Month: January 2023

Disability hearing

This morning i had my social security hearing over the phone. After the call I spoke to the attorney

I asked how long it takes once a decision is reached. Two to four months. It’s the 21st century it should take a week or two..

The way boiled eggs should look

So we had chef salad but it didn’t include boiled eggs. The method i use is to bring about an inch of water to a boil. Put eggs in and cover the pan. Now i like yolks runny to jammy consistency. I did these 8 minutes refreshing heat as needed. I dislike chalky yolks boiled beyond. Split them and add a little salt and pepper. Delicious.

Weird memories

Interesting what triggers them. I’m watching Modern Love and it brought a memory of my friend and I in Confederate uniforms me as an officer he as a soldier. This photo was my friend Chris and I. Back in the 1980s. Funny how that happens. Chris had ms so i think he might have succumbed. But can’t find him.

Happy Friday the 13th

Yes of course it’s Friday the 13th. Ooooo. I’m not worried. It’s funny the fear of the number 13. Even tall buildings omit the 13th floor and jump from the 12th to the 14th floor. All because of religious bovine excrement. Now 13^2 is 169 minus 100 is 69 a good thing.

Coming sooner than you think

This post comes from an article on Medium about how people don’t want to take jobs at grocery stores. I’d left a comment stating it’d be easy to replace the cashiers and the baggers with robotics.

All a cashier does is slide items across a scanner , take cash and coupons and that’s easy to automate. The bagger is slightly harder but a little AI along with computer vision and a couple of arms with some range of motion.

Think about the benefits. Costs for humans to do the jobs are gone. Only ones left are power and preventive maintenance. Plus robots don’t need breaks or food.