Month: May 2023

Personal belongings

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

Let’s see. My Mercer 18110 Chef’s knife, my Amazon Fire tablet, my Radioddity GS-5B radio,

But most of all is the Fire Tablet. Has a lot of books on it.

Reading: Time Enough For Love

It’s the story or memoir of the Senior aka Lazarus Long. The thing I most like is rejuvenation.

Because it’s gonna get a whole lot weirder in reality. We’re on the cusp of being able to download ourselves. That’s gonna let us be able to grow a clone and stuff ourselves in. But then it struck me you could upload yourself to any body. I see a bit of a moral issue there with that latter part .

Keyron and I talked about this and he mentioned the boon this would be for the transgender.

Have I ever broken a bone

Have you ever broken a bone?

Can’t say that I’ve ever broken a bone which is sort of surprising. Now sure I’ve had stitches a fair number of times in my life. But no broken bones. Maybe it’s that my bones are pretty good or all the calcium I get in the diet. Who knows.

More on fun times

Today we used Marta Mobility. Told them get here 7:45am for an 8:45am appointment. They rolled up at 8:46am. Got to my 8:45 appointment at 9:26am.

Coming home we’re waiting at a bench nearby for the return trip

It’s how we met Charles our driver. We get to our place and he asked how I wanted to get to my door. I asked him to get me down the stairs

He was able to do it no assistance. He explained he used to do EMS. God bless him. He also told us we could request him. Hell yes.

It’s funny getting me out was the same up the back and up the hill.

Obsertvations on the 20m ham band

So using my ats25 max I’ve been scanning the 20 meter band and throughout all I hear is what sounds like SSTV or more to the point FSK. Looking at the band plan I understand why. Voice aka phone has moved on from 20m. It also means I have to get a PC again.