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Reading: The Lord Won’t Mind (The Peter & Charlie Trilogy Book 1)

So as is my wont, always on the lookout to find reading material. Be it scientific, logic, math, even gay romance I love all. So on a certain Forum this book was mentioned. So I bought the Kindle version and I gotta say – I’m 838 out of 5K pages and I love it. Charlie is well hung of course.

I love it when gay romance continues. And I’m not happy unless I’m reading N+1 books at a time. The author is Gordon Merrick. The forum post mentioned it’s 50 years old. So it’d have been first published in 1970. Fun read so far.

Stop the despots

Like it or not, the United States of America is sliding into a miasma of the worst kind. This started happening before the Bush Administration to be sure, but this administration is using it to it’s advantage and our extreme disadvantage.

The United States is now run by a despotic administration. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating again and again. Through the actions of those despots we now have a fascist government running the show.

Check out this interview of author Naomi Wolf. She wrote the book “End of America”.

When you’re done with that sign up for the American Freedom Campaign. We need to rise up against the misuse of governmental power.

As Wolf says in the interview, the McCarthyism of the 50’s will look like the good old days if w3e let the Bush administration or ANY administration continue on the same path.

I’ve already told you all one of the things we need to do, because while Wolf correctly identifies all the things that slide us into fascism, she never identifies the source.

The source is unchecked corporate power over our government. If you read this blog you already know what need to change in order to break the stranglehold of corporations over both our government and ourselves. Modify the constitution to specifically exclude the enumerated rights to corporations.

Read the book “The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968” by William Manchester to see just one of the corporate interests the pushed WW I and WW II Germany into warfare. You’ll see clearly what I’m getting at here.

Then step back and examine who stands to profit most from running a government. If you guessed corporations and their owners and shareholders you get a gold star. In most any wrongdoing if you step back and think about who benefits most you’ll find your perpetrator.

Book Preview – Armistead Maupin’s “Michael Tolliver Lives”

Here we are in 2005 and Michael Tolliver is a 55 years old and HIV positive. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

He finds love again with someone twenty years younger than himself. I too know a bit about younger, though the span in our case is only eight years. I can just imagine what a twenty year span would be.

We get to re-meet several characters from the original four books, but we do find out that one is dead and another main character dies in this book of emphysema, a blue bloater if you will. And another of the more main characters suffers a heart attack and then goes into a coma.

I don’t want to give away too much more but the book is an easy read. I managed to pick it up at the library at noon and had finished reading it by 8:30PM. I’m a voracious reader but it’s a definite weekend fare. Speaking of which, check out Library Elf. Very cool service, it’s how I knew my book request was at my library.

More info on the book:
Author: Maupin, Armistead.
Title: Michael Tolliver lives / Armistead Maupin.
Publication info. New York : Harper Collins Publishers, c2007.
Edition 1st ed.
Description 277 p.
Subject City and town life — California — San Francisco — Fiction.
San Francisco (Calif.) — Fiction.
ISBN 9780060761356 (alk. paper)
0060761350 (alk. paper)

Or forget all that and just buy it on Amazon.

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My reading list for the next week or two

I’ve got three books in the list.

  • A History of Science and Engineering in the Bell System: Switching Technology 1925-1975 G.E. Schnidler, Jr. Ed.

  • I’m very interested in the history of telephony and this book spans the time between manual service to the first electronic telephone switch (ESS). It applies to part of my job which is managing an Avaya Prologix PBX, and it helps my understanding as to how they built the system.

  • Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

  • I have an interest in project management. I’m also a team builder and knowing more about what makes a team tick intrigues me.

  • Outlook 2007 Inside Out by Jim Boyce, Beth Sheresh and Doug Sheresh

  • This one is pure reference since our office is migrating to Exchange Server 2007 (Over the objections of two of the systems guys, myself included!) and Outlook 2007 on all desktops.

    Even though I have formal education, I still love learning new things. I guess you could call me an autodidact.