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The truth about the opposition

I’m speaking of the opposition to gay rights and marriage equality.

Here is what I see as the real truth. The opposition numbers far below supporters. For example today at the Maine State Peter LaBarbera (aka Porno Petey) of Americans for truth against Homosexuality (ATAH), was having a little pre-voting speech. Of course the entire content of LaBarbera’s speech was filled with religious biogtry.

The real issue is how many supporters of LaBarbera and ATAH showed up. There were about 36 people from what I read over at Pam’s House Blend.

Per the breakdown only 9 of them were part of Porno Petey’s Posse.

I’ve seen the same thing here in RI when NOM does a dog and pony show. They get maybe five or six of their ‘friends’ to come out. Here is one example from a Marriage Equality RI gathering back on June 6, 2009.

They’re to the center left in the above photo, all five of them including Chris “The Whore” Plante, NOM RI Director.

What I’m trying to say is this, those who oppose us are a vocal minority. It isn’t easy being a bigot. That’s why you’ll see several hundred supporters and maybe a dozen opposition if you’re lucky.

Same was true at the National Equality March in D.C. You had the usual crazies like the WBC but the opposition was maybe 0.00000001% of the total crowd.

And then let us look at the Catholic Church in Rhode Island.

How many people still attend church? I know when I go by Holy Ghost church down the street from me on a Sunday morning I don’t see a full parking lot nor do I see a lot of people in there.

Nope, instead who do we hear from? That dwindling class, the clerics who oppose marriage equality. They’re loud about it too. You get bigots like Malone in Maine, or Tobin here in RI. They are bishops but I refuse to respect use of the honorifics for the religious. And I’m sure we’ll hear from John Codega or Bernard Healey at the next round of hearings. But the reality is, they’ve lost this battle and they refuse to admit it. Instead they’ll beat around biblical passages to try and prove that their god is in the right.

Their god has been wrong before (Need I mention slavery? Or the other Levitical passages regarding grooming and eating habits?).

But we on the side of equality will prevail. We are learning how to outshout the opposition without having to raise our voice because of the sheer numbers we have that support us.

And I’m putting Speaker Murphy and Senate President Paiva-Weed on notice once again. You’re both playing with fire. You don’t want to see what happens when the body you lead goes against your wishes.

And to Governor Carcieri, hugs and kisses! It is now my prime mission to not only aggravate you but to annoy you so much that the real bigot in you will shine through.

I attended the National Equality March for gay rights

We left Saturday evening around midnight. We were supposed to leave at 11PM but the one of the drivers had twisted his ankle.

It’s a good thing too. We had about 34 people a the Stop & Shop on Branch Ave rally spot, and we picked up another 20 students from Brown University. So we managed to fill a bus, in fact we actually had to turn a few people away.

On the ride down I think the only one who got any sleep was my friend Rich. Otherwise I was either listening to my iPod (Which needs a little surgery, the earphone jack is messed up.) or talking or trying to sleep but I was far too excited to sleep. Very early in the morning I did hear someone explaining quantum physics and the Standard Model to Luther but I’m not sure who it was, probably one of the Brown students.

Other people that I knew on the bus were both Brians (Brian C. and Brian R.), Josh, James, Shaun, Paul H. and Paul L, and Brandon and probably some whose names escape me at the moment since one of the effects of sleep deprivation is loss of cognitive function.

We got in to Washington, D.C. at 7:30AM and the first order of business was breakfast and yes, coffee. I needed the caffeine blast. Supplemented it with Coca Cola later on at lunch.

We went to this little Burger King since it was the only thing that was a) not a Starbucks and b) We couldn’t find a basic mom and pop shop in D.C. that served breakfast. So Burger King it was. I had a sausage croissant with something that might pass for home fries but turned out to be hard little pucks of potato .The second floor of the place was straight out of the 1970’s:

Burger King in DC
Burger King in DC

Don’t worry – you’re not seeing things. I guess the caffeine had kicked in when I snapped the above frame.

After BK we ran into the Equality Utah folks at a convenience store. Rich was a little shocked by that since Utah is well known as a Mormon stronghold

We spent a little time wandering around D.C. checking out statuary, monuments and such.

Saw the White House and I can’t believe how dinky it looks.

White House
White House

She who hocked the Jewels to finance the journey of Columbus. Apropos for Columbus day isnt’ it?

Queen Isabel
Queen Isabel

The inscription roughly translates to “Ysabel’s first Catholic kingdom of aragon castile islands and mainland of the ocean sea.

The Washington Monument:

Washington Monument
Washington Monument

We saw that as well as statues of Andrew Jackson, and other notables.

We grabbed lunch at a little place called Cosi’s. I had the roast beef with wasabi and pickled ginger. It was a little pricey since the sandwich, chips and a drink came to $9.99. Though I very rarely order out anymore so I may have lost touch with prices. I ended up taking $60 with me and only spending $30 throughout the day.

I noticed during the morning that we didn’t see a lot of people milling around. I found out later why that was the case.

They staggered the locations and times for all the bus drop offs.

Just before the march there was a little warm up march.

We left the restaurant at about 11:30AM and made our way over to the rally point at 15th and K Streets. What we hadn’t realized it buy by the time we got to the really point, there was that a large group had already stepped off for the march. If you click on my flickr photos you’ll see a few parts where the pictures capture the march as it’s already turned the corner and is heading down another street.

Here is a video when we were waiting to kick off the march. They staged it pretty well though.

An Edge Providence photographer took some pics with me, Rich, RI Rep. Frank Ferri, and his partner Tony Caparco. Rich and I both had our MERI t-shirts on.

I’ll have more video from the march soon. I hadn’t realized what a bear it is to process just 15 or so minutes of raw video.

During the march itself we were chanting various things. At one point a D.C. cop helped us to keep cadence with his whistle.

When we finally got to the U.S. Capitol it was getting mobbed. I decided to go use the facilities but couldn’t get back in to hear the speakers. So I wandered the city a bit instead but I can tell you this, the crowd was at least a quarter million people or more.

And there were only a small handful of religious idiots on the sidelines. One carried the standard “1 Man, 1 Woman” sign. Fucking bigot. I believe but cannot verify that I told him to “Stick your god up your ass.”

Otherwise the parade was uneventful. We did have a chant-off with a group from Texas though. And I loved every minute of it. As I post more video and pictures you’ll understand. In fact the march had a certain energy to it. I really really loved being there.

On the bus ride back we watched the movie “Milk”. The movie was ideally coupled to what we just did. That was Harvey Milk’s main modus operandi. Get out and be an activist.

One funny moment came when Paul L. was perusing Facebook learned that I was gay. I just gave him the “It’s pretty obvious.” look.

Otherwise on the ride back we pretty much slept. I even slept from the end of Milk until we were just about out of Connecticut. So that’s about an hour and half. I did wake up in time to see Orion just above the horizon when we were still in the Connecticut woods.

Got home around 2:40AM, kissed Keyron, and went to bed. Rolled out of bed at 9AM. And I’m still recovering. My throat is sore and I’m just coming down off a major caffeine jag. This is the reason I don’t normally drink coffee.

I know that this one came on kind of fast but I think we’ll see another one next year. I just have that feeling because of the foot dragging over DADT and DOMA. So I think they should start planning now. We need to turn up the pressure on our elected reps. If you didn’t make it this year, you damn well better make the next march!

And I promise to be more coordinated next time, E.g. I’ll buy a throw-away cell phone so we can all link up. And I think knowing the city a little better I can suggest rally points (10th and K is actually a good one) for those who wish to join the group.

And when I got home I had an idea. The idea was to find all Marriage Equality supporters in Governor Carcieri’s home districts. Couple that with the fact that Carcieri has open door Thursdays and you can see where this is going. I found 250 people on the list so here we go!

Moving Legislators to Marriage Equality

Last night I was at the MERI offices for their training seminar called “Moving Legislators Your Way: Winning Marriage Equality in Rhode Island”.

MERI District Leader Workbook Cover
MERI District Leader Workbook Cover

I thought I’d share some of the things presented during the seminar here as well as some of the stories that came out of this session.

First the story. One person had a legislator dead set against a marriage equality bill. The legislator brought up the standard arguments, he was Catholic, his district was highly Catholic, etc.

But that person went one step further. She canvassed her district, surveyed about 400 of her district neighbors and found out an interesting fact. Despite being heavily a heavily Catholic district, it ran 2:1 in support of marriage equality. She presented those results to her legislator and by doing that she’s brought him into the camp that supports marriage equality in RI, to the point that he’s a big proponent of the move to grant us full equality.

You can change a legislators mind. One of the ways we can communicate with legislators is to setup in-person meetings. Some tips for successful meetings with your legislator follow:

1) Location of meeting
2) How will you setup the meeting?
3) Determine topics of discussion
4) Listen – meeting with your legislator is also an intelligence gathering activity.
5) Is a follow-up necessary? In some cases yes, in others no.
6) Information pass along. If you’re working with a group establish the protocol for the passage of information.

Believe it or not the best place for a meeting is at your own home. People tend to drop their guard a little bit in that environment so you it allows a full exchange to occur.

Some legislators are skittish though, so suggestion for alternate locations include coffee shops, libraries, etc. Some legislators even hold open office hours so try to schedule a time then.

As to the intelligence gathering, remember this is a two way conversation. You’re trying to convince your legislator to support marriage equality, but at the same time listen to your legislator for clues as to the motivations behind his/her position and pass that along to the group you’re working with so better strategic decisions can be made.

As to what to talk about, personal stories work best. Go from there and hopefully you can swing a legislator in our column.

You can do some research on your legislator. Here in RI it’s as simple as going to the Legislative Web Site and searching for your legislator and looking at their Bio and legislation sponsored.

Here are some items you can find out about your legislator. You might just have something in common with them.

– Legislative priorities can be gleaned from the bio.
– What do they do for a living?
– Where do they live in your district?
– Where did they go to school?
– Other offices they may have held?
– Community group involvement?

Additionally you can:

– Brainstorm with group members
– Ask other state legislators who may know your legislator well. This one is a bit more difficult but you can find out by researching bill history.
– Meet with progressive organizers and groups, as well as service organizations.
– Attend a city or town council meeting. You’d be surprised how many politicos show up at those.
– Social club membership is a gold mine too.

Letter writing is also important (An increasingly so are emails).

Here are some tips for letter writing:

1) Hand written letters carry more weight but should be brief and to the point.
2) Stay positive
3) Tell YOUR story.
4) Ask legislator to support marriage equality
5) Sign with your name, address, and email address.

Letters to the Editor should follow the same rules as above, with the exception that you can use word processing or email programs. In my case my handwriting is such chicken scratch they’re getting a printer letter. I can also type a lot faster than I can write so it works out better for me.

Unfortunately I live in a district that has full support from both our State Representative and our State Senator. But I’m in the camp that says we need to go after the leadership in the house and senate. We did float the idea of a legislative intel operation which I fully support. Do the canvassing in their areas and find out that more than likely, there is 2:1 support for marriage equality (Which btw, mirrors the surveys I’ve seen, both the formal and informal surveys all track in at 60/40, or near enough to 2:1). And as we get more press and inform more people I think we’ll see that ratio rise.

But it was great to talk about ideas for pushing this forward and even get a new t-shirt:

MERI T-Shirt
MERI T-Shirt

BTW, the new screen on the laptop is super bright. I love it.

Get on the Bus

I know I’ve got some local RI readers. The more of us the merrier when it comes to the National March for Equality.

We’re trying to fill at least three buses.

Click the image for more information and to purchase tickets.


If you want you can even purchase a ticket for charity. I know a few friends on facebook who wouldn’t mind a free lift to DC.

But get on the bus, or the plane, or the train. But get to DC for the National March for Equality.

In which I charge Governor Carcieri of RI with Perjury

We’ve recently become aware that RI Governor Donald Carcieri is going to be the keynote speaker at the Massachusetts Family Institute.

Governor Carcieri has accepted an invitation to headline the annual fundraising banquet for the Massachusetts Family Institute, an advocacy organization that promotes marriage between a man and a woman and considers homosexuality “an unhealthy practice and destructive to individuals, families and society.”

First a little background on the Massachusetts Family Institute.

They hold themselves to be fairly innocuous and even friendly. Look at these points from their about us page:

* Educating families and children about the dangers of unsafe Internet use
* Preventing sexual abuse of children
* Enforcing statutory rape laws
* Strengthening, protecting, and preserving marriage between a man and a woman
* Restricting gambling within the Commonwealth
* Providing resources to help fathers meet the financial and emotional needs of their young families
* Educating children and adults on the spread of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, and the benefits of sexual abstinence
* MFI is an independent, not-for-profit organization and supported through the generosity of our contributors.

Note the highlighted segment.

And note the abstinence part. Yes hide your heads in the sand and pretend that your teenager won’t know how to have sex. It’s pretty simple, animals do it all the time. Tab A to Slot B and bam, the owner of Slot B is impregnated. All because you taught abstinence instead of human sexuality.

A little further digging finds this:

MFI does not consider homosexual behavior to be merely an alternate lifestyle or sexual “preference”; it is an unhealthy practice and destructive to individuals, families and society. Our compassion for those plagued by same-sex attraction compels us to support the healing of those who wish to change their behavior. MFI strongly opposes any efforts by political activists to normalize homosexual behavior and all attempts to equate homosexuality with benign characteristics such as skin color, or the “gay rights” movement with the civil rights movement.

It is not an alternative lifestyle, it is a life. It is not a sexual preference, using the word preference implies that being gay is a choice. I’d like to ask their membership and our Governor, when did you decide to be heterosexual?

They then go on about healing homosexuality “for those who wish to change.” I’m one recalcitrant homo, I don’t want to change, and I don’t believe in God. Yes I’m a godless gay heathen. You can try changing me whilst staring down the barrel of a gun held by me.

And we’re not trying to equate being gay with anything. What we are asserting is our civil rights under that pesky document, the RI Constitution. I direct you attention to Article 1 Section 2. Granted, it was only inserted in 1986 but it’s still part of our Constitution as it stands.

Section 2. Laws for good of whole — Burdens to be equally distributed — Due process — Equal protection — Discrimination — No right to abortion granted. — All free governments are instituted for the protection, safety, and happiness of the people. All laws, therefore, should be made for the good of the whole; and the burdens of the state ought to be fairly distributed among its citizens. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied equal protection of the laws. No otherwise qualified person shall, solely by reason of race, gender or handicap be subject to discrimination by the state, its agents or any person or entity doing business with the state. Nothing in this section shall be construed to grant or secure any right relating to abortion or the funding thereof.

All laws made for the good of whole. Note, WHOLE. That means everyone. Not just the 90% or so of RI’ers who identify as heterosexual.

Now here’s where the crux of my argument comes in. This is the oath that the Governor has sworn not just once but twice.

Section 3. Oath of general officers. — All general officers shall take the following engagement before they act in their respective offices, to wit: You being by the free vote of the electors of this state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, elected unto the place of do solemnly swear (or, affirm) to be true and faithful unto this state, and to support the Constitution of this state and of the United States; that you will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties of your aforesaid office to the best of your abilities, according to law: So help you God. Or: This affirmation you make and give upon the peril of the penalty of perjury.!

So I now charge RI Governor Carcieri with Perjuring his oath of office. My reasoning behind this is his vociferous opposition to my rights as enumerated in the RI Constitution. By doing this and being the headline speaker for the Massachusetts Family Institute he is in direct violation of not just my rights, but the rights of all GLBT people in RI.

More information on the stigma that gay kids face.

Found this one over on Pam’s House Blend blog.

More specifically, this article from Pridesource on “Confronting Health Disparities Among LGBT Youth”

I brought up this topic in my post titled “Religious bigots upset with the APA”

My friend looked over my post and agreed with all the points I made. In essence it boils down to this:

Gay people really are no different than straight people. The only true difference is what gender we choose as our life partners and spouses.

The diseases gay people suffer from are also suffered by the heterosexual population, particularly the sexually transmitted diseased.

But the Pridesource article I linked above is interesting. It addresses the psyhcological issues and explains that social stigma plays a large part in many of the issues that gay kids suffer from. And it isn’t just gay kids, gay adults suffer a stigma too, or have you not noticed that we don’t have ENDA in states around the country yet, or that we don’t yet have marriage equality.

We also have so called “Christian” pastors making pronouncement that we should be put to death. Yes, Pastor Steven Anderson:

A terrible shame that border patrol didn’t beat this son of a bitch to death.

Because this is just one of his many screeds against we gay people.

He cites the usual references, Genesis 9 (Where a son supposedly molested his father), etc.

But then he goes on that they’re all bisexual, child molesters, molesters in general.

He’s a little too concerned with homosexuality. And as we know from watching the Rev. Ted Haggard, maybe he has a little something to hide himself.

Religious bigots upset with the APA

You can read the whole screed here.

I’m only going to address three paragraphs since the rest of the article is just beating the same old dead horse about gay people.

Studies have shown that homosexuals disproportionately come from families in which sons or daughters lack a healthy relationship with one or both of their parents, or in situations in which the homosexual was the victim of child sex abuse by a same-sex adult.

Homosexual behavior is also statistically associated with a host of diseases, disorders, and pathological behaviors, including venereal and other diseases, promiscuity and unstable relationships, anxiety disorders, depression and suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse, domestic violence, pederasty, and early death.

Even the homosexual Gay and Lesbian Medical Association admits that homosexuals suffer disproportionate rates of disease and self-destructive behavior.

This is all based on my empirical observations.

Taking the first part, I wasn’t recruited into being gay. I had a good relationship with both my mother and father growing up. A somewhat better relationship with my mother to be sure because my father quite frankly is an asshole. But I was sexually molested by someone of the opposite sex, a 15 year old neighbor girl when I was 6. I did have some sexual activities with boys in my own age cohort when I was a teen myself. The abuse didn’t scar me. I just look at it as a desperate teenage girl who got her jollies with a 6 year old. When I think about it, there’s a 9 year difference in age and Keyron and I have an 8 year difference between us.

The diseases, disorders and pathological part has an itty bitty, teeny weeny little grain of truth in it. But I think some of that is the stigma attached to being gay. And if we’re to talk about diseases and disorders we need to look at the straight community too, because they have a host of things. In other words I surmise it is the same rate of each for both homosexual and heterosexual.

Promiscuity is a red herring too. I know tons of straight people, even the women, who are sexually voracious. They’d put some of we gay men to shame. And there too we have that cultural streak of misogyny, if a straight man does it he’s a stud, whereas if a woman does it she’s a slut.

Now I will address the unstable relationship assertion. In other words, the bigots are saying that gay relationships don’t last. Interestingly my same sex partner and I have been together for 17 years. And if you average out the relationships of our friends it comes to an AVERAGE of 10 years. I know straight people who can’t stay in a relationship longer than a couple years.

As far as anxiety disorders, I will refer to the generalized hatred of gay people and have to ask, if people hated straight people like that don’t you think they’d be a little anxious too?

Depression also has a strong genetic component, but see my statement above. If we didn’t have so many bigots I doubt that we’d have much to be depressed about.

Alcoholism and drug abuse – addictive personalities come in all shapes and flavors. It isn’t’ just gay people who suffer from this. But this deception is based on the old days where bars were the only place to meet up. Now it’s all changed. Drugs on the other hand are still widely available despite the War on Drugs. And I’ll be honest here, I don’t think weed should be a criminal offense.

Domestic Violence is another one. I once worked for the state AG’s office and I modified the tracking database to include same sex incidents except there were never any reported. Maybe it was reluctance or maybe it just doesn’t happen as much as you think.

The pederasty part is just pure fantasy on part of the ilk of NARTH et al. For those unaware, pederasty is the desire for sexual relations with teenagers. I suppose the NARTH people would be upset that the age of consent in many places is 16 years of age. Not that I’d want a 16 year old. I want a lot more mental capability in my choice of sexual partner.

The other thing they harp on is the early death thing. So why do I know homosexuals in their 60’s and 70’s? You’d think they’d have died by now. But they’re still going strong.

I’d expect better of NARTH and ‘Dr.” Nicolosi, or Cameron or any of those vile, despicable bigots. But they cannot stop trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with the same tired arguments we’ve often heard in the past that turned out to be false arguments.

NOM Marriage and Liberty Mailer

They stopped sending me emails but they still send me postal mail.

Here’s the latest:


On this page let me first highlight a few facts.

The title is “Marriage & Liberty”. What part of Liberty do the bigots at the National Organization for Marriage not understand?

They cast it as an abuse of their religious liberties, I cast their stance as an abuse of my civil liberties.

Then we have the introductions.

First up we have Dr. Robert George, a law professor at Princeton. You all know the old saw, those who can do, those who can’t teach. I don’t know about you but I know lawyers can be the slimiest of the slime or as good as Glenda the Good Witch. Dr. George strikes me as the former. You’d think an attorney might be cognizant of say a pesky little thing like the 14th Amendment. We’re all equal under the eyes of the law you dipshit!

Then we have the ever smug Maggie Gallagher. I wish a local anomaly in the time-space continuum would just open up and swallow her whole, perhaps stretching a bitch out until she’s a couple of atoms thick before she enters the event horizon. She carries herself as some expert on marriage. If that’s the case then I should begin carrying myself as the pope. Bow down bitch!

Then we have old Pumpkin Face, Brian Brown. Packin’ on the pounds there Brian. You remind me of Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”. I haven’t had many dealings with old Pumpkin Face but his name is all over the place in NOM so he gets a heaping dose of derision from me.

The lead in article is titled “NOM Wins Victories and Reaches Millions of Americans with Pro-Marriage Messages”

Lets start on the title. Pro-Marriage yet you don’t want gay people to get married. Why is that? Matter of fact they don’t want gay people to have equal rights to anything else. I think it all comes down to what I term the ‘ick’ factor. The whole argument against gay men is that at least one man debases himself by acting like a woman. So basically the whole sentiment behind the anti-equality folks is misogyny. Isn’t that interesting.

We of course are called the cultural Left. That NOM in the cultural Right spot. Their affiliations with churches etc. mean they’re now a part of the whole Religious Right Republican Wing. NOM folks are in good company with all the other assorted bigoted wing nuts of history.

They go on to “Enter the Lion’s Den”.

How very interesting since I’d like to re-start the Roman custom of feeding Christian scum like the NOM folks to the lions again. On this page they crow about the victory in California and how they’re applying lesson learned in other states such as New Hampshire, Maine, etc.

They of course bring up the indoctrination of the children. Let me get this right, letting kids know its ok if you’re or even they’re gay is indoctrination, but religious instruction (Which by its very nature is indoctrination!) is a-ok with the people at NOM.

They like to say they’re winning with facts. I say they’re losing with falsehoods. Here are just a few.

– No Civilization can survive without marriage:

Yes in fact civilization can survive without it. Marriage hasn’t been with man forever. The family on the other hand, that’s been around forever.

– Legalizing gay marriage has a devastating psychological effect that devalues marriage itself and results in fewer marriages of any kind, putting the health of children and America’s future at risk

Here they go with the straw man arguments. Holding up gay marriage as the reason marriage is declining worldwide. Maybe it’s because kids saw their parents rotten marriage and so decide not to marry. I know several couples that had serious problems whose own kids never married or took their sweet time before they did marry. I look at my aunt as a perfect example. My cousin was 21 years old when she finally married my cousins father.

The only real psychological effect is the propagation of hatred and intolerance spread by NOM.

Here comes my favorite though.

-Legalized gay marriage results in forced indoctrination of children and restrictions on religious liberty.

Ok, I already debunked the indoctrination thing. But restrictions on religious liberty? Give me a break. Every marriage equality decision, bill, etc. that I’ve seen carves out specific exclusions for the religious community. NOM is just trying to incite hatred with this one.

They then go on about the critical phase approaching.


On this page we have the whole intolerance blowup regarding Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton. He was nice about it calling her a bitch. She’s a clueless cunt so far as I’m concerned.

NOM carried on that they have a whole media blitz coming up and I can’t wait to see their next idiotic ad on the web.

They keep making the same points over and over that all boil down to two arguments.

The first is the claim that we on the marriage equality side are being intolerant. Demanding our civil rights is not intolerance. As I said earlier, there are provisions made for the churches so that those who oppose us (And that list is getting smaller all the time now that the Episcopal Church has allowed gay and lesbians equal participation) won’t have to accept gay people or bless their marriages.

The other is the new standard that they have to protect the children. Children are both smarter and more resilient than the NOM people could ever know. This is just one part I remember from my developmental and general psychology courses. And talking to friends who are psychologists, neuropsychologists, etc. I’m constantly reminded of that fact. The people at NOM probably never took more than a semester of psychology which explains their hollow cries.

Nothing like beating dead horse with false arguments against equality.


This page just has the usual bovine effluent how NOM is fighting against equality in ME, NH and IA. Curiously they left out MA and CT. I guess those are just foregone conclusions.

The one that got me though is the little blurb in the upper right corner. A smiling pink family with the title “Kids need a mom and a dad.”

That one kills me, again talk to any developmental or general psychologist or social worker and they’ll tell you that the sex and number don’t really matter. What matters is consistency of love and setting boundaries. The NOM argument is just code speak for “We got this in the bible.”

On to the last page.


Here we have a personal letter from Pumpkin Face Brown. He goes on and on how marriage equality would remove their religious liberty. It’s such a crock of shit.

And he also goes on to mention the woman who got her cross trampled, or the father lead out in handcuffs, etc. All blown out of proportion for the word twisters at NOM.

Marriage equality is a juggernaut. I won’t rest until we’re all equal. Every last one of us, whether we’re gay, straight, black, white or anything else we use to divide people. Either stand with us or be rolled over by us but in the end we’ll have marriage equality throughout the United States.

They also included a little beg form. I’m going to tape my postage paid envelope to a box of bricks and send it back to them.


They’re a 501(c)4 organization which means they have to produce Form 990. But they haven’t. What’s up with that?

On the back of the return envelope they do however say the following:

NOM Financials Disclaimer
NOM Financials Disclaimer

I checked with the NJ office. They said the following was only available for NOM for 2007. They have not updated their filings in over a year.

The data is interesting though. They don’t list the 501(c)4 revenues.

Total 2007 Revenue and expense
Rev: $204,000 Exp: $25,000

Fundraising $4000
Management Expense $25,000

Checking the North Carolina State Soliciation Licensing Branch only yields one more salient piece of information. They use KMA Direct Communications. Click the link, note who they really serve.

Pennsylvania says that NOM has is no longer registered there.

And Virginia gives the following:
Primary Name: National Organization for Marriage
Other Names: NOM
Federal Employer ID Number (EIN)
Address: 20 Nassau Street
Princeton NJ, 08542
Current Registration Expires:
Registration Extended Until: N/A
Registration Filing Status: Organization provided Law and Rules – not currently filed to solicit
IRS Filing Status: Unknown

So they cannot solicit in Virginia at least not without running afoul of state law.

So I wonder, no current financial info for the 12 months of 2008, and the 8 months of 2009 thus far. What the hell are they trying to hide? And when will the IRS or some other agency pull a raid on their NJ offices and get the financials and publish them?

Tradition, Family and Property Wing Nuts coming to RI

I wish I could find the date they’ll be here and where they’re planning to protest. More than likely they’ll do it near the State House. I just need to find out the date.

Anyhow, these delightful people have a little “10 Reasons why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must Be Opposed”

Here I’ll take the time to knock down their arguments:

1. It Is Not Marriage
Calling something marriage does not make it marriage. Marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman which is by its nature ordered toward the procreation and education of children and the unity and wellbeing of the spouses.

The promoters of same-sex “marriage” propose something entirely different. They propose the union between two men or two women. This denies the self-evident biological, physiological, and psychological differences between men and women which find their complementarity in marriage. It also denies the specific primary purpose of marriage: the perpetuation of the human race and the raising of children.

Two entirely different things cannot be considered the same thing.

Marriage has not always been a covenant between one man and one woman. In fact the institution of marriage as we know it is a modern conception. Prior to the modern era you didn’t marry for love, you married because your family chose your betrothed.

And lets not even get into the applied Roman concept. Had to do with “If it’s under my roof, it’s mine”.

2. It Violates Natural Law
Marriage is not just any relationship between human beings. It is a relationship rooted in human nature and thus governed by natural law.

Natural law’s most elementary precept is that “good is to be done and pursued, and evil is to be avoided.” By his natural reason, man can perceive what is morally good or bad for him. Thus, he can know the end or purpose of each of his acts and how it is morally wrong to transform the means that help him accomplish an act into the act’s purpose.

Any situation which institutionalizes the circumvention of the purpose of the sexual act violates natural law and the objective norm of morality.

Being rooted in human nature, natural law is universal and immutable. It applies to the entire human race, equally. It commands and forbids consistently, everywhere and always. Saint Paul taught in the Epistle to the Romans that the natural law is inscribed on the heart of every man. (Rom. 2:14-15)

We’re not circumventing anything. We just want full equality. And of course they bring up my favorite Biblical author, old Saul of Tarsus. He was not only the worlds first documented homophobe, but a fairly big misogynist for his time.

And if we want to talk natural order, I do wish they’d explain homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom. And I need remind them, we humans are animals too.

And while I’m on the subject, my sexual orientation is immutable too.

3. It Always Denies a Child Either a Father or a Mother
It is in the child’s best interests that he be raised under the influence of his natural father and mother. This rule is confirmed by the evident difficulties faced by the many children who are orphans or are raised by a single parent, a relative, or a foster parent.

The unfortunate situation of these children will be the norm for all children of a same-sex “marriage.” A child of a same-sex “marriage” will always be deprived of either his natural mother or father. He will necessarily be raised by one party who has no blood relationship with him. He will always be deprived of either a mother or a father role model.

Same-sex “marriage” ignores a child’s best interests.

This one is raised by foes of marriage equality on an ad infinitum basis. It’s best summarized by the rhetorical question, “What about the children?”. Talk to most in the psychology field and they’ll tell you that the sex of the parent(s) doesn’t matter. It’s all about consistency, and being there. All the better if a child has two parents regardless of the sexual configuration of the union.

All these arguments are out of the same playbook used by the National Organization for Marriage.

4. It Validates and Promotes the Homosexual Lifestyle
In the name of the “family,” same-sex “marriage” serves to validate not only such unions but the whole homosexual lifestyle in all its bisexual and transgender variants.

Civil laws are structuring principles of man’s life in society. As such, they play a very important and sometimes decisive role in influencing patterns of thought and behavior. They externally shape the life of society, but also profoundly modify everyone’s perception and evaluation of forms of behavior.

Legal recognition of same-sex “marriage” would necessarily obscure certain basic moral values, devalue traditional marriage, and weaken public morality.

This is where it starts getting silly and exposes them for their general bigotry. I’d like to mention, I’m exposed to displays of heterosexuality nearly every day.

I’d love to know how it obscures morality. It doesn’t, this is just a straw man they love to prop up. As far as weakening public morality, I think there are other things that do that beyond who I love. You might want to look at corruption in government, there’s a big one to consider. Serious loss of morality there.

5. It Turns a Moral Wrong into a Civil Right
Homosexual activists argue that same-sex “marriage” is a civil rights issue similar to the struggle for racial equality in the 1960s.

This is false.

First of all, sexual behavior and race are essentially different realities. A man and a woman wanting to marry may be different in their characteristics: one may be black, the other white; one rich, the other poor; or one tall, the other short. None of these differences are insurmountable obstacles to marriage. The two individuals are still man and woman, and thus the requirements of nature are respected.

Same-sex “marriage” opposes nature. Two individuals of the same sex, regardless of their race, wealth, stature, erudition or fame, will never be able to marry because of an insurmountable biological impossibility.

Secondly, inherited and unchangeable racial traits cannot be compared with non-genetic and changeable behavior. There is simply no analogy between the interracial marriage of a man and a woman and the “marriage” between two individuals of the same sex.
Taking a Principled not a Personal Stand

In writing this statement, we have no intention to defame or disparage anyone. We are not moved by personal hatred against any individual. In intellectually opposing individuals or organizations promoting the homosexual agenda, our only intent is the defense of traditional marriage, the family, and the precious remnants of Christian civilization.

As practicing Catholics, we are filled with compassion and pray for those who struggle against unrelenting and violent temptation to homosexual sin. We pray for those who fall into homosexual sin out of human weakness, that God may assist them with His grace.

We are conscious of the enormous difference between these individuals who struggle with their weakness and strive to overcome it and others who transform their sin into a reason for pride and try to impose their lifestyle on society as a whole, in flagrant opposition to traditional Christian morality and natural law. However, we pray for these too.

We pray also for the judges, legislators and government officials who in one way or another take steps that favor homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” We do not judge their intentions, interior dispositions, or personal motivations.

We reject and condemn any violence. We simply exercise our liberty as children of God (Rom. 8:21) and our constitutional rights to free speech and the candid, unapologetic and unashamed public display of our Catholic faith. We oppose arguments with arguments. To the arguments in favor of homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” we respond with arguments based on right reason, natural law and Divine Revelation.

In a polemical statement like this, it is possible that one or another formulation may be perceived as excessive or ironic. Such is not our intention.

The standard “The parts don’t fit” argument is invoked here and to paraphrase moralist John Corvino, “Yes, they do.”

And has nothing to do with the sexual practices, but everything to do with my civil rights. Again, straw man argument being brought up to deny basic civil rights.

6. It Does Not Create a Family but a Naturally Sterile Union

Traditional marriage is usually so fecund that those who would frustrate its end must do violence to nature to prevent the birth of children by using contraception. It naturally tends to create families.

On the contrary, same-sex “marriage” is intrinsically sterile. If the “spouses” want a child, they must circumvent nature by costly and artificial means or employ surrogates. The natural tendency of such a union is not to create families.
Therefore, we cannot call a same-sex union marriage and give it the benefits of true marriage.

Intrinsically sterile huh? So explain how I know of a few couples where the child is biologically linked to one partner or the other. I recall a marriage equality hearing where the NOM gentleman next to me started going off about how a lesbian couple got their child. I turned, looked at him and said “Did it ever occur to you that one of them was the biological mom?” at which point he started spouting that I was being intolerant. It was then I laid into him, and he wasn’t sitting next to me much longer.

7. It Defeats the State’s Purpose of Benefiting Marriage
One of the main reasons why the State bestows numerous benefits on marriage is that by its very nature and design, marriage provides the normal conditions for a stable, affectionate, and moral atmosphere that is beneficial to the upbringing of children—all fruit of the mutual affection of the parents. This aids in perpetuating the nation and strengthening society, an evident interest of the State.

Homosexual “marriage” does not provide such conditions. Its primary purpose, objectively speaking, is the personal gratification of two individuals whose union is sterile by nature. It is not entitled, therefore, to the protection the State extends to true marriage.

So too is regular marriage the personal gratification. I really think they need to lay off the false logic here. As I pointed out earlier, not all homosexual couples have kids but some do, and it is not ‘sterile’ at all.

Should we also not forget, there are literally thousands of unwanted children out there that find a safe, stable home with homosexual parents.

8. It Imposes Its Acceptance on All Society
By legalizing same-sex “marriage,” the State becomes its official and active promoter. The State calls on public officials to officiate at the new civil ceremony, orders public schools to teach its acceptability to children, and punishes any state employee who expresses disapproval.

In the private sphere, objecting parents will see their children exposed more than ever to this new “morality,” businesses offering wedding services will be forced to provide them for same-sex unions, and rental property owners will have to agree to accept same-sex couples as tenants.

In every situation where marriage affects society, the State will expect Christians and all people of good will to betray their consciences by condoning, through silence or act, an attack on the natural order and Christian morality.

Here we go with a variation of “What about the children?”. And this one smacks of bigotry, as if the acceptance of all society isn’t what a truly equal and inclusive society should be.

9. It Is the Cutting Edge of the Sexual Revolution
In the 1960s, society was pressured to accept all kinds of immoral sexual relationships between men and women. Today we are seeing a new sexual revolution where society is being asked to accept sodomy and same-sex “marriage.”

If homosexual “marriage” is universally accepted as the present step in sexual “freedom,” what logical arguments can be used to stop the next steps of incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and other forms of unnatural behavior? Indeed, radical elements of certain “avant garde” subcultures are already advocating such aberrations.

The railroading of same-sex “marriage” on the American people makes increasingly clear what homosexual activist Paul Varnell wrote in the Chicago Free Press:

The gay movement, whether we acknowledge it or not, is not a civil rights movement, not even a sexual liberation movement, but a moral revolution aimed at changing people’s view of homosexuality.

And here we go with the truly psychotic association of homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia. Need I bring up the fact that most child molesters identify as straight, or how we’re not going to start screwing the pooch next. No, all we want are our rights under the Constitution of the United States and in my case, under the Rhode Island Constitution.

The gay movement is a civil rights issue. Granted, you need to change peoples minds and counter the negative bullshit circulated by the TFC assholes and the churches. And TFC is nothing but a church sponsored group, sort of like NOM though we’ll never truly know because the folks at NOM have been resistant to releasing their financial info.

Are we almost done yet? Here comes the tenth idiotic reason and it tips their hand to their real motivation. God:

10. It Offends God
This is the most important reason. Whenever one violates the natural moral order established by God, one sins and offends God. Same-sex “marriage” does just this. Accordingly, anyone who professes to love God must be opposed to it.

Marriage is not the creature of any State. Rather, it was established by God in Paradise for our first parents, Adam and Eve. As we read in the Book of Genesis: “God created man in His image; in the Divine image he created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them, saying: ‘Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.’” (Gen. 1:28-29)

The same was taught by Our Savior Jesus Christ: “From the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother; and shall cleave to his wife.” (Mark 10:6-7).

Genesis also teaches how God punished Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality: “The Lord rained down sulphurous fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah. He overthrew those cities and the whole Plain, together with the inhabitants of the cities and the produce of the soil.” (Gen. 19:24-25)

Tell me, who are these idiots to think they know the mind of God? Not that I think any such creature exists but still, it’s man putting words in their God’s mouth.

Do they not know that early Christians didn’t encourage marriage. If you were to devote your life to following Christ it wouldn’t be good for you to be married. It took the protestant reformation to move the early Catholics in the way of adopting a marriage scheme.

So did their God change his mind?

An exchange with yet another homophobe

This is great fun. It started out with this post on Good As You.

I made the mistake of watching GodGunsGutsGlory’s video on YouTube and I left the following for him:

You really are special. You’re all up in the Koolaid and don’t know the flavor.

You focus on the passages in Leviticus, and Romans. I suggest reading 1 Timothy 2:9 to 2:11. Then you can justify your misogyny too.

I have a question, have you ever read the ENTIRE Bible? I mean really sat down and read the whole book. I have a fair idea that you never did any such thing. I’m always amused by so called Christians who can spout biblical passages but don’t know the real message of Christianity.

Maybe if you weren’t such a homophobic creep you might attract more of attention from the opposite sex. But women the world over can’t stand a hater.

His response:


Re: Your attack on gay people

Re: Your attack on gay people
I’ve been reading the Bible since the 1970’s.

You’re not going to “confuse” me pervert.

Homosexuality is an utmost ABOMINATION.

Period. No matter how YOU perverts try to rewrite the Bible.

I’ve seen the gay agenda websites that try to explain off the true meaning of Scripture.

I suggest you troll your way to my favorites and check out Krazie316’s video I have on there about the ridiculous lies and attacks from homos. He does a great job destroying your lies as I do.

My reply:


Re: Your attack on gay people

Re: Your attack on gay people
Lies and attacks huh? I’ve studied the Bible more in 12 years than you have in your 30+.

I’m not trying to rewrite the Bible. That was already done by St. Thoma Aquinas, St. Augustine, and Saul of Tarsus (Aka St. Paul).

What we read in the Bible has no bearing upon what the original writer(s) wrote. The above mentioned men threw in their misanthropic, misogynistic and homophobic drivel a few hundred years after the original books were written.

The so called “gay agenda” is nothing but equal rights for all. And if you want to talk scripture, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

GGGG’s response:

Bull crap.

God created man. He didn’t create anus for you to make love to it. Only a MORON would believe that.
God created WOMAN for man.

Anyone who is a homosexual is a FAILURE at nature/mating/life

Move on pervert.

Wrong move on his part, my retort:

Read the rest of Leviticus if you will. Eating shellfish is an abomination too. And the Bible makes no distinction between shrimp and homosexuality.

There is more good stuff in Leviticus too. For example, when is the last time you sacrificed a lamb to your local cleric? Do you have a beard? Do you shave? Here’s the thing, if you’re going to harp on about homosexuality then you have to follow the other proscriptions in Leviticus. And run 1 Timothy 2:09-11 by your wife and see what she says.

I mean if you really want to get into a battle about the Old Testament I’m more than ready for that fight. I suppose though that your readings in Genesis lead you to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. There is a rather huge group of scientists whom would beg to disagree with that number.

To which GGGG responded:

Liberals are against guns, and freedom of speech.

who are you kidding, pervert?

You don’t even understand mosaic law.

Mosaic Law is the first five books of the Bible otherwise known as the Pentateuch. I shot back:

BTB, in my case it’s just guns, guts and glory. Indeed, I’m a left leaning liberal who believe in the right to bear arms (or is that arm bears).

{heavy sigh} No, some of we liberals believe that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to ensure that a tyrannical and despotic government could never arise again.

I’m kind of a strict constitutionalist when it comes to that.

Now Mosaic law – yes I’m aware of the Pentateuch. But I also studied, to your horror, the New Testament. As I said, other than St. Paul’s homophobic rants the message of the NT is much more love they brother as thyself as it is proscriptions and prohibitions as spelled out in the Mosiac Law.

As I said before, you’re all up in the KoolAid and don’t know the flavor.

His turn:

That was the biggest pile of rubbish ever.
I turned it off after 15 seconds of effeminate sissies.

Effeminate behavior of men is a SIN and so says the Bible that Effeminate men will not inherite the KIngdom of God.

btw, no animals have homo sex acts.

Myself and Krazie316 have already dared you to provide video of an elephant inserting his penis into an anus.

since after all you homos say elephants are one of the species to be observed doing homo acts.
So put up or shut up with that utter nonsense.

No animals have anal sex.

At this point it’s getting fun, I shot him a Let Me Google That for You link

Then I created this video and sent it to him, at this point I felt text just couldn’t convey my contempt well enough.