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Getting out of the northeast U.S. for good

As life is wont, I had to withdraw funds from a cryptocurrency site. They definitely obfuscate the ability that’s for sure.

Anyhow I had a good chunk of Ripple currency. So I wanted to convert it to USD and withdraw it.

What an oddesey. First you have to sell the currency to convert it into USD. Then go through withdrawal, enter all your bank information and click withdraw.

Part of the reason I needed the money – we’re relocating. After over a half century in the Providence/Boston area I’ve decided I’ve had enough of brutally cold weather, getting three feet of snow in one event dumped on us, etc. Plus the assholes in the area really irk me.

One of the thing about me, I love a calm, reasoned conflict. I give the example of my current outgoing state senator. I recall one hearing over granting marriage equality in RI I said to him – can you honestly tell me you have no LGBT people in your family and friends who you are harming with your refusal to grant these rights? I got a nod from him then and there. I think he saw the the error of his opposition. And to this day he respects me.

Then there’s this here site plus facebook et al where I’ve so gotten under the skin of politicians that they’ve called me up to talk about it. I love that. I think part of it is be king maker not king. But I’m tired of swimming in the little incestuous pool of a small state and city. Think about it, our legislature is 75 people. That’s the STATE legislature.

The city council in say NYC is bigger.

But where are we going? Two friends of ours relocated to the Atlanta area. And they rave about it. Even talking to a gentleman on amateur radio mentioned his son is going to school in Atlanta and loves it there. Plus most of both our friends have left the state of Rhode Island for greener pasture. I think it’s high time I did the same. I’ll miss the people of the Providence Emergency Management Agency, and Providence Democratic Socialists but I have to move on.

Plus I did something – I put Atlanta on my linkedin jobs profile. I have been aggressively headhunted by just doing that.

Add to that – no excise tax on motor vehicles, and tax rates on property are low in comparison to what we have in the northeast. And foolishness of standing at the RI DMV for a few hours to renew a licence or car registration – where in Georgia you can go into a supermaker, and electronic kiosk is there where you enter your registration number, swipe your credit/debit card and it spits out renewal stickers for the car. The only similarity is car inspection – it’s mainly emissions check and nothing more both in RI and GA now.

So long Rhode Island and all the folks I’ve known here. And goodbye to my cousins that are still in the state and nearby Connecticut. The time has come, as I said, I have a fair bit of southern Italian ancestry in my blood and it demands go south old man, go south. So I’m going. Farewell Rhode Island.

Moving again!

Spent 2.5 years in the current abode. But the landlord is a bitch that needs to have her clock cleaned. I knew that moving into a building owned by flippers would be interesting, but it’s beyond ludicrous.

First of all we’re paying what I consider to be rather high rent for a sub-standard space. It is sub-standard because the bathroom floor is caving in, the kitchen cabinets look like who did it and ran, there are exposed wires in the kitchen area, and the ceiling in the master bedroom is gradually falling in. Not to mention that all the floors tilt toward the middle of the building.

So Keyron found a place that is one half mile from here. Nice place – cheaper rent ($100 cheaper) more space (3 bedrooms, basement, laundry hookups, a nice patio out back, a nice porch that faces south eastward. The floors are perfectly straight, the walls aren’t cratered or crumbling, and overall I think we’ll like it.

While I’m at it, stay the hell away from Pre-Co, Pre Management, Ocean View Properties LLC, and a woman named Lynn Bruso.

Moving On

We’ve finally had it with the bitch that runs Pre-Co, Pre-Management and Ocean View Properties, LLC. We begged and pleaded with her to check and make sure we were only paying for our natural gas usage. Turns out that she lied, which comes as no surprise because Lynn Bruso is one lying sack of shit since she’s lied to us in the past. So if you ever need to rent, and you see her name run for the fucking hills.

I nearly hit the roof back in November when National Grid told us that our gas was cross connected with the retail store downstairs. I got an attorney involved and that went nowhere. So we’re moving, and the day we move out I have a nice little surprise waiting for Ms. Bruso. That’s the day I file the court case against her. Have a nice day cupcake and I’ll see you in court.

The new place is very nice. See pix here.