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Yet another radio

I just couldn’t resist. You see I own  70cm DMR radio but in RI there was precious little 70cm DMR. But then I saw I could pick up an AnyTone AT-D878UV. It’s a Dual-Band handheld radio transceiver or as we hams call them Handie-Talkies.

Friends of mine had recommended the AnyTone and I must say I’m impressed. It has Bluetooth, GPS, and a whole raft of features including a full color display. Plus the keys are nicely backlit. For $238 it came with the programming cable, plus a bluetooth PTT button, and charging stand. Really nice.

It doesn’t play nicely with Windows 7 but I hooked it to my work machine which is running Windows 10 and it picked it right up.

And I went to an downloaded the user contacts for Atlanta, Marietta, DeKalb County, Fulton County and Cobb County, even as far down as Savannah. I mean come on I’m really enjoying it here in the great state of Georgia. I should have moved here years ago. I mean it. The people, the medical people, the people in general black, white, or what have you. All great people. Even the politicians are getting to know me.

And of course it involved the usual UPS snafu – they were SUPPOSED to deliver it yesterday. Then today I scheduled it between 2PM and 6PM and it showed up around 7PM. I suppose me emailing UPS a little nasty-gram did the trick. If I had to go their facility to pick this radio up I told someone that they’d get the full ration of shit from me. I cannot stand UPS. I’ve shared their nickname of Shit Wrapped in Chiffon around here and people love it.

Something unexpected in todays mail

So I get home and check the mail. What to my surprise should appear but a QSL card.

A QSL card for you non-hams is a way to acknowledge a contact. I’ve got quite a few from people I’ve conversed with over the years. But anyhow, this wouldn’t be so unusual except for one little fact. I haven’t been active on the amateur radio bands for a good five years now. Well, with the exception of every now and then firing up on 2m or 70cm bands.

My first thought was, “Uh oh, someone is using my callsign on the HF bands (High Frequency, then there’s VHF and UHF, I’ll let you figure those out. A hint though, VHF is where the 2m band lives (144-148MHz) and UHF is where the 70cm band lives (420-450MHz).

While IM’ing with a fellow ham buddy, I noticed that the card indicated that we ‘conversed’ on 26-11-06 at 14:28GMT, which in my time zone would be 9:28AM. It happened on the 20m band on 14.001MHz and my RST (Readability, Signal and Tone) was 599 which is pretty much excellent.

The conversation mode was CW (Continuous Wave) or morse code for the uninitiated.

I’m afraid that DL6IAN didn’t copy a callsign correctly, else I’d not have gotten his QSL card. But here’s the thing, he needs RI to get his Worked All States certificate, so I’ll send him a nice QSL card. Least I can do for the guy, particularly since he did spring for postage and included an SAE (Self Addressed Envelope).

Oh, a bonus:

The formula for getting the band wavelength in meters is 300/f where f is the center frequency of the band. So in the case of the 2m band which runs 144-148MHz I’d take 146MHz as my center and 300/146 = 2.05m. Other bands don’t work so nicely, 70cm is actually more like 66 or 67cm. But we abhor lots of decimal places if we can help it, so we round it up to70cm.

70cm btw is ab out 27.6 inches. That’s the distance it takes for a complete sine wave to occur.

Can you tell we hams like acronyms? And to my regular readers, sorry I went a little technical there. Had to do it though and you likely learned something reading this post.