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Watch your rights just disappear

The NRA has a nice little video on YouTube about police confiscation of weapons after hurricane Katrina had hit the gulf coast. I used to be a member until they started getting a little too strident. But now I see why they were being so strident.

Police do not serve us, they serve their government masters. Also keep in mind that police are by and large a reactive force. If you’ve been robbed, or have a burglar in the house they do nothing to prevent it from happening, but they’re there AFTER the fact to try to put together a case.

It makes me happy that Rhode Island of all places has Castle Doctrine (RIGL 11-8-8). What that means is that if someone breaks into my home, I don’t have to prove fear or any such thing, nor do I have a duty to retreat. I can shoot your ass dead and I’m completely shielded against criminal and civil penalties.

And here’s the thing, if a cop smashes down my door I wonder if Castle Doctrine would still apply. After all, there’s a reasonable fear on my part that someone is breaking in. And who’s to say I heard them ID as police. But sadly that wouldn’t be the case since the elements necessary under section 11-8 aren’t met when police have a warrant. Too bad, I wonder if I could sneak through a modification of the law.

So next time you see that friendly officer on the street remember, he is NOT your friend. He serves his masters.

The Police Screw Up Again

They even try to cover their own asses when they are clearly in the wrong. They even go so far as to plant evidence and then start the finger pointing game.

There have been too many cases like this in recent memory. Matter of fact, things got so bad in my city a couple years ago that we now have a civilian review board called PERA or Providence External Review Authority.

Now we hear that Derek J. Hale, a Marine who served two tours in Iraq was gunned down by police in Delaware.

The thing the disgusts me most is that the damned cops don’t understand the effects of a TASER. The subject having the TASER fired at them is NOT going to be able to respond to commands since their nervous system is essentially on overload. But the police in the case not only tasered him three times, they then triple tapped the guy at point blank range, killing him.

But the most galling part of it all is that the police in both DE and VA colluded to cover this up.

Remember, you cannot trust the police. They are not there to protect or serve, most are in it to have fun as bullies.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good cops out there. But the vast majority are just misanthropes with a badge and a gun. In past posts you’ve seen me tell you what I’d do to police if they ever did something like this to Keyron. And he’d do the same for me.

A good friend of mine is anti-gun. I used to be that way too until I made the realizations above. So I forwarded the article linked above to her asking if she still thought gun bans were a good idea. No response as of yet but I bet she’ll still be anti-gun.

Pedestrians really do fall at the bottom of the list

Even though the law says we take precedence in most cases, we pedestrians get the shaft pretty much by everyone, especially here in Rhode Island.

For example, I’ve seen people blow through red lights when pedestrians have been in the crosswalk, etc. And of course the city puts red light cameras in the stupidest places. Maybe not stupid, but revenue enhancing vs. safety enhancing.

I did note one other flaw about red light cameras, they’re using Cisco wireless gear. I sure hope they’ve patched IOS.

Anyhow today was the ultimate insult for me. I was walking downtown at about 1:45 PM and crossing from the Dunkin Donuts Center to the Blue Cross building. I’m standing in the crosswalk and a fucking Providence patrol car blows through. No lights, no siren. No, just another asshole Rhode Islander who was rushing to Dunkin Donuts for his cop donut and coffee.

I have noticed that Massachusetts drivers will stop when people are in a crosswalk. For years people used to call them Massholes but my experience has been just the opposite. They tend to follow the rules. We in RI don’t.

Another example is merging into traffic. In Massachusetts you can turn on your signal (Something a RI’er is loathe to do!) in heavy traffic and a hole will open up for you to merge into the next lane. Do that in RI and say your prayers.

I so wish I had gotten the plate number off that police cruiser because you know sure as hell I would have been at police HQ. It was a District 1 car though so maybe I’ll have a chat with the lieutenant on Monday morning. More to the point, I wish I’d gotten my cam out in time and caught it on video.

Trigger Happy Policing Was: Cops again: Something about this smells fishy

If you haven’t ever heard it, I suggest you go and find Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues”. You can read the lyrics here and tell me, if we just changed the “Rockets, moon shots” line to “Bogus Wars” how much more relevant would the song be today?

An 88 year old woman has been shot to death by Atlanta police. The old gal did manage to wound three officers and now even the informant comes forward and says that he didn’t tell the cops that drugs were being dealt from Johnston’s home. (There is some debate as to the womans age, more reports are coming in saying she was 92 years old.)

This is yet another instance of police CYA. They screwed up, raided the wrong house and grandma kept her trusty shotgun nearby.

It’s funny – saw the news about this on CNN earlier. Keyron couldn’t figure out why they would shoot an 88 year old woman. I asked him, if his no deceased grandmother wouldn’t have done the same thing and he agreed she would have gone out in a blaze of glory too. Here’s the thing that most people don’t know. The police are a reactive force, they only show up once the event is either happening or is over. The woman they gunned down probably understood this, and when they probably kicked in her door, did what any sane person would do. She grabbed her gun and started blasting. The old saying goes like this: “Shoot first, ask questions later.”

I guess things are a little different down south. But to me, it’s good different. You need to have a healthy dose of wariness when it comes to policing agencies. What’s the old saying, people don’t become police officers because they’re humanitarians? It’s true. At 19 PPD was recruiting, friend of mine begged me to go with him and sign up. Even then I knew it wasn’t a good idea because:

a) If there’s one thing cops have plenty of, it’s time on their hands.
i) What is that other saying, idle hands are the playground of evil?
b) I tend to like people too much to have to enforce rules.

So without further adieu, I’d love to see more oversight of policing agencies because it’s been demonstrated again and again that there’s racial profiling, rights abuses, etc. going on in nearly every department.

First it’s reading about how cops treat epileptics. Tasering isn’t the way things should be done and cops seem a little too eager to use the damned things.

But this one reeks to high heaven. It isn’t mentioned in the article per se, but the people that were shot were black. I would hope that the NYPD gets sued to high heaven on this one. Cops need to learn that deadly force is to be taken as an absolute LAST measure. I’m going to be waiting to see what happens because this story could wake people up once and for all.

First, our law enforcement agencies have been corrupted, but then that has always been the case. The question is, how do we stop the corruption?

Second, when are we going to demand more rigorous training for police officers? Right now the training they receive is pretty light considering the job.

But there’s more on the story here. It stinks even more because now it’s said that they tried to ram an undercover cop, and that they backed into an unmarked police van. This sounds like a CYA thing.

And yet more information is forthcoming. The article says it is unclear whether the undercover police officers identified themselves as police officers.

Back a few years ago Patrollman (posthumously Sargeant) Cornell Young Jr. was gunned down by fellow officers responding to a complaint at a local diner.

Young was in plain clothes, and on coming out of the diner after the suspect, didn’t do what training says you ALWAYS do. Show your badge, not hold your gun gangster style. He died because of his own stupidity and two cops had their lives essentially ruined because not only did they shoot and kill a fellow officer, they shot and killed a fellow officer who happened to be black whose father was a Major in said police department. So it never came out that Sgt. Young was at least partly responsible for his own death.

And I should mention that over the past 20 years ago I have worked with many detectives who were doing details. When they’d move on someone I never heard them identify as police, nor did most produce a badge/identification. With that in mind I can completely believe that these undercovers didn’t immediately produce badges. Even other NYPD detectives are saying this a major Charlie Foxtrot. Holy hell that is about to rain down on the NYPD and it is going to be ugly, rightfully so.

Now of course its coming out that the undercovers had been drinking at the club. I can understand why that would be the case since in order to blend in, you’d need to behave like a regular.

The latest article says that 50 rounds were fired, 21 hitting the car. And interestingly I belive the capacity of standard issue weaponry is 10 rounds and one officer reloaded and emptied a second clip. The response was excessive, as was evidenced by the fact that the police had to trot out that the two men in the hospital had rap sheets. So what, that gave them no right to shoot.

The article referenced above also mentions the involvement of the Reverend Al Sharpton. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly had better be VERY careful how they handle this. But it appear lately that trigger happy police are everywhere. As I said earlier, we need to make sure police are adequately trained, and also made aware of sanctions for shootings, abuse, etc.