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This is a place for me to spout off about the injustices, inequality and discrimination which as it so happens makes it a fairly frequent event. I also like to analyze the arguments of religious fundamentalists, particularly when it comes to their screeds against abortion, gay people, etc.

I’d once thought I’m not happy unless I’m griping but the reality is that I enjoy a challenge. It isn’t a gripe so much as firing a salvo of truth right back at those who would call me a second class citizen.

Now more about me. I hadn’t said this in the past but I am gay and have been with the same guy for near 25 years now.

My reading habits run the gamut from fantasy and sci-fi to current affairs.

My day job is I.T. Professional specializing in Linux systems and some integration when it comes to the dread Windows. In fact for my laptop I run Ubuntu not Windows. So I guess you could call me a hard core Linux guy.

And if you hadn’t guessed by reading the blog, yes I’m gay and have been in a relationship for 25 years now. But I kind of cooled off working with Marriage Equality Rhode Island when they changed up their leadership. I don’t agree with what they’re doing.

Other areas I’m active in are election politics, the health care debate (I’m pro single-payer/universal), and pro legalization of marijuana, not because I use it but because I think current law on the subject is idiotic at its very best. And I’m rather thrilled that the Democratic party cleaned up in this last election of 2012.

And most recently I’ve thrown in the Providence chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

And you’ll find that the posts represent factual information from named and unnamed sources, as well as opinion on my part.

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  1. I found your blog while searching for info. My wife has been suffering from severe vertigo/nausea ever since getting benzocaine and novacaine at the dentist yesterday. You mentioned that you had vertigo that you “manage to control”. Can you say how? Thanks.

  2. Well, this debate will probably never end. However like Dr. King it is time to argue equality now, whether this is convenient or not. Religion that is put into practice is the surest example for anyone to set. If you want your children to follow a belief system than how about feeding the poor and tending the sick? You want real holiness you don’t need a law to set aside Sunday. Honor the day of your own free will and honor your religion as you see fit. Jewish people honor the Sabbath and there is no federal law to back up their belief system. The problem with religion is you want to go out your way to affect another person’s ability to live his or her life. Live the gospel of your life, let your behavior speak of loving kindness and you will point to what is truly important. Who knows maybe you may even invite a gay or lesbian couple to diner and thank God for the gift of friendship, true community. Is this really so against your teaching? I am a fan of Christ’s for what it is worth. To state it clearly I don’t care if I go to heaven as long as I spend this life in loving fellowship with the people around me. Thank you for letting me spew.

  3. I am with Nick’s sentiments there. Just dropping in to shamelessly remind you that tomorrow starts Blogging For Truth! LOL.
    Take care and Thank YOU!!!

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