Did my first EOC Staffing for Emergency Management

So this morning I did a couple hours at the Emergency Operations Center alternate over the police/fire/commissioner HQ. It was interesting first I hadn’t realized how many cameras were all over the city.

Second there were fire, police, PEMA, and three amateur radio people there.

Devil of a time getting a Kenwood TS-2000 to change it’s tuning increment so we couldĀ  monitor the fire departments frequencies. Apparently it needs the MARS mods to work properly.



Gaming on a PC

So I have three gaming apps installed on my PC:

  1. Steam – in it I have Bioshock and Bioshock II as well as Fallout IV.
  2. JNES – lots of games.
    1. Castlevania
    2. Castlevania II
    3. Donkey Kong Jr.
    4. Elevator Action
    5. Legend of Zelda
    6. Legend of Zelda II
    7. Marble Madness
    8. Monopoly
    9. PacMan
    10. Qbert
    11. RC Pro Am
    12. RC Pro Am II
    13. Super Mario Brothers
    14. Super Mario Brothers II
    15. Super Mario Brothers III
    16. Xevious
  3. Project64
    1. Mario Kart


So as you can see I do love my classic gaming. What turned me on to all this is when I worked for a certain company – we were ordered to use a Raspberry Pi III and load on all the games – hundreds from Nintendo, Sega etc. Hooked a couple controllers to it and people played.

Well my co-worker turned me on to Steam and Bioshock. The JNES I found and Project64 too.

As to where I got the ROM paks for the Nintendo consoles – the web has all of them.

A quick and dirty Paella

So I saw a recipe for one and realized I didn’t have frozen peas, or anything else but rice, hot sausage, shrimp, and some saffron and chicken base.

But I did it – took about 30 minutes to cook the dish. Not bad and of course no photos.

Added some chopped green onion, and a bit of chopped parsley to the dish too.

A way to treat police misconduct properly

So it hit me today. One of the problems when police shoot unarmed people is that the prosecutors they work with are never going to charge them, even if they do the evidence will either be downplayed or discounted and officers who shoot unarmed people are almost NEVER found guilty of murder.

Thinking about it today I came up with a solution.

First Citizen Oversight boards would be a good first step. They would recommend charges to the Attorney General or District Attorney. Then within those agencies there should be staff assigned to a unit that does nothing but prosecute police misconduct. That way prosecutors who deal with the police won’t be prosecuting them. It could even be part of the Oversight board.

Because when I worked at the AG’s office we had various units – Medicaire/Medicaid fraud control, BCI, Civil, Criminal, Diversion, etc. Why not a prosecutor or two whose sole job is to police the police?

A new series on Netflix

It’s called “Rotten”. So far they’ve covered the adulteration of Chinese honey and the devious ways the Chinese are trying to get their adulterated honey into the U.S.

Then they covered Peanut and other allergies. That was interesting because two takeaways I got from this are a) It mostly affects kids and b) Some kids outgrow the food allergies. In my case as a kid I had stone fruit, nuts etc. But I was stubborn – knew that if I took an antihistamine prior I’d get no reaction and so I ate them and now have no problem with them. They mentioned that in the video too.

Now I’m watching the episode on Garlic or again the Chinese trying to corner the market. Now I will admit I use garlic a lot – in fact last night it was olive oil, chopped garlic and red pepper flakes and then chopped up Bok Choy.

It’s an interesting series none the less. Worth watching if you have a Netflix account.

A Discourse On Fashion

So as you might have guessed one of our favorite past-times is to be openly appalled at peoples choice of wearing say pajamas in public etc.

Last night someone saw something I missed and commented. I explained you don’t see people put on a fancy dress or a suit to go to Wally World. And then it hit me, his sense of fashion is still rooted in a woebegone time. It was the period from the 1950’s to the 1960’s when everything changed.

You see myself – I’ve made six figures dressed in jeans, khakis, t-shirts and polos. Someone hates that I don’t have to wear a suit and tie. But we’ve moved on, society in the U.S. at least has become more casual in dress. In my field at least it’s what you know, not your fashion sense.

I for one am happy with that. Look there’s nothing better than a t-shirt and jeans with suede Reeboks. Because that’s my definition of casual.

Meanwhile someone was dressed exactly as I was a t-shirt and jeans. You can’t be that openly critical of someone elses fashion when you’re wearing the same get-up. Because like it or not, the days of wearing a blazer and slacks to do gardening isn’t coming back.

This is even evident in our cars. Recall vehicles from the 1940’s through the late 1950’s had high roofs. The reason to accommodate the hats people wore when driving. No thanks! It’s why cars for the most part are teardrop shaped and low to the ground.