Right again – gas prices

So the most recent $1.39 a gallon. I am fucking loving this. I could run the car to near empty and pay only just under $20 to fill it. Jesus Christ on a Stick!

Here’s to hoping the Russians and Saudi’s keep battling. I had read somewhere that gasoline could go to the point where they have to pay us to take it off their hands. That looks increasingly likely.

Next stop I bet 80 cents a gallon going to be next.

Another Podcast I love

I suppose I should stop calling them a podcast since I’m not listening to it on an Apple device. Instead on my Android phone and Spotify. It’s called “The Dark Side of” the first couple episodes deal with the foundation of Hollywood, the murder of William Desmond Taylor, Gypsy Rose, and a whole bunch of the back story we never learned about. It is fantastic.

And the foundation of Hollywood is fascinating. I didn’t know that they tried to make a utopia of it, and ultimate failing.



Gas prices declining as I predicted

So prices for gasoline – It’s now down to $1.79/$1.85 cash/credit. How much further will it go I’m guessing $1.50/$1.65. This Russia vs. Saudi Arabia thing is great for making the price of a barrel of oil drop like the proverbial rock.

I am loving it, normally to fill up from half a tank was $16-$18. Today it was $13. And the Shell station near me – it was selling for $1.639 I am absolutely loving this. Why? Because cheap gas that’s why. Prices I haven’t seen since the early 1990’s.

Plus I know a few other things. The fact that cars are getting much more fuel efficient also played into this. Consider if you will the state and federal tax on a gallon of gasoline. Here in Georgia it’s 49.42 cents so if you back that out of that $1.639 you get $1.1358 a gallon. About 30% of that is refining, so 79 cents a gallon.



Car washing

So Artemis the car was getting a little dirty. There’s that and covered in pollen. So I spent $20 and had it washed and waxed. Why the hell not – even though I know we’re not past the pollen thing yet. She needed it. I mean when a silver car starts looking greenish yellow there’s a problem.

And when you think about it, pollen is nothing but tree sperm. I know.

A great comparison on family leave between two countries

I’ve said before we spend far too much on the military-industrial complex in this country. Hell I even worked with one in my career.

But this article compares having a child in Sweden and the U.S. Here’s what I’ll say the Swedish system has a government that wants people to have children. To the point where they pay for each child, have universal healthcare, etc. The U.S. has the inverse. We do non paid 12 weeks, the Swedish system does 480 days paid. The article even mentions just maybe we could stop military misadventure and take a few percent to stimulate families in the U.S. Who could argue with that I mean really does a politician really want to get up in front of the public and say he doesn’t support families?

When you consider our nominal military budget is $690 Billion. Hell I’d take $90 Billion off that and do the system Sweden has here in the United States. BTW, the woman in Sweden is a U.S. expat.

A New Site I’ve Stumbled Upon: A Litany of the Catholic Churches Misdeeds

Oh this is a good site. It details all the fun stuff about the Catholic church that I’ll bet they just want to keep quiet.

Details on the Borgia pope Alexander VI is familiar as I saw the series on I believe Netflix called Borgia – detailed about Cesare and the debauchery of the Pope, in fact I believe I’ve written about the Borgia pope before – and how in the series the Pope’s right hand man was in bed with a guy.

But the link above has much more. All the misdeeds of the Catholic Church laid out for all to peruse.

And I know two big laments the church has, first is the translation of the Bible into local vernacular, and the invention of the printing press. I just laugh. I mean come on they held onto those laments until the 1960’s. Thankfully John the 23rd knew the gig was up. Liberalized the church and then that mutt JP II fucked it all up. Oh well.