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Made my first car payment today

This is the very first payment I’ve made. Paid early and paid a little bit more on the payment. Because from my research if you really want to build up credit, pay early and pay more because it helps a lot.

And more on the car – GM and Chevy have come a long way from what I remember from the 1980’s. Actually thinking back my 1978 Chevy Nova was a good car too.

But for what I’m paying for the car I gotta say – the features are Awesome. Power everything – the windows, locks, steering, and brakes. Plus a six speed automatic transmission, a 1.4L turbocharged I4-LUV engine, remote start. Has cruise control, USB outlets, a 110V outlet, and well I’ve already put 2000 miles on it.

That’s because when you stomp on the gas pedal – you hear the turbocharger kick in and it’s an awesome sound. In fact I haven’t managed to red-line the car yet.

Inducting a co-worker into the mysteries of radio

So a co-worker took an interest in the fact I have a handie talkie in my backpack. Even the HT thing he’s interested in.

So I explained, he could get a radio like my Anytone or TYT or what have you. And he could listen. But to transmit he’d need to be licensed. Pointed him to the ARRL’s web site at showed him how to locate testing sessions, how to download question pools etc.

Just proves the value of bring the radio with you.

Breakfast on a Sunday Morning in Atlanta Part III

So this morning we decided we’d head over to the The Beautiful restaurant. MLK Jr. was known to frequent this establishment back in the day.

And it is interesting. Buffet style – I had salmon cake, eggs, four strips of bacon, some hash browns and a biscuit. Yeah I know, it violates the carb thing but what the damned hell. It was special.

And it still hits me – I’m walking the path of civil rights leaders. It’s great.

House Searching

So we’re looking at apartments and houses for rent. The prices go all over the map – though the houses all seem to go for $900 a month. Not too bad overall and several hundred under budget.

But the apartments are in a word fucking insane. $1200, $1500 etc. With a straight face even.

I’d much prefer we rent a full home than a cookie cutter apartment. It’s just some of the homes are so flung out there – 60 to 70 miles away. Could I drive it – sure but it’d take a huge toll.

Atlanta Update

So someone had raved about Gyro Brothers in Atlanta. We gave it a try last night and I have to say not good.

First off the lamb gyro was ice cold. Having had authentic Greek food before this was a slap in the face for us.

Plus there was the parking incident. Next to the place is a public parking garage or whatever passes for it when there’s a P with a circle around it. Well we get our ticket and into the garage – it’s confusing as all hell no signage, well except for the resident parking only signs. When we get back a garish orange sticker is on the drivers side window saying they’d recorded my license plate and next time they’ll tow it. Needless to say I scraped it off and used some Goo-Gone to get the sticky adhesive residue off the window.

I gotta give the Goo-Gone some credit – I don’t know what black magic they performed in making it but it does work very well. No more residue of adhesive is evident.

Music Sources – Why pay?

I recently picked up a Galaxy A10E. Apparently the SD card I used on my former Government phone the new phone wants to format it. Damn it.

So I noted I have Spotify on the phone. So I’ve started listening. One new artist I like is Hil St. Soul. Yeah – my musical tastes run the gamut.

And I keep getting emails from Sirius – screw that. I just hook my phone into the cars USB ports and don’t you know, Android Auto kicks on. Navigation goes right to the center screen on the car, and more on Spotify – I listen to podcasts, music, you name it. Nice!

And I think I have a work-around for the formatting of the SD card. I can let it format and then on an SD card I have mounted on this computer now – transfer the music to the phone from the computer.

But be damned if I’m gonna pay $10 a month for Sirius, or $25 for OnStar’s Navigtion package. When even the salesman at the dealership says just say no to the OnStar thing you know it’s going to go the way of the dodo.

A funny here in Georgia

So the other day I went to get my Georgia driver license. All went without a hitch but they took 20 years off my age. So I went back today to correct it.

Got the clerk to admit it’s a possibility I’ll get two Driver Licenses – one with the correct year, one with the incorrect year. That could have its uses.