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New Old Music added this week

First up we’ve got The Blow Monkeys with Digging Your Scene:

General Public with Tenderness:

Marvin Gaye – a talent that is sorely missed with Mercy Mercy Me:

Marvin Gaye with What’s Going On:

Marvin Gaye with Got to Give it Up:

That’s just a small smattering of what got added to my library this week. Just filling in gaps in my library there. And The Blow Monkeys that was just something YouTube recommended to me. I remember it back in the day.

New(Old) Music added to the library

First the Mamas and the Papas with California Dreamin’

Ides of March with Vehicle

Redbone with Come and Get Your Love – the surprising part they were all Native American

Isaac Hayes with the Theme from Shaft

Now don’t laugh – Barry Manilow with Copacabana.

So the above are the new tracks I’ve added to my music library this week.


Music: The Gay Edition

So to wrap up Pride month at least for the north eastern United States here’s my musical tribute. All gay artists to my knowledge. What inspired this is my Amazon music player – it was on a roll playing a bunch of different gay artists.

Let’s start with Bronski Beat.

Smalltown Boy:

And just because Jimmy Sommerville is the lead in Bronski Beat here’s the Communards.

Never Can Say Goodbye:

Here’s Patrick Crowley.

The song is Menergy – and yeah it works:

Then of course there’s Modern Rocketry.


And I cannot forget Erasure.
Chains of Love:

That one above brings back memories of my friend Ron. He passed away in 1993. But prior to that I can recall hearing this in a little gay club called Galaxy inĀ  Providence. And the lyrics – well just listen and you get it.

Then of course there’s:
A Little Respect


New Old School stuff added to my library

First up is Connie with Funky Little Beat from 1985:

Then there’s Cybotron with Clear from 1983:

Next up there’s Strafe with Set It Off from 1984:

Next up Nocera with Summertime, Summertime from 1986:

And finally Freeez with IOU from 1983.

You’ve probably noticed a few things if you listened to all of this. The first is this is all from a period of 1983 to 1986 – that was the true rise of the synthesizer – analog and digital as well as drum machines. Having spun, created and done things with synthesizers I highly approve.

This entire music set was arrived at from wanting to replace the last track. That’s how Nocera, Strafe, Cybotron and Connie were suggested on YouTube.

New Music: Gorillaz Humanz

So I’ve loved Gorillaz for some time, ever since I heard this song:

I mean come on, the video itself is pretty good. Cars with blowers aka superchargers. Great fun. Plus the nitrous oxide button. Having had experience with nitrous systems it’s too awesome.

And then there’s On Melancholy Hill:

Feels Good Inc.

What’s most fascinating about the group is that they have never gotten together to play. It’s an amlagam of a bunch of artists all done over the net.

Well after six years and a whole bunch of good stuff their sophomore album is out. Here’s Charger featuring Grace Jones (Strangay herself!) Yes he’s gay!

Lots of electronica and sampling too in Momentz:

They have a pretty wide range too, here’s Submission:


My iTunes top 25

Got the meme from Polt’s Palace.

Anyhow I’ll start with number one and you get video on these:

1) Brazilian Love Affair – George Duke

2) Brother Man – The Brothers Johnson
Interestingly YouTube doesn’t have a clean version of this. Weird.

3) I’m In Love – Evelyn “Champagne” King

4) Fantastic Voyage – Lakeside

5) Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack and Peace

6) Your Love Is On the One – Lakeside

7) Slide – Slave

8) Ridin’ High – Platinum Pied Pipers (A remake of the Faze-O classic)

9) Dubfunk – Shur-I-Kan

10) Time for some Fun – Central Line

11) Freddie’s Dead – Curtis Mayfield

12) Juicy Fruit – Mtume

13) Haven’t You Head – Patrice Rushen (Probably know her from Forget Me Nots)

14) Far Beyond – Sunburst Band

15) Summer Madness – Kool & The Gang (Now you know where DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince got theirs)

16) The Groove Line – Heatwave

17) Mercy Mercy Mercy – Philip Bailey

18) Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band

19) Ffun – Con Funk Shun

20) Too Tight – Con Funk Shun

21) Street Dance – The Fatback Band

22) Pull Up to the Bumper – Grace Jones

23) Saturday Love – Cherelle feat. Alexander O’Neal

24) Snap Shot – Slave

25) Another Man – Barbara Mason

Now the thing is, I haven’t listened to iTunes all that much lately. It’s either Pandora, TuneIn, etc. on my phone or computer.

Music: When the music you love is on Muzak

So we were in Trader Joe’s in Warwick, RI today.

And as we’re gathering items I note the music playing in the background. It’s Abbey Lincoln’s “Throw it Away”.

I wonder where I get my love of jazz tunes. I believe that would be my grandfather. Plus the fact that the music I listen to always tended more toward the jazzy (and the funk) than anything else.

But it was just such a surprise to hear that Abbey Lincoln tune on the Muzak at a Trader Joe’s.

Nice isn’t it?

Here’s just a little more with “First Song”

And yet another by Abbey Lincoln, “Nature Boy”

Which brings me to the Phillip Bailey cover of the same exact track:

Music gets recycled, that’s one thing I’ve noticed.

Some other jazz I like, more jazz fusion but I seriously dig George Duke’s music, for example, here’s “Chillin”

Come on, if that one doesn’t put a smile on your face then you should check your heart. You’re probably dead if it doesn’t.

“No Rhyme, No Reason”

Something a little more mainstream, Quincy Jones “The Dude”

Then there’s Ramsey Lewis with “Brazillica”

You may recognize the sound, Earth Wind and Fire did a lot of work with Ramsey Lewis back in the day and the above song shows it.

Speaking of Brazil, here’s another nice George Duke tune titled “Brazilian Love Affair”

But then I like the wild, experimental stuff. For example, recall Minnie Ripperton. Most of us know her from her song titled “Loving You”. But here’s something she did with a group called Rotary Connection, this one is called “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun”

Kind of jazz sliding into psychedelic. Which now loops us through to Funkadelic, and I present thee “Maggot Brain”

Yes, yes, I know, more funk but this borrows jazz elements and the psychedelic too!

And then there’s Funkadelic with “Cosmic Slop”

And on to the more funkalicious:

Parliament with “Not Just Knee Deep”

Funny what hearing a song on a music service in a commercial space will trigger.