Reading: Idaho Falls The Untold Story of Americas First Nuclear Accident

So I finished Midnight in Chernobyl. Good book on the Soviet RBMK reactor disaster. So my recommendation the above subject book popped in my amazon recommendations.

It’s by William McKeown. It tells the story of the U.S. nuclear that not too many people know about. How inter-service rivalry between the Army, the Navy and even Air Force propelled the U.S. Nuclear industry, And the story of the SL-1 incident. That’s the fascinating one.  I’m just up to the point in the book where the incident takes place. A near melt down. When you think about it there have been two incidents with nuclear power in the U.S. SL-1 and Three Mile Island.

Of course it makes me wonder how many other incidents have happened in nuclear power plants in the U.S. that we’ve never been told. I’d venture that it’s happened several times.

And thankfully the U.S. Air Force never got their nuclear powered aircraft. Seems the bio-shielding would have made it too heavy. Can you just imagine the catastrophe if one of those aircraft ever crashed.

But funny enough the U.S. Navy has done alright with nuclear power. You can thank old Admiral Hyman Rickover for that one. But it’s funny I met an old Navy guy who told me they won’t let nuclear subs and carriers dock in Europe because of the radiation risk. Yeah I know. They’re the safest fission reactors we have.

Dinner: Shrimp Scampi

So this time around I did it this way. Shelled the shrimp and tossed the shells and some sea salt in a pot of water and brought it to the boil. Then removed the shrimp shells and boiled the pasta for 5 minutes.

Seasoned the shrimp with salt and pepper and cooked them in a little bit of avocado oil in a pan. Put them aside and then the sauce.

About 5 tablespoons of unsalted butter melted in the pan the shrimp was cooked in, 4 to 5 cloves of garlic chopped up. Some grated parmigiana cheese , a little chicken broth and some pasta water.

Now when I plated the pasta I made sure to hit it with the parmigiana cheese and some freshly chopped parsley. Then lay about 10 or so shrimp and pour some of the sauce on. It was delicious.

Reading: The Lord Won’t Mind (The Peter & Charlie Trilogy Book 1)

So as is my wont, always on the lookout to find reading material. Be it scientific, logic, math, even gay romance I love all. So on a certain Forum this book was mentioned. So I bought the Kindle version and I gotta say – I’m 838 out of 5K pages and I love it. Charlie is well hung of course.

I love it when gay romance continues. And I’m not happy unless I’m reading N+1 books at a time. The author is Gordon Merrick. The forum post mentioned it’s 50 years old. So it’d have been first published in 1970. Fun read so far.

Oil prices

It’s happened on Monday and Tuesday this week. The speculative price for June delivery went to  negative $37.63 a barrel. Yes -$37.63 a barrel.

There is now a glut of oil being produced. So much so they’re storing it on oil tankers and the like. It’s a perfect storm in oil right now because firstly the whole Russia vs. Saudi Arabia thing, then of course the COVID-19 thing that’s pushing down demand but supply keeps on.

As of right now a barrel of oil is at $14.29. Now I gassed up the car and paid $1.48 a gallon for gasoline. I think they’re choking up the refining to be honest. And I was reading on a site earlier about all those poor oil industry people. You  know an industry that’s done so much to harm our environment.

Another thing I read is they can’t just shut off pumping oil out of the ground. Which is true. So I think it’s going to get more interesting as time goes on and this COVID-19 thing is around. Can’t complain about it costing only $18 to completely fill my tank. Ha ha ha ha ha.

BridgeCom Giveaway

This time they’re doing a package with an AnyTone D578UVIII mobile rig and more:

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  • Plug and Play Programming $75.00
  • BridgeCom University Access $97.00
  • New Exclusive BridgeCom Hat (coming soon to store)  $30.00

If you hold a valid amateur radio license go here and enter.

Watching: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

So I’ve watched both seasons of the above mentioned show. It’s based on a character created by Douglas Adams one Dirk (Svlad) Gently.

It’s weird, whacky and fun. The writers took it and ran with it. And there’s a gay male couple in the 2nd season. Panto and Silas. That surprised me.

It’s on Hulu.