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Attracting Crazy

So tonight the neighbors upstairs ring the doorbell. I answer and then Keyron comes out.

Apparently our former house guest is in so many words, crazy.

That Saturday she accidentally locked herself out of the house. Keyron and I were fast asleep so never heard her pounding on the door. She then rang the bell of our upstairs neighbor who invited her in, had coffee with her, loaned her $10 and even let her use some nail polish remover.

It gets better though. According to our neighbor who owns a cell phone store around the corner Rosie showed up wearing nothing but a shirt and with her ass sticking out.

But that’s not the good part. The good part is the scam that Rosie ran, telling my neighbor that she was an attorney and that she’d been to the Secretary of State’s office and saw that her taxpayer ID was invalid, how that was illegal, etc. and that she fixed it but couldn’t charge it. So she asked for $135. First of all I work there and know for a fact that we don’t expose that information, at least not currently.

And my neighbor gave Rosie the $135.

I don’t know what it is, but Keyron seems to attract crazy people. You’ve o

Obviously read about the Charles saga and much to my chagrin Charles is trying to reach out to Keyron again. I think it’s the fact that Keyron and I have been the only point of stability among our circle of friends. So we’re bound to get a crazy now and then.

UPDATE: So I had today off, went downtown and picked up my tickets for George Clinton & Pfunk at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, then to the library to check out Armistead Maupin’s “Michael Tolliver Lives”

On my way back as I turned the corner to walk into the house I note Rosie is out there talking to my upstairs neighbor. I can’t wait until my neighbor gets back, I want to find out what was said.

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My reading list for the next week or two

I’ve got three books in the list.

  • A History of Science and Engineering in the Bell System: Switching Technology 1925-1975 G.E. Schnidler, Jr. Ed.

  • I’m very interested in the history of telephony and this book spans the time between manual service to the first electronic telephone switch (ESS). It applies to part of my job which is managing an Avaya Prologix PBX, and it helps my understanding as to how they built the system.

  • Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

  • I have an interest in project management. I’m also a team builder and knowing more about what makes a team tick intrigues me.

  • Outlook 2007 Inside Out by Jim Boyce, Beth Sheresh and Doug Sheresh

  • This one is pure reference since our office is migrating to Exchange Server 2007 (Over the objections of two of the systems guys, myself included!) and Outlook 2007 on all desktops.

    Even though I have formal education, I still love learning new things. I guess you could call me an autodidact.

    Finding out your social group is a bunch of freaks…priceless

    Well, casa Truthspew has been sort of the social gathering place quite a bit this past week. Well, on the Tuesday the 3rd of July things got a little out of hand.

    We will refer to the parties as myself, Keyron, A&B, and C&D. I’m using letters instead of initials for two reasons, one to somewhat protect the identities of the parties involved, and second because at least two of them share the same first name.

    C&D are major sluts. Major! Their tales of the bathhouse were quite interesting and had tipped me off that they were for lack of a better word, loose. Anyhow C had a thing for A and that night after watching the fireworks we came back here. Well D was walking around with a hard-on and I think he wanted to get it on with A&B. After a bit C&D gave A&B a ride home. Only problem is that when they got to A&B’s house, C&D invited themselves in.

    A&B tried to play it off using the standard explanations that they were drunk, etc. That lasted until I pointed out that they remembered everything before and after the event so they weren’t THAT drunk. I explained that there’s always time to bail out, but A&B just pushed ahead.

    It all tumbled when C mentioned the rug burn to Keyron. And this evening it comes out that it wasn’t a good time for all. First off, it was lights off for the entire event. And it turns out that D is needle dick the bug fucker and C has the black hole of Calcutta. It seems A had to fist C, and that’s pretty much the only activity D can do for C. Both A&B fucked C&D. All in all, a bad situation.

    On the 4th we were all invited to a cookout at D’s house. I wondered why A&B were acting so funny on the way down. D was playing Michale Buble’s “Feeling Good” (I much prefer Nina Simone’s version btw.) and then Eminem “Dirty Ho” and D was singing along with Eminem. I knew something was up but couldn’t put my finger on it. The gathering was somewhat subdued, imagine six gay people with six straight people and you get the idea. I was probably the most social of the bunch.

    So anyhow it all came to a head this evening when Keyron put two and two together and realized his hunch was correct. Because C&D have hardwood floors, while A&B have rugs.

    I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I’d like to thank A&B for relaying the story. I’m just the one blogging about it.

    And in hindsight I should have warned Keyron. Anytime you have a social gathering clique, these kinds of things are bound to happen. It’s all about proximity. I remember my incidents from years before I met Keyron. Embarrassing to say the least and luckily the only party who knew about it is long dead.

    I tried videoing the confession put the parties involved wanted some anonymity so I acquiesced.. And A, B, C all appear in my flickr photo set.