Month: April 2023

Topics of discussion

What topics do you like to discuss?

I’ll write about anything. My specialties are music. Foods, politics, technology and things I’ve read. Or watched.. when the spirit moves me I post. Been doing it for a long time. And the spirit still moves me.

Movies on Amazon

Watched Bros. It’s a cute movie. A nebbish gay man locks eyes with a cutie

And it goes downhill from they’re on again and off again. Finally on. It’s set in nyc and the gay nebbish is trying to get funding for an lgbtq museum. They visit ptown and they’re meeting with a guy and cute guy sells it and gets a $5 million dollar donation for for the nuseum.

Watched: Bad Teacher

The movie is on Freevee. Starts off when she’s dumped by her boyfriend. She returned to the school she’d been at previously.. But as the movie progressed i said she should be ac guidance counselor. Sure enough.

Where I’d never want to visit

What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?

Let’s see Mecca is one. I’m not Christian nor am I Muslim nor do i believe in sky fairies. None in fact.

In fact most of the middle east are places I’d not visit. They’re fairly homophobic.

An ad that makes me shake my head

It was on Spotify. I’m still disgusted by it.

Jeffrey Osborne promoting visit Rhode Island. The first thought came to me was Osborne himself got the fuck out of Rhode Island years ago. I wonder how much he got paid that ad.

Were i to do one I’d say sure Rhode Island has beaches, mansions everywhere if one looks, a few museums sure. But until the entire state realizes it’s a bedroom community to Boston i never want to go back there. As the old saying i wouldn’t fuck that state with a ten foot pole.

Currently Reading: The Sum of Us

Subtitled What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together by Heather McGhee.

Very interesting book. It’s funny hubbie and I were talking about book bans and how with a net connection and an z Amazon Fire tablet you can not only read any book you desire but even check books out using Kindle unlimited.

In the book she talks about racism in the form of redlining, even how there were public swimming pools all over the U.S. until black people wanted to use those pools. Then they were closed down. Filled with dirt and now nobody could swim there. It’s funny even when I grew up we had a pool. Not a kiddie pool. A full on pool.

Also talks about redlining that makes the blood boil too. Or how they laid out Chicago and all the things they put in low income areas for example oil refineries. Garbage dumps etc..

It’s a dense read but good .