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Impeach NOW!

Apparently an old-line conservative by the name of Paul Craig Roberts is concerned about the actions of the Bush/Cheney presidency.

First of all I firmly believe that the events of 09/11/2001 were either planned and implemented by the Bush Administration, or the knowledge of the plans for the event was transmitted to the Bush Administration and they chose to let it happen in order to galvanize public opinion in favor of invading Iraq.

It’s not like that hasn’t happened before, and as much as I venerate Franklin Delano Roosevelt he too played on the isolationist tendencies of the United States during that era and allowed the infamous events of December 7, 1941 to happen in order to ease U.S. entry into WW II. And a good thing too since without U.S. assistance Britain and France would have been German provinces while the Pacific would belong to the Japanese. But recent revalations indicate that FDR and his commanders knew the Japanese were pushing eastward towards the Philippines and Hawaii.

But the Bush Administration strikes me as very driven, and their ultimate goal is to bankrupt the government, to transfer our tax dollars into private hands. This is wrong and it needs to be stopped.

It is therefore necessary to do what a great number of citizens believe is the correct course of action, to impeach both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Remember, if we do so the first Italian-American woman becomes President of the United States.

And while you’re at it, contact your congressmen and let them know that status quo is NOT the way you want to see things done.

The Lies of the Administration

Seems the lies told by the Bush administration have been corroborated.

Rumsfeld is a slimy piece of shit. No wonder he’s no longer SecDef. He was a liability from day one and the administration was blinded by ideology and couldn’t see that he was exposing the administration.

And Dick Cheney is a slick old bastard. He’s the real puppet master. Do you think for a moment that George W. Bush can form a coherent though? Of course not. And if you look at the administration, Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, et al you see that the Bush Administration is nothing more than the Nixon administration carried forward. These aren’t Reagan Republicans, these are the worst of the worst.

Post TV Life

Well it’s now been a full two months with no television and I’m loving it. It was a distraction to say the least. An outright waste of money when you factor in cable prices and electricity used.

I did stumble on a new competitor to Apple TV though, it’s called Vudu. In essence is slipstreams movies to you on a regular basis. The networks are toast – what they offer is just so much pablum for the masses. I’d rather be able to just keep things like they are now, one broadband connection, a plethora of information and entertainment. But the new things are very sweet, including Joost. As a matter of fact there are a number of TV sites out there at the moment. And if I could possibly get a joost invite I’d be a very happy guy.

But the Vudu device seems VERY slick. Plug it into the network and start watching. I’m awaiting pricing but they say it’ll be less than $300 for the box which I can deal with, what I’m more interested in is the subscription pricing which hasn’t been announced yet. If it’s cheaper than cable I’ll go for it since even basic cable is no bargain at $47 a month.

But in reality I hear enough music, read enough news, and see enough video on the web to sate me. For example, here’s some news you won’t get through the mainstream media. I was aware of the impeachment protests but this one has pictures and has the added benefit of being at a place where Dubya himself was present. Of course the fucking coward snuck in through another entrance but he’s got to know the tide is turning against him. I just say it’s six years too late. Though A28 did put up a good fight in San Francisco but then would I have expected anything less from those in that city? No I would not. It did surprise me that there was no A28 chapter here in Providence but there is on in Boston.

Put it this way, if we manage to impeach Bush and Cheney just before the elections, it would mean Nancy Pelosi would assume the presidency. Oh I’d enjoy the hell out of that, but the neocons would be apoplectic and rabid in their attacks. Actually it’d be fun watching the Republican party implode.

Bush admin wants to sell national forests.

First I must tell you that I’m a little greener than most people where I can make changes to do so. By that I mean, if there’s fiscal incentive for me, I’ll do it. Thus far I don’t own a vehicle although its looking like thats going to have to change sooner than later.

Of course the enviro-nut (aka cheapskate) in me wants to take said vehicle, rip out the engine and plunk in some batteries, power regulators and electric motors. After all, most of my commutes are everything is up for bid. And of course they’re using the ruse that this is for the schools, particularly after that odious bit of legislation called the No Child Left Behind Act. If anything the act leaves more kids behind than ever before.

It’s too bad that it took the voters of this country this long to put a Democratic majority in the congress, because if we’d done this say in 2002 or so they’d have impeached the sons of bitches by now. While I’m on the subject, could Hillary Clinton please drop out of the race now? She’s damaged goods and would hurt the party more than help it.

An interesting look inside Iran

I’m watching Rageh Inside Iran. I’m only forty minutes into the video so far but I have to say I’m surprised by the modernity of the city.

All we ever see of Iran/Teheran is the protests. But this shows a whole different side of the Iranian people. First of which is something most people in the United States don’t know, that Iranians are Persian, not Arab and they speak Farsi, not Arabic.

Then of course the real surprise. In the video I spotted a few Ford vehicles traveling the roads. This is explained in the video that most Iranians adore U.S. culture, it’s just the politics they can’t stand. I myself hate politics in the United States and I was born here and reside here. Of course the western influences are obvious. The cell phones, the plastic surgery, etc.

So the whole Axis of Evil thing sounds more and more like bovine effluent. What more should we have expected from the Bush administration.