Smoothies: How to make one

Here’s the requirements:

  1. Some fresh fruit – strawberries, blueberries, banana, pineapple and the like.
  2. Some frozen fruit like strawberries, black cherries, acai,
  3. Some yogurt, plain or vanilla – (Hint  – just add some vanilla extract to the smoothie mix.)
  4. Milk, be it cow, goat or the like.
  5. Ice and plenty of it.
  6. A sweetener like honey, agave and sugar. Your choice as to which and how much.
  7. A reliable blender – a stick blender will work in a pinch but a decent quality blender is much better.

And it’s exceedingly simple, just toss all the fruit and ice into the blender, a couple tablespoons of yogurt, and about 1/2 cup of the milk. And blend like your life depends on it, you want all the frozen stuff and the ice to break down so that it adds a nice body to the smoothie.

Like this evening we had smoothies – with fresh strawberries, pineapple, black cherry, and used Agave as the sweetener. Delicious – and the leftovers are getting frozen to incorporate into another smoothie.

60th Anniversay of the Invention of the Integrated Circuit

The Integrated Circuit or IC as we know it was invented in 1958. That makes it 60 years old this year.

This was a device invented by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments.

Here is Mr. Kilby – unfortunately he passed in 2005.


And a photo of his first IC:


Compared to say an I5 CPU which is a fairly current chip:


Yep – smaller, lighter and faster. Now entire CPU’s are in one single chip. That is quite the accomplishment. In fact all around us are IC’s – in phones, tv’s, computers, cars, trucks, buses, etc. They’re everywhere.

Another BJ’s Club post

So we’ve been BJ’s club members for two years now. I find the history of the club to be fascinating. It outlived it’s parent that’s for sure. You see BJ’s was formed from the Zayre’s department stores – but that’s long gone.

Anyhow we’d been patronizing the BJ’s down in Coventry, RI which is exactly 16 miles from here. Google Maps says 19 minutes.

Now I realized we’re closer to Johnston, RI than Coventry, RI. Coventry is southwest of us, whereas Johnston is west of us.

And the BJ’s Club in Johnston is 5.6 miles from us – or 10 minutes. The store is laid out exactly like the one in Coventry. We got there about a half hour before they closed. I note their self checkout registers are a lot faster at processing payments too. So I guess we won’t be going to Coventry anymore.

The Beyond Experience

So someone saw these meat free burgers and sausage in a video. They said you can get it at Trader Joe’s (Didn’t see it there.) and Whole Foods. Now Whole Foods is owned of course by Amazon. It’s pretty obvious – the stores now sport amazon lockers, available of Echo and other Amazon products too. But searching all we found were these Beyond Meat burgers.

So I looked Beyond Meat up and they say they sell at the Stop & Shop  (Why do I hear in my head Stop, Shop and Drop) that’s just a couple miles away.  But alas – I think the sausage isn’t yet available. I told someone that we’d just have to keep checking Stop & Shop.

Haven’t yet tasted the burgers. If my suspicion is accurate they’re gonna suck big time.

So who of the bigots is still in office in RI

Some time back I’d posted this.

Going through the list I figured I’d see who got tossed out of office.

Lisa Baldelli-Hunt is out of office.

John Carnavale is out of office too.

Doreen Costa – a darling of this site. I’ve ripped into her a few times. She’s been tossed out.

Jan Malik who was a very vocal bigot is out of office too.

William San Bento Jr. is out of office.

Joseph A. Trillo is no longer a state rep.


So six of the nineteen rogues – that works out to 32% of them being tossed out on their ass. Lovely.

Watching: Genius of the Modern World

Season 1, Episode 1 is about Karl Marx. I suppose I’m going to have to read Das Kapital at some stage if only because I know Marx was an economist of sorts. He saw capitalism in its dark phase – where children were working 15 hour days, and other abuses of the people were happening as machines took over for people.

The issue we face today is that machines have taken over more of our methods of production than in the past. And it got me thinking, we have something of the opposite problem of Marx in the 21st century – we will have more people without jobs due to robotics and artificial intelligence than at any time in the past. We’re already seeing precursors of this – walk into a department store like WalMart, Target etc. Self checkout lanes are starting to displace the number of cashiers required.

And AI in the form of Autonomous Vehicles  – big huge swaths of people will be put out of work by that. Think for a moment, we’ll need fewer cars as your car or a car can do double, triple or quadruple duty while you work. So the auto industry will contract, so too the transport of goods.

The thing is, not everyone can be a rocket scientist – or Info/Computer Scientist. That latter will be employed for some time as machines in the guise of computers do break down on occasion. And the care and feeding of databases is still a pretty big deal. And having the skill to diagnose electronic problems like me will be valuable too.

And we’re starting to see the bubbling up of a concept called UBI or Universal Basic Income. But what to do – all that leisure time what could potentially happen? You’ll have thinkers who might push forward our understanding of the physical world, artists in all guises from paint, to light to audio.  Not to mention care of children and family. It’s all about to change again.

Next up in the series is Nietzsche. This should be fun.

Cox changes email ports

I guess they got on the security bandwagon. But I logged into my Cisco firewall and realized I’d not been getting log emails from it. Saw six errors – all to do with could not connect to Cox’s SMTP.

Then I remembered – I don’t use Cox email anymore. But someone does and I had to change it in Thunderbird but didn’t think to change the firewall.

SMTP went from the standard port 25 to 587. No idea what POP went to though as I don’t use it.

Plus they’re enforcing login for SMTP now. So I changed the setting on my firewall and am now getting emails from it again.