Month: December 2022

A treatise on incompetence

The Christmas flood here is still reverberating. The heating system is down because water damaged the thermostat wiring. The bedroom rug is still saturated with water.

This comes down to why the flood happened. When temperature drops just let the cold water side drip. In fact building management sent out notices in the past asking we do this.

But the apartment above us had been vacant for months. So nobody could let the water drip. Which in turn when the temperature dropped to single digits a pipe burst.

This is where the incompetence comes in. Building management knows the forecasts and they know which units are vacant. Do a reasonable mind says send maintenance people to the vacant units and let the water drip. But they did not do this and it leads me to the conclusion that building management is incompetent.


Well it’s now a flood of biblical proportion. A section of ceiling over the dryer has collapsed. I’ve been on hold for ten minutes when I called 911. Something very bad happened upstairs. Of course past couple of days I’ve heard banging upstairs.. very early in the morning

Update on xmas

As of 8:30 pm we heard water coming down from the apartment upstairs. I surmise it’s a burst pipe. Because there’ve been arctic temperatures and in bet the power is off upstairs.

Merry Christmas

So woke up cooked breakfast. Gave someone a USB rechargeable heated vest. Gets up to 65c which is 150f that’ll keep him toasty. Me I’m chilling, reading and drinking coffee. Start dinner prep soon. That’s mashed potatoes, ham, brussel sprouts and stuffing.

Read: I Was Better Last Night

It’s a memoir but l by Harvey Fierstein.. good book as I had forgotten he wrote Love Valour Compassion. Plus he is a big theater guy too. And he was in the movie Indepence Day.

He’s written a whole number of plays on and off Broadway plus he’s gay, done drag and a lot more.

An inauspicious Thursday

So I messed up. My card was blocked due to an unrecognized charge in late November. But it was tied to our net provider auto pay. So they shut us off. Trying to change the card on the phone is imposwsible. So we had to drag me to a t-mobile store. Now the conundrum is I’m in a wheelchair.

So there’s two ways i can come out. The front or the back. The front has stairs. The rear is a handful of a haul up a hill. But that by someones logic is easier.

So now I get cussed at and the penance is $30 At Dunkin Donuts.

Election runoff day in Georgia

So someone was adamant about voting this runoff between Warnock and Walker. Before all due to the fact i allegedly didn’t tick a check box to apply the ballots to the entire cycle for someone.

But best laid plans were thwarted because I’m in wheelchair Even MARTA mobility agreed. It’s rainy and wet leaves and no ramps means they couldn’t get me up the stone steps. I’m thinking maybe MARTA should have ramps on board.

And someone is going to have to depend on as he calls them “strangers”. Heavy sigh.