Amazon Cloud Reader Redux

So I note last Friday on a chrome browser was tits up. As of Wednesday of this week they’d reverted to the old cloud reader version and it worked. Until today – this tells me they push their updates on Fridays. Naughty of them to do that.

So I called them. Guy I spoke with thanked me for providing the browser info. For Chrome just launch a new tab and type about:chrome and it’ll display the version info. He did tell me it would take 2 to 3 days for them to look into it.

It’s just funny – I guess they’re surprised to talk to someone who understands technology. I did mention it could be the newest version of Chrome that’s not reporting as Chrome or it could be Amazon. We’ll see here it goes.

Cooking from prior generations to mine

A thought hit me whilst reading. It’s about cooking and what I’ve learned. It turns out my grandmother in fact both grandmothers could cook but no real recipes. Me sometimes I use recipes, but I learned more about technique

For example my two favorite dishes to make well three if we’re counting. There’s the pork chops with sour cream and dills sauce, Then of course chicken with mushroom and leek fricasee, and finally Bolognese sauce for pasta.

But over time I mastered the egg. My cooking technique is time and temperature. I’m also very good with making say broccoli taste fantastic without cheese all over it. Or making an omelet without any browning of the egg.

So like my grandmothers I can make things without a recipe. I just know what tastes good. Plus seasoning is clutch.

More on the Amazon Cloud Reader Issue

Being the curious type I know understand the problem with Amazon’s Cloud Reader on Google Chrome. It’s that by itself no longer takes one to ones library.

Instead of that if you log into Amazon you can go to Your – then to the books you chose. Get a book and you’ll see a link for Read No in kindle Cloud – and voila the book opens.

So I beseech Amazon to fix the god damned library function.

Amazon web reader is screwed up

Usually in my chrome browse I launch and I’m in my library. But no more. I’ve made sure all my browser extensions in Chrome are shut off things like AdBlock, ScriptSafe et al. but when I hit I get the following:

We’re sorry.Kindle Cloud Reader is not currently available on this browser.ChromeSafariEdge or Firefox to read on web. Um I’m using Chrome. It seems they changed something that makes trying to read on the Chrome browser either on my Chromebook or my phone not work at all.

Funny enough the KIndle app on the phone works but I like it on the Chromebook.

It’s funny too that I’ve seen outages on google, Amazon et al. Recall working in one place that depended heavily on Google products and one day Google services like mail, calendar etc. just went belly up. That was fun.

Annoying Ads: Verizon

The ad With their offer to accept old or broken phones. It amuses me because I’ve never had a phone where I’ve cracked the screen. I guess it’s because I don’t put in my back pocket

Oh sure I’ve dropped it quite a number of times, or it’s fallen out of my pocket. But no harm comes from that at all.

The Execution of Andrew Brown

I’d like to start off I’m very familiar with Elizabeth City, NC. My spouse is from there and I’ve visited there quite frequently. I’m very upset about this murder. Note that is what we should call it yet another murder by a police officer. And the Pasquotank Sheriff need to come down hard on the cops involved. And the judiciary also needs to convict those cops or murder. I’m very upset over this. The alleged warrant was a drug charge. I mean come on is murder ok if you’re serving a warrant for a drug charge? And the fact four shots went into Browns arm and one into the back of his head. To me that is an execution. Police should not be able to execute people.

What the fuck is it, the biggest terrorist organization in the United States is the police. Seriously. I’ve written here what we should do maybe federalize training standards and emphasize conflict resolution. Make it so a new officer is armed only with a baton and TASER for the first 18 to 24 months on the job. Make them use the most dangerous weapon were given as men – that is our mind to resolve issues. And I fully support a federal databases of rogue cops. Of course you also have to pass a law that when they hire police they need to check against said database.

And one thing that was mentioned in the podcast i was listening to this morning. It’s hard to prosecute cops because the cops work very closely with the prosecutors. I had mentioned in another post maybe have special prosecutors that rove – and prosecute only police violence.

Re: Washer And Dryer

They were supposed to be delivered on Saturday. But through a bit of magic, otherwise known as data corruption the dratted delivery company thought I was in Atlanta. Nope. And they’re inflexible about changing it to the correct city and zip. So I did what I should have done, called Home Depot and told them to cancel the order and refund my money..

Then proceeded to Best Buy’s page – not only less expensive but get this the delivery only takes five days not the 14 the Home Depot took.

Moments: When someone still makes me laugh

Since we’ve been together so long someone can still crack me up at the most inopportune times. For example this evening I’m taking a drink of Peach Iced Tea and he starts. Which resulted in me spewing tea everywhere.

Hell we’ve been together for nearly 30 years. And we still crack each other up pretty well. We’re both funny guys that’s for sure.

I mean for all my seriousness I can deadpan with the best of them. Plus I’m also known for some profundities too. I guess it’s all the education and a mind that won’t quit.

Watching: Tab Hunter Confidential

So interesting – he’s German-American, Catholic and gay. Whereas in my case I’m Italian-American aka Mediterranean. He was blond and blue eyed, I have hazel eyes and had dirty blond hair. Then he wanted to act, I loved reading and computers.

Besides while he was sort of cute – he wasn’t my type. Blue eyes do nothing for me. Consider my mom had blue eyes, so too my paternal grandfather. But I got the typical Mediterranean trait of hazel eyes.

The movie is interesting thought. He stayed closeted for a long time. Me by my 20’s the closet couldn’t hold me any longer. But it was a different time. He was in his 20’s in 1950, I was in my 20’s in 1984.