packet contents.

Why aren’t there any black Amish

This started from an item substitution of Amish potato salad. That said the question arose why aren’t there any black people that are Amish? Because they’re a fairly inbred group is one. And since they’re of a twisted religious interpretation from Germany well you see where this goes.

All because fucking Walmart substituted Amish potato salad for Deviled Egg potato salad.

New burr coffee grinder

Sadly my Mr. Coffee grinder died. It’s the micro switch that detects the container is inserted. Now I could take it apart but i want my coffee.

Ordered a hand cranked burr grinder. Not much can go wrong with this one.

Todays snail mail missive

This one came from the Rhode island Division of Taxation. They’re saying I owe $591 from 2014. I find it odd it took them 8 years to send this. They can pound sand because first i don’t live there any longer and have and have no intention of ever returning

Disgusting political attempts

Somehow i got a political ad that was sent to a neighbor. But it landed in our mailbox. It was paid for by America First legal foundation. They are a Republican front. Supposedly they consider themselves the conservative answer to the ACLU.

On one side they have stories of lament like poor Garret who got his testicles removed and buff says he feels worse. Then then a 17 year old flat chested girl says “i destroyed my life”

They go on to describe phalloplasty and the last sentence in red text says “the vagina may also be removed at this time.” Yeah and….

The front is just as bad they talk about puberty blockers, cutting off healthy breasts and genitals, sterilization, giving girls testosterone and more.

It’s like the anti trans bigots found a medical text and ran with it. Try to sound more like alleged experts.