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Derren Brown – Mentalist

I don’t know if anyone of you readers have stumbled across Derren Brown but he’s a fascinating mentalist.

Right now I’m watching his “Inside Your Mind” on Google Video which I cannot embed here at WordPress damn it, so I linked it. It’s sort of on the long side at 1:18:43 but well worth a watch.

I know what he does since I dabbled with hypnotism when I was a young adult. It’s all about trust. The principles Brown uses are the same as those used by con men. And if I wished, I know I could do these things I just choose not to else I’d be an asshole though I’m tempted to use it on a few people in my life.

And it explains why I’m completely resistant to it. I don’t trust people easily. There was one guy that Brown tried to confuse who couldn’t be. That guy doesn’t trust strangers and is more than likely taken by his friends and family as very judgmental which is precisely what I go through.

As for Brown’s card tricks, it’s all just mental prestidigitation, nothing more. He can count the cards easily because he’s practiced, and his object mnemonic method is a way of doing statistical weighting on cards. This explains why he’s banned from most casinos. You can win in casinos but the trick is not to get greedy. Win a bit, then lose a little bit and nobody will be the wiser. But always come out ahead of the game.

Actually I’d consider it fair game since the casinos have most of the odds stacked in their favor so taking back a little isn’t a bad thing.

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Douglas Adams explains being an Atheist

Douglas Adams was brilliant. I’m so sad that he’s dead because he would have been a staunch defender of the rights of atheists.

And watch at 6:50 – it all became clear to him when he read, wait for it, Richard Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene”. I only caught up to Dawkins recently, and when I read The God Delusion I was hooked.

It’s good to see atheism brought to the forefront. I find it interesting that being an atheist in England isn’t as big a deal as it is here in the United States. But I’m an out and proud atheist. And I work with other out and proud atheists, and even my doctor is an out and proud atheist.

So it is getting better for us in this country. But we all have to be open about who/what we are.

This is the video that prompted me to leave Google/YouTube/Blogger

I left not because I found the video offensive. I was rather delighted that someone pointed out that Islam is not the peaceful religion they purport it to be.

Yep, this is the video that caused YouTube(Google) management to remove all of Nick Gisburne’s videos and then delete his YouTube account.

I encourage everyone to at the very least move away from Blogger anyhow. WordPress is quite nice. I’m still getting used to it.

Take that you ID proponents

Watch Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson rip apart intelligent design. I particularly like his description of our nether region, calling it putting a pleasure complex in the middle of a sewage treatment plant.

I always wondered how such a perfect deity could allow such imperfect beings to exist, particularly when those beings are supposedly created in the image of said deity. This would mean that the god of Christians, Jews and Muslims is an imperfect being. Then there’s the whole thing about the ‘others’ in the various versions of the Bible. Yes – who did Cain go off with hmm? Explain that one. While we’re at it, explain the various versions of that inerrant book, the Bible.

Tyson also brings up a good point with the frozen waterfall analogy. You have to take it in context, and that’s something that the Intelligent Design community consistently fails to do. You cannot have good without bad, and either your intelligent designer is completely infallible or the designer is fallible. Can’t be any combination in between.

Oh I could go on and on and on. Just sit back and watch.

Fox News Once Again in the Atheist Fray

This interview of Brian Flemming, creator of The Blasphemy Challenege on Fox is ludicrous. The host of the show ought to be brought out back and given at least 100 lashes of a wet noodle.

I knew that the sky fairy (aka God) was myth when I was a tender child of eight. Oh I was forced to go to church but that did no good, nor did twelve years of Catholic schools. I like to recommend that people send their kids to Catholic schools since if anything, they teach you how to think. If you can think, you immediately realize that religion is bullshit.

Here’s the Flemming interview:

And here’s my pronouncement: