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More on National Grid Heating Rates

So there was this post in which I learned that National Grid charged more on your customer charge and per therm if you HEATED with natural gas.

Couple of weeks back I got a little thing in the mail from National Grid. It was a survey asking what appliances I had hooked up to the natural gas service. Didn’t have any language that indicated I had to tell them so I guess they’ll never know.

I suppose the uptick in gas usage might have given them a clue, but I could be using it for flame sculpture for all they know.

Yes, fuck you National Grid. Fuck you until the cows come home. Fuck you until you’re broken into a million tiny little pieces.

The Pinnacle of Ridiculous

It appears that conservation programs in Toronto have worked so well that Toronto Hydro now faces revenue losses of $10.4 million dollars. So their answer, hike the rates.

Considering that the only expenses Hydro has are distribution, and that they really don’t replace outside plant all that often, doesn’t this reek of outright greed to anyone else?

Here I was thinking that letting National Grid control both electricity and natural gas distribution was a bad idea. All I know is that National Grid gets about $150 a month less from me ever since we made the switch to CFL’s. And I know at least two dozen people who’ve done the same with similar savings, on average $75 a month. So that represents revenue losses to National Grid of $21,600 a year. That’s great because they’ve been screwing us for years, even back when they were the New England Power Pool and Narragansett Electric.

So check with your power provider – they may offer rebate certificates on Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) and buy up now.