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Milton Friedman’s 1991 Interview in support of Legalization

Legalize It

Renowned economist Milton Friedman gives a logical argument as to why drugs should be legalized. I would loved to have had Friedman as a college economics professor. He really takes the interview in his own direction, leaving the interviewer a bit flustered at times. He’s well prepared with facts which I find admirable.

Anyhow this video was recorded in 1991. Enjoy!

Cool Science Facts Daily – Homeobox Genes

Every now and then I see something I want to expand upon on CSFD. Today’s is about homeobox functions in living beings.

In essence the homeobox genes are templates. We all use templates on a regular basis. A form is a type of template, as is the XML used to generate most Web 2.0 content.

Homeobox genes are structural in the sense that they don’t tell you how to build an eye for example, but where to put the eye. So it explains why our eyes aren’t on the ends of our fingers. Some flies might protest that fact since experiments have made perfectly functional fly eyes grow on said flies legs.

We’re gradually unlocking the functions of all our genes and in the process finding that we’re related to pretty much all multi-cellular life with the exception of trees and grasses. The only issue I have with all this discovery is the ridiculous notion of patenting a gene.

Patents are completely out of whack these days and we need to reform that system without delay. Otherwise the very processes that keep us alive might be patented, requiring us to pay royalties to the patent holder. Imagine patenting the process that keeps us breathing, or our heart beating. That’s essentially what is happening with the genes that underlie those processes.

Another reason for corporations to have their rights revoked

This is appalling. Lockheed Martin and Boeing ought to have their corporate charters revoked. I was surfing the net and found this piece called The Nightmare of Weaponry of Our Future and while I’ve always had an ear to the ground regarding future military projects thanks to slashdot, digg, fark and a few other sites, this article is the first to point out how corporations pretty much screw everyone.

This paragraph regarding the need for the F-22 joint strike fighter at $130 million EACH, but with a true cost of triple that if development is included. Total cost for this little episode is $65 Billion with a B. To understand more about the “billion with a B” reference watch the movie called The Pentagon Wars where Olympia Dukakis plays a senator that utters that to the military brass when they give their progress report on the Bradley fighting vehicle. It’s billed on imdb as a comedy but in reality it’s a view into the cluster fuck (further referred to as a Charlie Foxtrot) that our military has become at the hands of corporations.

In 2007, the only reason the military might need such a plane is to outfight its predecessor, the F-16, which Lockheed Martin has sold to numerous countries that benefited from the corporation’s vociferous lobbying for new markets and our government’s lax enforcement of arms-export controls.

So Lockheed Martin gets to triple dip, first they sold F-16’s to the United States, then to nations such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela including many other nations. And the third dip is the damned F-22.

We need to rise the hell up and overthrow the damned corporations. They have run roughshod over our lives for far too long. Our first act as I’ve proposed before is to strip them of their ill gotten constitutional rights. Second we need to work with the global community so that trans nationals can’t hide behind the borders of another nation while putting the screws to us.