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There is no security

The Chasers are an Australian comedy troupe. They do some truly funny stuff, on my myspace page I’ve got the War on Religion video and it’s great.

But this one illustrates a prime concern among security experts, that being that the best method to defeat most security methods is to look like you belong there. I guess Derren Brown (Warning, warning, warning, heavy flash content!) could give lessons in this since he’s the guy who passed off blank slips of paper to pay for a $4,500 platinum/diamond ring in NYC.

What the Chasers did was defeat security at the APEC conference.

They did it by using a convoy of black vehicles flying the Canadian flag along with runners/walkers on the side, a la presidential protection details.

They got up to the tightest security zone and chickened out. But I’m willing to bet they’d have gotten through if they’d continued on. Hell, they got within 10m of the hotel that Bush was in. For we in the U.S. 10m = a little under 33 feet. That’s close enough to launch any number of high explosives, shells, etc.

Of course to top it off they then parade one of their own out of one of the vehicles in full Osama Bin Laden regalia. But the security pukes didn’t try to apprehend the Bin Laden character but one of the walker/runners instead.

So now I’ll say it, security people are by and large dolts. They have a distinct blind spot when things look official.

Anyhow, here’s the video. I really wish they hadn’t lopped off the end because I think there was a prime anti-Bush comment at the end.

Watch it quickly since YouTube has been on a deletion kick lately.

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Whitney Houston attains divahood!

Wow – she can still sing. It’s a little different from when I first heard her in 1985. At the radio station I was doing my gig at, we wore a hole through her first album. That’s how much You Give Good Love was requested in 1986.

And here she is, 20 years and a lot of drugs later: