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Seriously, an I.T. guy interested in government and rights. Go figure.

Breakfast prep today

It starts with eggs and butter. Melt butter in a non stick pan one tablespoon per egg over medium low heat. Once butter is melted stir in eggs. Stir the eggs and butter and wait about 2 to 3 minutes. Then stir again. Now it’s time to fill it. Spice wise it’s herbs de provence, garlic powder and freshly ground black pepper. On top of the spices goes chopped up American cheese and black forest ham. And sometimes a bit of chopped up potato.

For the first time in years

So the spouse has been going crazy ordering what i term “woo woo” audio books. That sparked my memory.

I recalled that I’d read the book “The Adolescence of p1” by Thomas J. Ryan. Good book about a computer virus that learns and hosts itself in multiple mainframes. I hoped it was available digital but no. I ordered the paperback version. Something I’d not done in years is buy a real physical book. It’s all been ebooks for nearly a decade or more.

I explained I had hundreds of physical books. Gave them away and went ebook all the way. Moving books is a chore. But my Fire tablet will do nicely.

Diverse music

So I’m listening to Amazon music. First up was Blood Sweat and Tears with “you’ve made me so very happy. ” immediately followed by the Clash with “should i stay or go”

Most notable about the Blood Sweat and Tears song was there are no gender pronouns used. So can be gay , straight or any. Nice.

29 years together this weekend.

Keyron and I observed our 29th anniversary with a meal. In that i discovered long ago seasoning is critical.

We had Ribeye steak seasoned with salt and pepper. Then seared 4 minutes per side in a hot pan. Also made that kick ass sauce. It’s cooked bacon lardon and shallots and mushrooms. Cook the bacon And drain it but leave the grease in the pan in go the chopped shallots for three minutes on medium heat. Then the sliced mushrooms. Finally after five minutes put the cooked bacon and heavy cream in. Salt and pepper also.

That along with baked potatoes and a nice salad . Let the meat rest and then sliced it up. Keyron actually complimented the cook namely me.


Good movies on Amazon Prime

Watched the movie Pride on Amazon Prime video. Good movie set in the UK in the mid 1980s. You know when the Iron Lady was Prime minister. And the mining community was on strike in south Wales. A bunch of gay and lesbian people in London started financially supporting the striking workers.

Yes indeed. But some of the miners didn’t want their support. But their minds changed when they got to know the gay and Lesbian kids. To the point it’s lgb pride parade in London. The protagonists are told no political messages. But who shows up but every mining union with their banners held high. Good movie.

A new series to watch

It’s on Netflix called Sex Education. The premise one kid with dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes, his mom is a sex therapist. And it’s set in Britain so the grade levels are ever so slightly different.

Another story line is blue eyed boys best friend who’s black and gay. Well the son of the school’s headmaster. He likes to needle the gay black for kid. And yeah they get it together. Seems the son who’s white likes the gay black kid.

Addendum to bagel with cream cheese and lox

I started thinking.. how would I improve this as i used cream cheese with onion and chive. To improve I’d use plain cream cheese, saute some finely chopped shallot, fresh garlic, and then once that’s cooked let it cool and combine with the cream cheese. That’s a definite improvement.

Reading: A Queer History of the United States

The author is Michael Bronski. The impetus to read it comes from someone getting the audio version. And because both our tablets are signed in as me i got the two the audio and text versions.

I’m 40 pages in and he covers from the early 15th centuries on. I’m up to the period between the Revolutionary and Civil wars. It’s fascinating how privacy and public get further refined even in the 21st century. It even talks about the concept of the other. Cool stuff.