What is it with Mercedes C-Class Drivers

So on our way up north to pickup our wine order from Scout & Cellar I had a black Mercedes Benz C-Class comes to an utter and complete stop near an exit. I sounded my horn at him. His passenger threw me the middle finger. I threw it back.

Then coming back home on Southbound I-95 I watched another C-Class cut across two lanes of traffic to take one of the Pawtucket, RI exits.

I swear if I had the money I wouldn’t buy a Benz. A BMW is more my style – like an M3 or the X3.


Pondering Time Travel

So I was talking about time travel today and something hit me. The net result:

Our future is indeterminate at this time. But if a future traveler were to come back to our current time wouldn’t that destroy the indeterminacy? We’d basically know how the future unfolds.

Now I’ve been one to prognosticate on what is coming in the near term future. Sort of like foldable, bendable computers.

AI to the point where large numbers of people will be un-employed, and what the impact on car ownership and on policing will be when autonomous cars are the majority of vehicle. Because what most people don’t know about their cars is we only use it for a few hours a day – the rest of the day it sits idle in a parking space or lot.

Medicine is rapidly evolving as I type. We can now do targeted genetic therapies and there have already been some astounding ones – for instance restoring sight of folks who’d been blinded by genetic disease. And in one case – reversing macular degeneration. And I saw a video this week where we may just be able to re-grow limbs and organs.

And then there’s robotics – we’ve all seen how advanced the robots are getting. And the U.S. military is just chomping at the bit for these artificially intelligent robots. One big stumbling block I see is power  – but I suspect that will be resolved in the next decade.

But beyond about ten years you cannot reliably foretell the future. You can only ponder the effects of what we have today.

Spatchcocked Chicken for dinner

The other day I was watching an America’s Test Kitchen video on spatchcocking a chicken.

Now I did it a bit differently. I used a non-stick pan over medium-low heat. To that I added a little bit of avocado oil. We’re talking about a teaspoon or so.

Took the backbone out of the chicken (It’s easy with decent kitchen shears) and then seasoned inside and outside with salt and pepper. Into the pan breast side down. It was awesome. Only did 4 minutes on each side over medium-low heat . The below is the result:


I’d say mine is as gorgeous as the ATK chicken. The pepper is fresh ground and in fact those are the specks you see on the breast. It was awesome too – someone went back for the wings. All that’s left is the carcass which is in the freezer now, and the thigh/drumsticks.

Shipment of Wine and Spirits in RI

So went to a wine tasting at a friends home in Massachusetts yesterday. And the company doing the wine selling – they cannot ship to Rhode Island residences.

So I dashed an email to my representative, senator and speaker of the house. In addition I’ve posted on facebook and twitter to contact your representatives and let them know we’re not happy about that.

So now I have to go in Attleboro, MA to get my wine. Ut si! I can transport it across state lines but Fedex and UPS can’t? What the bloody fuck.

If you are a RI registered voter you can go to the RI Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea’s page and enter your name, address or zip code and your DOB and it’ll tell you who your elected representative are including their contact info  – call, email, write. Let them know this is not cool and that we are being INCONVENIENCED by this stupid ban.  And if you want to research your Representatives or Senators go to the RILIN site.

But if you live in Rhode Island let your elected officials know this isn’t cool to block shipments of wine and spirits to residential addresses.

Using random numbers

So I might be getting into playing Dungeons and Dragons online with some other folks online.

So I have no idea where my dice are but then it hit me, just import the random function in Python – ask for number of sides on the dice then produce a random number between 1 and that number of sides. Pretty simple. Here’s the code that works the magic:

from random import *

That imports all the random commands.

def diceroll():
print(“Enter number of die sides”)
s=int(input(“Number of sides:”))
print (randint(1,s))

The next to last line – it’s the randint function followed by two numbers, the start point and highest point or number of sides.

Just call diceroll and enter the number of sides. Pretty easy. Plus I’ve made it so the main choices return after each function is called. Need to clean up line spacing and such but here’s the code:

from random import *
def cvttemp():
print (“Enter temperature in Fahrenheit:/n”)
t= float(input (“Temp in F:”))
print (“Temp in C is: “)
print ((t-32)*(5/9))

def cvtdist():
print (“Enter distance in km”)
d=float(input(“Distance in KM:”))

def cvtliquid():
print(“Enter volume in liters”)
v=input(“Volume in Liters:”)

def diceroll():
print(“Enter number of die sides”)
s=int(input(“Number of sides:”))
print (randint(1,s))
while 1==1:
print (“Prees 1 for F to C”)
# print (“Press 2 for C to F”)
print (“Press 3 for KM to Miles”)
#print (“Press 4 for Miles to KM”)
print (“Press 5 for Liters to Ounces”)
#print (“Press 6 for Ounce to Liters”)
print (“Press 7 for random number generation”)
a = int(input (“Enter your choice now: “))
if a == 1:
elif a==2:
elif a==3:
elif a==7:


Something I realized today

I realize – I’m sort of the roguish type. For instance someone will come in with packages of sweets, salty snacks, stuff like that. I’ll snatch them right out of his hands. It’s too funny.

In the past I’ve been called strident, assertive, etc. I can’t help it, just the way I am.

Part of it comes from being owned by cats for some time. They’re pretty strident and roguish too. For instance my very first cat would think nothing of snatching food off my plate. And so that’s how I do it too.

Some people say life passes by pretty quick – stop and smell the roses. Me, I’d prefer to snatch the roses.



Rao’s Lemon Chicken

So I made the Rao’s Lemon Chicken recipe that was adapted by America’s Test Kitchen.

What can I say brined chicken then sauteed skin down in some oil and then a sauce with shallots, garlic, chicken stock, lemon juice and lemon zest. With a parsley, oregano and lemon mixture added in.

I have to say it  – it was EXCELLENT. I expected there to be a sharp citrus flavor from the lemon but nothing of the sort. It was a very mellow lemon flavor to it, more savory then sharp. Very nice and a hit in this house. Even the cat. Another dish approved by the resident feline.