Author: truthspew

Seriously, an I.T. guy interested in government and rights. Go figure.

Solar power transmission

Of course it uses microwave transmission. Nice that they’ve proved it. I Just i can imagine scaling this up. Be a good way to kill one’s self.

Mobile Phone madness continues

So one thing that got exposed when we migrated Keyron’s phone. All they needed was the IMEI and phone number. But the new phone doesn’t meet his needs due to Google Assistant Go being a flaming piece of shit.

So he sought out advice and a Google Pixel 4 was mentioned. So i bought an unlocked one. Called and they can’t support it. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. It has an IMEI and eSIM just like his current phone. So again whiskey tango Foxtrot.

Elite schools and reliance on testing

My education when it came to high school was between an Elite public school and an elite catholic school both of which required entrance exams. The latter was my choice and all boys.

So I’m a little comb confused why testing is anathema

And it’s found

I think i posted about Keyron and the lost Fire Tablet. Well I’d ordered him a 10″ Fire Tablet and case.

And what does he find today but his 7″ Fire tablet. It was wedged in the sofa cushions. Now we searched everywhere. To have it appear days later is one of those things.