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Feline vs. Canine

Tonight when David and Jon came over they brought Chiqui with them. Angie the cat was being a little curious tonight.

They got close to each other a number of times but Angie would always hiss and then bat Chiqui away. So finally Keyron and I are sitting on the smaller sofa and I call Angie into my lap. Chiqui is sitting to Keyron’s right. Angie stops for the obligatory nuzzle, then walks right up to Chiqui, doesn’t hiss or anything, just swats Chiqui.

Cats are no joke.

Prozac for the Pooch

Some years ago in a communications class I was selected to debate the use of drugs on dogs, particularly psychoactive drugs. I was to be in the pro position.

I was so convincing that the professor thought that was my actual belief. In reality I object to using psychoactive drugs on animals. We barely understand their function in human beings.

So now there’s news that Prozac has been approved for canids a class under which the common dog falls.

On the flip side, we’ve been drugging people into submission for decades. This includes kids being doped up on Ritalin, Prozac and any number of other drugs to control their behavior. So why not use them on fido? Because it’s just a way to stimulate sales in order to shore up the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

So if you feel you must, drug little fi-fi into oblivion.