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Why I absolutely love the Volkswagen Golf TSi

So I’ve driven a number of different cars with my Zipcar account. And I have to say it, hands down my favorite car is the Volkswagen Golf TSi.

I should explain why. I’m a fairly confident driver. They say drive defensively, I aim for offensively.

And the Golf TSi – the perfect car matched to my abilities. It’s an awesome car, 0 to 60 MPH in around 7 second. All I now is at the top of the ramp to I-95 south near me, I’m doing maybe 30MPH and half way down the ramp I’m at 60MPH and I can hear the turbocharger kicking in. Nice.

Just last night, I was able to avoid an accident with an idiotic driver – the handling on the Golf is superb. The short wheelbase makes it a blast to drive too.

The only fault I have with the car, it’s the stupid decision by Volkswagen to not put a USB port in the car and instead that abortion of an iPod connector. Look, some of us don’t want to use an iPod. I suppose if I bought one I’d hack in a USB port – after all that dumb iPod connector has to have a 5 volt rail on it somewhere. Even if it didn’t, pretty easy with an LM7805 ┬ávoltage regulator and a few other components I could even fashion one that I could tuck into the dashboard.


Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSi

So as you well know I’m a big Zipcar user. One of the things I like about it is I get to drive the latest versions of all sorts of makes and models.

Today it was a brand new 2015 Volkswagen Golf Tsi. Let me put forth that I love German engineering. I’ve driven Volkswagens and BMW vehicles and have to say, they have that OOMPH on the highways.

The Golf I drove today was bright red. Looked good on the car. And it’s actually a small car so handling is lively.

The TSi is a feature pack I think. Power everything and in the middle of the dash was a big screen for the media. The bluetooth implementation met with my approval too. Intuitive too.

Now one thing that baffled us for a short time was how to get the hatch open. Most cars there’s a lever or button near the drivers side that will pop open a trunk lid or hatch. No such on this Volkswagen.

I go to the rear of the car – search around for the ubiquitous button found under the trunk of hatch lid on other cars. No dice.

Then I noticed the VW emblem on the back seemed loose – so I pushed in at the top and wonder of wonders it hinged inward. Then grab the bottom edge and pull the hatch up. So simple even an idiot could figure it. Me with oodles of I.T. experience had to probe it and figure it out. Ah well.

Fun car to drive – very lively on the road. There was one part that had me doing 90MPH in the left lane and it barely moved the tachometer above 2K revs per second. Nice!

If my heart weren’t so set on a BMW X3 of my own I’d definitely consider a Golf.