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The Wine has arrived

So yesterday I did a round trip of 30 miles to retrieve our quarterly shipment of wine. At a Walgreens store in Attleboro, MA.

Here’s the wine:


Brought the Girasole on the right to a friends house last night. Good wine.


And you might note the Scout and Cellar labels on the wines. So long as you don’t live in Rhode Island or Kentucky you can get it shipped right to your door.


So no synthetic pesticides. That raises a slight alarm with me – there are in fact organic pesticides. But researching it allays the fears.

As the claim of being Wildly Delicious and Distinctive – I can agree. That Girasole we drank last night was quite good.

Now from old growth vines – ok. Tended by people and not mass produced.  They’ve got UPC codes on them. Tried scanning them with my phone but they’re very imprecise so there’s that. I suppose I could google them. But I know how easy it is to get a UPC code for an item. Part of my career was spent doing just that. So we’ll give this one a pass.

Now the claim commercial wines can have 16G of sugar vs. 0 added in these wines – yeah we can tell it’s very smooth and good. If a wine needs added sugar – they’ve failed. Which is why I like the wines from Scout and Cellar.

The chemicals claim – put it this way humans survive by chemosynthesis. We take in food stuff and liquids and chemicals in our body break them down into other chemicals. So we’re going to call this pure marketing fluff to the ignorant masses.

Now the final three claims I have to accept since I don’t have the methods to test it myself, other than tasting it and some anecdotal evidence that the red wines don’t give people headaches after drinking it. That’s likely the Sulfites. So one of the three can be verified to a lesser degree.

All in all well worth it. High quality basically organic wine – averages about $26 per bottle. It’s worth the premium knowing we’re getting good wine, that we’re helping out our friend so all in all a good deal.

Al’Cohol – Wines I like.

The reason I separated the word Al’Cohol is because it’s originally an Arabic word. Al being the equivalent of ‘the’. Allah used be Al’Ilah, in essence THE God. Then there are the stars in the constellation of Orion, Al Nilam and Al Nitak. If I recall correctly those translate to the belt and sword stars of Orion. Yes, the early astronomers were Muslim Arabs which begs the question, what the hell happened? But you get the point, Al == The in English.

Anyhow I’ve now entered my wine experimental phase. I’ve written about it before but added a few to my repertoire. I’m becoming such a wine snob. This from a guy who also knows the difference between a pilsner, ale and stout and know that I like my brews with a bit more hops.

I found I definitely dig German Rieslings. I also found that I like Sauvignon Blanc better than Pinot Grigio.

Rieslings are sweet white wines. Sweet to the nose, on the pallet, sweet on the tongue with a nice after taste. If you think your tastes run towards sweet wines, try this one out.

The Sauvignon Blanc is interesting. Powerfully sweet aroma, yet very light and dry on the tongue and pallet. It’d go good with pork actually. Which is good because tonight I’m doing my brined pork chops on the grill.

I’ve also been thinking about making my own wines. You can pretty much make it out of anything and I’d particularly like to try making it with strawberries, cherries, or peaches. Mmmm mmmm. Toxic fruit! I used to think about brewing my own beer and ales but it’s a process that takes a long time and requires lots of labor. Fermenting fruits is more my style so I think maybe this year I might become an amateur vintner.

Trying wine

I’d always been a beer guy. I can tell you I like an ale better than a stout, or that I like the flavor of hops and so like hoppy beers.

Over the last few months I’ve branched out into wines.

So far I’ve tried:
Merlot (I like it, but it’s not for use with everything.)
Negroamaro-Cabernet (Very good red wine!)
Shiraz (Like it!)
Pinot Grigio (Good with fish)
Pinot Noir (Excellent red wine!)
Two different Rieslings by different vendors. Love Rieslings.

I’m actually starting to learn what goes well with what. Sure, beer goes well with just about anything but with wine you have to be a bit pickier.

But overall I’m enjoying my little tour. For example, I’ve also tried various vintages and brands of many of those wines. There are some vintages of Pinot Grigio that I wouldn’t give to my worst enemy. Then there are some that I would.

And wonder of wonders, the boss makes his own wine. He’s promised me a sampling. I can’t wait.