Disgusting political attempts

Somehow i got a political ad that was sent to a neighbor. But it landed in our mailbox. It was paid for by America First legal foundation. They are a Republican front. Supposedly they consider themselves the conservative answer to the ACLU.

On one side they have stories of lament like poor Garret who got his testicles removed and buff says he feels worse. Then then a 17 year old flat chested girl says “i destroyed my life”

They go on to describe phalloplasty and the last sentence in red text says “the vagina may also be removed at this time.” Yeah and….

The front is just as bad they talk about puberty blockers, cutting off healthy breasts and genitals, sterilization, giving girls testosterone and more.

It’s like the anti trans bigots found a medical text and ran with it. Try to sound more like alleged experts.

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