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On food: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut.. it’s 2022 and other vendors like Walmart, Amazon et al can tell you exactly when your order will be delivered. But pizza chains just say it’s out for delivery. What the hell. Not even a text it’s been delivered. Come on all it’d take is mo bile phones I’m sure someone could develop that app for ios and android.

gleaning info on how Wal-Mart does grocery delivery

A recent Wal-Mart order sort of exposed how they do it. The order is picked and packed at the store. Then the driver picks yet pIcks it up and delivers it.

In one delivery I got something I did not order, Prestone GM coolant. On a subsequent order we got other things we did not order. E.g. White Castle sliders, hot pockets pizza, and sausage egg and cheese croissants. The driver was funny she told me keep them and try them. I showed her the coolant asked if she wanted it.. So in my book it was an equitable trade at the

More info on gun crimes

I was listening to the President saying we have to do sonething. But not saying precisely what we should do.

I’ll start these people doing the shootings they’re mentally ill. I remember back in the 1980s they emptied the institutions. So those people are now among us. Lovely and they can buy weaponry.

Then i came upon a solution. Sure the institutions were horrible and people got abused. But does the number of people being abused at institutions equal the number of people killed and maimed by p people whose menstal states aren’t all there. So maybe a solution is for us to chose the least of two evils. Those being institutionalize or continue the insanity. Which could be more acceptable.

Recent gun violence and the 2nd Amendment

If you’re not familiar the gun rights thing is insane. You have to understand the founding fathers feared a standing army. Just look a what they’d seen in Europe. Hence the well regulated militia and the right to keep and bear arms. It’s the last word arms. Arms of the 17th century are a far different thing from arms in the 21st century.

There have not been any updates just mistaken rulings from the courts. This runs counter to the regulations the administrative branch has tried to stop the inanity. But now we have 19: children and two adults dead. To keep doing the same thing is insanity.

When Google Assistant stops listening

The spouses Android 9 phone appeared to no longer respond to voice commands. You understand ok Google or hey Google. I checked everything but didn’t get assistant to stay active.

I then checked the battery saver settings and it showed it was turned off so I turned it on then off. Then we created a new voice model. Assistant is working now. It’s fully active once again.

medical progress

i read a lot about medicine. For example recently found out they can now cure hepatitis C with a 98% rate. Or how they’re now using mRNA to devise treatments for melanoma and other cancers.

an I’ve read that the venerable MRI has gotten many improvements too.

it’s a good time to be alive.

music Sunday/Domingo

As I do during fin de semana is chill out with music. The last track that came up was Digital Underground “Sex Packets”. The thought occured to me that’s what Viagra is. But it’s Sunday really the end of the weekor the beginning?


Funny today

Noted that i called someone and the call went dead. Then tried calling back. To get his v voicemail repeatedly. And better it’s a dang good thing I know Spanish. The OGM says please leave a message for his phone number as in DOS DOS nueve then the last seven digits..