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The answer to how did something come from nothing

This video pretty much sums it up. There’s energy in empty space. Zero point and other types of energy exist too.

It’s all based on Quantum Physics. Some strange and wonderful things have come out of that field of study. It has pretty much exposed the innards of the universe.

And the video talks about vacuum energy, the Casimir effect etc. Really fascinating stuff. And it has the added benefit of being one more piece of evidence for the fact that no gods have ever existed.

Dr. Quantum

I stumbled upon this when I scrolled down my RSS feed of videos from digg. Nice explanations of the weirdness of the quantum. The very word quantum is defined as:

Main Entry: 1quan·tum
Pronunciation: ‘kwän-t&m
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural quan·ta /’kwän-t&/
Etymology: Latin, neuter of quantus how much
1 a : QUANTITY, AMOUNT b : PORTION, PART c : gross quantity : BULK
2 a : any of the very small increments or parcels into which many forms of energy are subdivided b : any of the small subdivisions of a quantized physical magnitude (as magnetic moment)

Itsy bitsy, teeny-tiny little pieces of matter.

Interesting isn’t it. Catchy animation makes thinking about quantum physics fun! There are a whole lot more Dr. Q vids on YouTube so check them out.