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Apache 2.2.4 for Windows Dies with error 10048

To my regulars, sorry but this was just mildly frustrating to fix so if I can help another developer out there so be it.

So I’ve dusted off my PHP and Apache books since I’m doing a little development with PHP and needed to re-install the two applications. MySQL is still on my machine because I’ve got a couple databases in there that I want to keep.

Anyhow, I downloaded Apache 2.2.4 for Windows without source. But every time I’d try to run it I’d get an error 10048 Address Already in use. Went nuts, thinking maybe I had a stub of Apache 1.3 that was interfering but that wasn’t it.

A google search yielded my answer and by using a windows utility called netstat I was able to find the offender. Seems Skype was using port 80 for itself and Apache wanted to use it too. So I quit Skype and suddenly Apache would start up. Yippee! My next step was to launch the msconfig.exe application and in the startup tab unclick Skype.

Now when the machine starts up Apache runs without issue and I can manually start Skype and everything is happy. You just can’t have Skype start BEFORE Apache.

I hope this helps someone else out there.

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Late Summer Reading

I’m reading Edwin Black’s book “Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments addicted the world to oil and rerailed the alternatives”

Very interesting book. I’m currently reading the chapter about “The GM Conspiracy”. I can see the damage done to my own city by the front company National City Lines which was owned by GM whose Chevy Volt is a joke, and the E85 initiative just gives ADM more money since ethanol comes from corn. , Standard Oil the progenitor of Exxon-Mobil, Firestone, et al.

We had both tracked and trackless trolleys here in Rhode Island. All vestiges of that are gone now with the exception of the archives of the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority. They have photos of the old trolleys, the trackless trolleys etc. The common feature of both were that they were powered by electricity. Matter of fact big oil as well as big railroads and car manufacturers really did all they could to kill electric powered vehicles. And now RIPTA management screams bloody murder because costs are out of control due mostly to fuel, second to personnel.

The problem is that electro-motive is much more powerful than gasoline, diesel or coal. That’s right. They did tests between the first diesel-electrics and pure electric trains back then and the electrics outperformed the fossil fueled vehicles.

So today I was thinking about this and thought to myself, how about we bring back electric powered public transit. Oh you could still use the big 40 foot buses but why not use inductive power, bury the magnets in the roadway and go from there. Magnetic induction powers things like mag-lev trains, etc. In the cases of wheeled street vehicles the levitation component wouldn’t be necessary, just the power transfer. I’d love to see that used here as a pilot since RI is so small it’d be feasible. No tracks, no overhead catenary, just a roadway with buses humming silently down them. And of course with the DARPA Grand Challenge Urban scenario we’ll sooner than later see vehicles being driven by computer. That would pretty much solve most of RIPTA’s heavier expenses.

Granted, the outlays for this would be fairly high. But they’d pay dividends for years to come. The problem is that we don’t have any politicians who are truly visionary in Rhode Island.

And there are certainly people would argue that power generation pollutes but the scale on which it pollutes would be much smaller than having hundreds of diesel powered buses traveling the roadways.

Europe got the best deal since much of their public transit is light rail and that light rail is powered by electricity. Corporations don’t have such a stranglehold over Europe since there’s no notion of them having the same rights as a person. Corporations in the United States seem to hold that they have such rights.

So we need to do two things, first disabuse corporations from their thinking regarding rights by modifying the Constitution to exclude them from any rights granted within.

The second thing we need to do is lean on our politicians, or maybe this should be the first thing since that is how we get the Constitutional change going.

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The Owners of the Country

I note that as George Carlin gets older he gets more and more angry. He’s not so much about comedy anymore but about educating his audience.

This video is prime evidence of that. If you hadn’t put two and two together yet, government in the U.S. is no longer beholden to the people, it is beholden to large corporations. What other purpose did you think Political Action Committees (PAC) served? It was a back door for business to buy off our elected representatives.

Right now I’m reading the book titled Internal Combustion by Edwin Black. Most interesting about the games played and I can now see that the corporate takeover of government got its start in the early part of the 19th century, and was cemented in place by the time of the U.S. Civil War.

This is why I’d love to amend the 14th amendment to the Constitution. Just twelve words, “None of the rights granted by this amendment shall apply to corporations.”

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Corporate Fraud and Greed – End it Now!

Rolling Stone has a very interesting article on the excesses of fraud and waste in the Iraq war.

What is happening to the United States is that corporations are looting the federal government. Grover Norquist eat your heart out, your fondest desire might actually be coming true but the consequences will be very bad for everyone. For corporations should never be in the business of providing government services. We’re seeing that push here in Rhode Island, our Republican governor who is also a Bush supporter wants to privatize just 1,000 state jobs. That’s the camel poking its nose into the tent.

How did corporations get so bold? It’s simple, under a fictional legal theory, little more than a comment inserted by a clerk who was paid by the Southern Pacific Railroad, corporations are under the mistaken notion that they have the same rights and privileges as a real person. They should have no such thing, for if they did not they wouldn’t be able to throw money to congress via PAC’s and other vehicles for corporate malfeasance like no bid contracts.

I interviewed with one firm mentioned in the article, Custer-Battles. First, I knew about the shell companies and had alarm bells ringing like crazy in my head. They had advertised the job as full time but when I had gotten to the car after the interview Battles calls and asks if I’d do contracting. I told him to kiss my ass. Turns out my alarm bells over Custer-Battles were correct but get this, even though they had a judgment against them, it was overturned by a Bush friendly jurist at the appellate level. How’s that for disgusting, I know they’re dirty, everyone knows but the courts that are supposed to protect us instead protect corporations that are defrauding the government and therefore the taxpayer for billions.

Consider the $544 Billion dollars spent in Iraq so far. Had we not gone there that $544 Billion might have helped victims of Katrina and maybe, just maybe, we could have a single payer health system in the United States.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it happens. We MUST change the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to specifically EXCLUDE corporations from the rights derived by that amendment.

How to do that is the conundrum. We cannot depend on our representatives since every single one of them has been bought and paid for many times over.

We’ve all seen how that works. We now have bankruptcy law that benefits the creditors rather than the debtors. We also have corporations like Verizon et al trying their damnedest to kill net neutrality, or the RIAA who won’t adapt to the times, instead they prefer to litigate their way through. Those are just three examples but I’m sure you can think of more, like maybe the oil and gas companies who reap obscene profits while we pay dearly at the pump. Just keep thinking about all the little ways corporations try to screw you and you should be getting very upset. Good, that’s precisely the kind of thing that moves our society forward.

We must lift ourselves into the fray and create a true opposition party that is funded by the people, and not by corporate interests. We have to start locally because constitutional amendments require ratification by the states, so start there and move onward. Howard Dean hit on this briefly when he had several million people chipping in $25 here and there to elect him as the Democratic President. It has to be grassroots and it will take time, I can only hope that it takes as short a time as possible to stop this craziness once and for all.

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The Words of our Forefathers

This video states it quite powerfully and does so in just about five minutes.

I found this video on a site called “Government Control – Educated Yourself!” I’ll forgive the syntactical issue but the vids at the site are awesome. I’m glad someone aggregated them in one place.

I did watch Zeitgeist. Spend a couple hours and learn that Christianity is a fraud, that corporate interests rule our very lives and the wars we fight.

We need to take our country back. The Republicans and Democrats are cut from the same cloth, they have to be since they’re all financed by the same companies. We need a part of, by and for the people that stands in opposition to corporate rights and in support of human rights.

As stated in the attached video our government should be afraid of us.

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The two party system

I used to consider myself a Democrat but that had changed over the years. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you I’m a Republican either since the current occupiers of the Republican Party are in reality neo-conservatives who want nothing more than to transfer wealth from the average citizens into the pockets of a greedy few.

But the Democrats are really no better. They’re bought and paid for by special interests aka corporations and our opinions mean nothing. A good number of citizens of the U.S., myself included would love to see Bush and Cheney impeached. But the Democratically controlled congress won’t move to do so.

It is almost as thought they’re trying to make the Republicans look as bad as is possible. Little do they know that they need to step forward and undo the harm done to this country, not roll over and play dead and allow Bush to wiretap without a warrant. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve restored the oversight process among other many other things. The Democrats are definitely in pocket though not as blatant about it.

Remember the movie with Eddie Murphy, “The Distinguished Gentleman”. That gives a small taste of what goes on in congress, a tiny little peek into the window but it’s enough to disgust me.

They might win me back if they collectively grew a huge set of balls but I doubt that will ever happen.

What I’d now like to see happen is a grassroots effort to get candidates elected on a new slate. We would all need to dig deep to support such an effort but what we’d get from it is representatives sensitive to our needs, not those of faceless corporations. We could then push to amend the Constitution of the United States of America to specifically exclude corporations from the rights enumerated by the Bill of Rights.

Just think of some of the benefits of such a simple act taking place. Truth in advertising is one, protection of the air, land and water is another. Maybe even restore funding to PBS since I’m so tired of the conservative push to abolish it. Those are just a few I can think of right off the top of my head. Maybe you can think of some others.

Impeach NOW!

Apparently an old-line conservative by the name of Paul Craig Roberts is concerned about the actions of the Bush/Cheney presidency.

First of all I firmly believe that the events of 09/11/2001 were either planned and implemented by the Bush Administration, or the knowledge of the plans for the event was transmitted to the Bush Administration and they chose to let it happen in order to galvanize public opinion in favor of invading Iraq.

It’s not like that hasn’t happened before, and as much as I venerate Franklin Delano Roosevelt he too played on the isolationist tendencies of the United States during that era and allowed the infamous events of December 7, 1941 to happen in order to ease U.S. entry into WW II. And a good thing too since without U.S. assistance Britain and France would have been German provinces while the Pacific would belong to the Japanese. But recent revalations indicate that FDR and his commanders knew the Japanese were pushing eastward towards the Philippines and Hawaii.

But the Bush Administration strikes me as very driven, and their ultimate goal is to bankrupt the government, to transfer our tax dollars into private hands. This is wrong and it needs to be stopped.

It is therefore necessary to do what a great number of citizens believe is the correct course of action, to impeach both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Remember, if we do so the first Italian-American woman becomes President of the United States.

And while you’re at it, contact your congressmen and let them know that status quo is NOT the way you want to see things done.

The Lies of the Administration

Seems the lies told by the Bush administration have been corroborated.

Rumsfeld is a slimy piece of shit. No wonder he’s no longer SecDef. He was a liability from day one and the administration was blinded by ideology and couldn’t see that he was exposing the administration.

And Dick Cheney is a slick old bastard. He’s the real puppet master. Do you think for a moment that George W. Bush can form a coherent though? Of course not. And if you look at the administration, Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, et al you see that the Bush Administration is nothing more than the Nixon administration carried forward. These aren’t Reagan Republicans, these are the worst of the worst.

Lying Liars and the Lies they Tell

There are many who say there is very little difference between Democrats and Republicans these days. Even I might be heard saying that very same thing.

But I have to ask, when’s the last time you heard of Democrats pulling shit like this?

Republicans are so craven, and so lacking in self esteem that they have to stack the deck in order to compete. For them a fair election is anathema. That they’re packing the courts with ideologues scares the crap out of me. Imagine a federal judiciary with judges in the model of Fredo Gonzalez. BTW, I don’t know what the big deal is about the name Fredo, it’s a contraction of Alfredo. I have an uncled named Alfredo and we call him Freddy.

Or they could be in the model of K-K-Karl Rove. There’s a real piece of work! If you have kids and they’re bullied in school, stop it right now else you could end up raising the next Rove.

This entire administration and congress will be known as the MOST corrupt in the history of the United States. And if we don’t wake up and do something about this, it might just get worse.

Robots as fruit pickers

This is quite stunning. Right now there are no technical obstacles to such a scenario, and there are active projects in furtherance of such goals. The company behind all this is Vision Robotics.

This brings up some interesting points.

If you hadn’t noticed, more than 50% of the assembly of a car (Click Car once you open the link and note that was 1994!) is done by robots and the only reason the whole car isn’t robot assembled is political, not technical. The activities involved are relatively simplistic and easy to replicate. Computers are another area where robotics do the ‘heavy lifting’ of actually creating the circuit boards. The only thing is that labor is so cheap in Asia that it still makes sense to have humans dropping the chips onto the board. That won’t last long.

And we’re surrounded by simple robots if you really think about it.

Tap a button on your CD drive and the tray slides out and maybe even slides back in. A printer or scanner is also a robot. In the case of the printer it moves paper through at varying speeds below a print head that also moves. Scanners just move a scanning head across the page. An automatic dishwasher is another example of robotics. And if you really want to get technical cars are robots of a sort too. Cars also promise to become more robotic with the ITS program. The last element of danger in a car is the driver and it won’t be long before the driver is removed from control.

There is one thing robots do almost universally is to displace unskilled human labor. And that’s where you run into the problems.

What happens when the entire process of growing the food, processing the food and all the transportations steps in between occur? You essentially throw away human labor and create an untouchable class of society.

And you know sure as hell that even when robotics reduce overall costs that companies will NOT pass along any saving to the end consumer. Instead it’ll drive that money straight into profit for shareholders. Talk about the new sharecropping!

Of course robot fruit pickers may all be for moot if we can’t figure out robots to replace the bees that are mysteriously disappearing.