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This will continue to happen

So long as the inequities of divorce law persist, every now and then you’ll get some guy with a weapon that the police can’t really match. That was the case here. He accomplished his goal, gunning down his soon to be ex-wife and child.

But I have to give props to the police sharpshooter. I’ve fired off an AR-15 and it’s not the most accurate weapon. But he dropped the guy no problem.


Yahoo is now hosting 60 minutes vids, but every 2-3 minutes you watch an ad for either pampers or Oral B.

Anyhow the beginning segment is called “Stop Snitching” and it’s very interesting. In essence, the rule of law has been perverted to a degree far past that of La Cosa Nostra and their vow of omerta.

I am highly suspicious of police but that’s only because I know them from the inside having worked with many of them over the years. The police have fostered this to some degree since you’ve probably seen some of my other diatribes about policing gone amok. There needs to be genuine community outreach but I think the relationship is so damaged at this point that it is nearly impossible and improbable that the rule of law will ever be the same.

And if police try to use draconian tactics they’ll only make it that much worse. I’m not certain what the answer is, but I do know that an open admission on the part of police would be a good start.

Watch your rights just disappear

The NRA has a nice little video on YouTube about police confiscation of weapons after hurricane Katrina had hit the gulf coast. I used to be a member until they started getting a little too strident. But now I see why they were being so strident.

Police do not serve us, they serve their government masters. Also keep in mind that police are by and large a reactive force. If you’ve been robbed, or have a burglar in the house they do nothing to prevent it from happening, but they’re there AFTER the fact to try to put together a case.

It makes me happy that Rhode Island of all places has Castle Doctrine (RIGL 11-8-8). What that means is that if someone breaks into my home, I don’t have to prove fear or any such thing, nor do I have a duty to retreat. I can shoot your ass dead and I’m completely shielded against criminal and civil penalties.

And here’s the thing, if a cop smashes down my door I wonder if Castle Doctrine would still apply. After all, there’s a reasonable fear on my part that someone is breaking in. And who’s to say I heard them ID as police. But sadly that wouldn’t be the case since the elements necessary under section 11-8 aren’t met when police have a warrant. Too bad, I wonder if I could sneak through a modification of the law.

So next time you see that friendly officer on the street remember, he is NOT your friend. He serves his masters.

Marijuana laws based on racism

This is something I’ve long known about, that our nations laws against pot, marijuana, and it’s derivatives are based on empty reasoning. That empty reasoning is racism.

As I’m writing this there’s illegal drug use going on right next to me, in open view of our neighbors. No, it isn’t across the street or in the street but right on my doorstep.

It appears that enforcement is lagging though. For example I regularly walk through Kennedy Plaza which is the central bus hub for the state of Rhode Island. I don’t think a day ever goes by that I don’t smell a familiar odor. And I know I’m not the only one that smells it since there are always police in the plaza.

You know a law is a failure when those who should obey it don’t, and those who are supposed to enforce it fail to do so. That’s probably because lots of cops are using it too. Not while they’re on duty but it wouldn’t surprise me, but when they’re off they’re probably the biggest pot fiends you could ever want to meet.

NYPD is getting a bit too pushy

Every now and then I’ll post a video of NY’s finest doing something they shouldn’t. You know, little things like entrapment, or outright behavior unbecoming.

So now they’ve rammed through an ordinance that says if you have more than 50 people assembled in public you must have a permit. This flies in the face of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but the NYPD seems to side with George W. Bush when considering those documents. They too appear to feel they’re just god damned pieces of paper.

What the police and their masters tend to forget is sometimes the people fight back. And some of those people know police procedure and systems and so we’ll use it to maximum advantage. And then when the police are outnumbered and outgunned the tables will turn. Mark my words, it’s coming.

And who do we have as our Police Chief in Providence? None other than Dean Esserman. a NYPD Transit Police. But PPD is a force to be reckoned with and even someone of Esserman’s caliber won’t be able to tame them. But then PPD is still old school – their priorities are sex, donuts and then fighting crime.

Anyhow watch the attached video and tell me if you don’t feel your blood pressure rising.

Kinder, Gentler Policing

So today we had to go out to Woonsocket to get a patch kit for the waterbed. Charles drove because he knew where the place was.

On the way back we get stopped in Providence by a black Dodge sedan. A state trooper gets out of he car and approaches us. Charles has been through some rough times. The car has an expired inspection sticker, among other issues.

The first thing the officer said was “No big deal, but your inspection sticker is expired.” and then asks us both for ID.

He goes back to his car and then returns. Charles then realizes his license is expired too. Luckily I just renewed mine back in November. The officer proceeds to tell us that Charles’s license has been suspended. Uh oh.

What happened next is the cop just told him to get it taken care of, told us to swap places and told us to have a nice day.

So maybe having RISP patrolling Providence isn’t such a bad thing.

Then I thought about it. There’s a theory that AG’s office employees both current and former get flagged in BCI. I seem to recall such a field in the database so it may just be true. I may just have been Charles’ lucky charm today.

I’d love to do an experiment and see what happens when I’m not in the car. I can just imagine if Keyron had been in the car, he more than likely would have ripped the cop a new one. He’s good for doing that, but sometime I worry he’ll do it to the wrong person.

The Police Screw Up Again

They even try to cover their own asses when they are clearly in the wrong. They even go so far as to plant evidence and then start the finger pointing game.

There have been too many cases like this in recent memory. Matter of fact, things got so bad in my city a couple years ago that we now have a civilian review board called PERA or Providence External Review Authority.

Now we hear that Derek J. Hale, a Marine who served two tours in Iraq was gunned down by police in Delaware.

The thing the disgusts me most is that the damned cops don’t understand the effects of a TASER. The subject having the TASER fired at them is NOT going to be able to respond to commands since their nervous system is essentially on overload. But the police in the case not only tasered him three times, they then triple tapped the guy at point blank range, killing him.

But the most galling part of it all is that the police in both DE and VA colluded to cover this up.

Remember, you cannot trust the police. They are not there to protect or serve, most are in it to have fun as bullies.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good cops out there. But the vast majority are just misanthropes with a badge and a gun. In past posts you’ve seen me tell you what I’d do to police if they ever did something like this to Keyron. And he’d do the same for me.

A good friend of mine is anti-gun. I used to be that way too until I made the realizations above. So I forwarded the article linked above to her asking if she still thought gun bans were a good idea. No response as of yet but I bet she’ll still be anti-gun.