Being a DJ

When i was younger in addition to working retail I eased l was also a radio DJ . Expanded DJ is Disc Jockey. It was at WDOM. Played jazz, r&b, hip hop etc. One of our biggest listening group was those at the ACI or adult corrections .

Radio is the common element that linked us all. Not so much these days though.

A tmobile saga

So back in December 2022 my card was blocked so tmobile tried to charge me but could not. I’ve alluded to this in an earlier post in January.

As of the 13th of February they shut us off again. So i called. Now when i setup the service they never had me setup a six digit PIN.

So there are 2 possible solutions. Go to a tmobile store and have Keyron setup the service or talk to at&t and see how much their service and install will cost.

I’m just fed up. The first option means i have to drag my crippled ass out of here. Or see how much at&t will charge us.

So I contacted at&t it’s $70 a month plus taxes and fees. Taxes are easy, fees aren’t.


So haven’t had coffee in a couple weeks. Why, because we found a sugar free sweet iced tea. Getting my fix from that instead. It’s Milo brand and a women owned company.

But gotta be careful as this tea 32 oz. Of it and i cannot sleep.

Being open to anything

I’ve always been the type who won’t turn down the opportunity to learn about food, culture, e.t.c. I’ve been to Baptist ordinations , bar mitzvahs, even quinceanera. They were new experiences but i enjoyed all. And food I’ve eaten dishes from all over the world. My favorites are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and a few I’m likely spacing on.

What brought this out was Keyron and I were talking about Cape Verde

It’s funny Latinos do some things with food I love. And of course related to Cape Verde he gets what looks like a meat pie and it’s got tuna in it.

I’m interested in how language and food evolve.

Disability hearing

This morning i had my social security hearing over the phone. After the call I spoke to the attorney

I asked how long it takes once a decision is reached. Two to four months. It’s the 21st century it should take a week or two..

The way boiled eggs should look

So we had chef salad but it didn’t include boiled eggs. The method i use is to bring about an inch of water to a boil. Put eggs in and cover the pan. Now i like yolks runny to jammy consistency. I did these 8 minutes refreshing heat as needed. I dislike chalky yolks boiled beyond. Split them and add a little salt and pepper. Delicious.

Weird memories

Interesting what triggers them. I’m watching Modern Love and it brought a memory of my friend and I in Confederate uniforms me as an officer he as a soldier. This photo was my friend Chris and I. Back in the 1980s. Funny how that happens. Chris had ms so i think he might have succumbed. But can’t find him.