How to change policing

I finally hit on it. I had once thought disarming police might do it but that theory has been proven incorrect. Instead let’s contact our elected representatives and senators and demand we remove funding from police departments. Only enough police for domestic violence, property crime, murder investigation and that’s pretty much all they need.

I’m most family with police where I used to live. At one point the department was 600 sworn officers. It’s down below 400 now. But it needs to be further reduced. And one other thing we could do is issue the Implicit Bias test to all police. You’d pretty much spot the white supremacists right out with that one. They’d be the first to go.

My take on the protests now happening

First of all I’m surprised it’s gone on for nearly a week now. And delighted that the President felt it necessary to hide in a bunker.

However I understand why people are protesting. It is our right as citizens of this country to petition government for redress of grievance. And I’d say we all have a grievance to be aired. I for one am disgusted when police get away with what in my view is murder of black people.

Though I’m starting to see that police are getting a drubbing over this and rightfully so.

Of course we sorely lack leadership – as a certain Petulant Man Child in Chief cowers in a bunker or simply goes and plays golf. And people are frustrated and angry that yet another black man has been murdered on the streets of a U.S. City. Plus the President is also egging on the cops. Not the way to go with November coming up.

Reading tire speed codes

So apparently my 2019 Chevy Trax LT has Continental tires on it. And I finally realized the tires sport the H speed code or 130MPH. Nice! Now the 90 on the tire that’s the load rating. In essence 90 translates to 1326 pounds per tire The vehicle itself only weighs about a ton and and a half.

Another fun podcast

So exploring podcasts on Spotify is interesting. I get more science like suggestions. The new one is Science Vs. I believe it comes out of Australia.

What the hell I guess it’s Sunday and I enjoy learning things. So there we are.

On Blood Types

So I got an Eldon blood test kit. I’ve always thought I was AB+ but nope. A negative.

Blood Test Card

That Anti-A indicates Rh Negative A type blood. Interesting, I had always thought I was AB but nope.

Gaming: Adventure Island

So I’m plowing through the game on my little 500 in 1 handheld platform. It’s intro screen is in Japanese Kanji it looks like. But the game play is fun as all hell. I’m up to about the third of I don’t know how many levels.


Overall for $14 this little game platform is way cool.

Forgotten Music

Damn – so I realized I have the Amazon Music player on my phone. And I have few hundred tracks in there.

But then I realized Azymuth, Jamiroquai, Grace Kelly, and even Cameo’s Jazzier stuff. Oh I’m loving this. All the music I bought on Amazon is now playing on my phone.


An underwear fascination

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I love three kinds of underwear. First is my boxers but finding them in small size is a challenge. Then of Reebok bikini underwear for men – accentuates certain aspects of my anatomy. Then of course jock straps, have three already and ordered on with a lace up front in green.

Always want to be ready for a little sexual play I suppose.

Reading: Idaho Falls The Untold Story of Americas First Nuclear Accident

So I finished Midnight in Chernobyl. Good book on the Soviet RBMK reactor disaster. So my recommendation the above subject book popped in my amazon recommendations.

It’s by William McKeown. It tells the story of the U.S. nuclear that not too many people know about. How inter-service rivalry between the Army, the Navy and even Air Force propelled the U.S. Nuclear industry, And the story of the SL-1 incident. That’s the fascinating one.  I’m just up to the point in the book where the incident takes place. A near melt down. When you think about it there have been two incidents with nuclear power in the U.S. SL-1 and Three Mile Island.

Of course it makes me wonder how many other incidents have happened in nuclear power plants in the U.S. that we’ve never been told. I’d venture that it’s happened several times.

And thankfully the U.S. Air Force never got their nuclear powered aircraft. Seems the bio-shielding would have made it too heavy. Can you just imagine the catastrophe if one of those aircraft ever crashed.

But funny enough the U.S. Navy has done alright with nuclear power. You can thank old Admiral Hyman Rickover for that one. But it’s funny I met an old Navy guy who told me they won’t let nuclear subs and carriers dock in Europe because of the radiation risk. Yeah I know. They’re the safest fission reactors we have.