It’s beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas

K-K-Karl Rove is now a target in special prosectuor Paul Fitzgerald’s investigation of the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity in order to discredit Joe Wilson’s claims that Iraq never bought yellowcake from Nigeria.

For those that haven’t worked in the prosecutorial arena, becoming a target means that prosecutors are relatively certain they’ve got you in the bag. I somehow doubt Rove will see jail time because it’s a certainty that Bush will pardon him. This makes it critical that we impeach Bush and Cheney BEFORE a dispostion is reached in the Rove case.

If anything, I’d love to see that lying sack of shit frog-marched out of the White House.

Even die-hard Republicans are abandoning Bush

The founder of USA Today says that Bush supporters are in denial. Neuharth is a Republican no doubt, but there definitely seems to be a theme of throwing Bush to the wolves these days.

This means that those riding the Presidents coattails had better be careful. The battle in RI is coming along interestingly with Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and Lincoln Chaffee (R but a very liberal R) in a statistical dead heat according to recent polls. Having once worked for Sheldon I can say that I’d love for him to be my Senator. He’s a thoughtful, genuous man that would help us flip the majority back to the Democrats.

But this weekend I was at a Cinco de Mayo party (Deliberately drinking Heineken by the way!) with both a town council member and state representative from Coventry, RI. Their attitudes about Sheldon Whitehouse were ignorant. I piped up that having worked both for and with Sheldon I think he’d make a damned fine Senator. Didn’t get any disagreement because neither had been in that position.

In RI it really is Political Theatre.

More from Agape Press

Now it’s the fact that a North Carolina town has replaced it’s gay pride event with a prayer event. The Christofascisti are at it again.

I’ve noticed that even good old Christopher Columbus didn’t get his due in Providence last year. Instead we get little religious parades that scare the freaking hell out of me. All those brainwashed sheep are being preached to, they aren’t learning or studying.

As an atheist I’d love to see an atheist pride event in my city. We’re out there, but it’s hard to find most of us.

Canadian author says Americans losing their critical thinking abilities

As if this is in any way surprising to those of us who don’t rely on the main stream media for our news. I subscribe to the Agape Press newsletters on the theory that knowing ones enemy is always advisable. Because once you know something, you can vanquish it.

In any case, came across this news blurb on their site. It has in it a kernel of truth but it doesn’t go deeply enough for me. There is certainly massive consolidation in the mainstream media (msm) but there is also the propensity of people to abdicate their personal responsibility to question what’s being beamed into their homes.

This is precisely why the Internet is so valuable. I love reading English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese papers on the web to get a perspective we’d never see in the U.S.

Getting back to my point about abdication of personal responsibility it’s true. We hire educators that don’t teach student critical thinking skills, instead we teach to the test. And then of course there’s the religious aspect. Having religion preached to you is a far different thing than actually studying religion. I prefer to study it, that way I can make my own assumptions, which by the way is that religions are mostly sugar coated bullshit that preys upon peoples fear of the unknown.

So the article I referenced earlier doesn’t even come close to scratching the surface of why more and more Americans can’t think for themselves. I invite you to contribute your opinions on this. We need a lively dialog in the United States.

A better way to mass produce Tamiflu

Looks like science has once again saved the day. With all the hysteria about H5N1 they had to step up production of Tamiflu somehow. But Roche, which holds the keys to Tamiflu uses a flamable chemical in the process that limits the amount that can be created at any one time.

But now a Nobel winning chemist has stepped up and shown how to use petrochemicals to produce a continuous stream of Tamiflu insted of the small batches currently being produced by Roche.

Graciously enough, Roche is licensing production so we may just see our stocks of Tamiflu increased enough to ward off the next flu season. Because H5N1 still hasn’t made the human:human transmission route yet.

How much of an Atheist are you

Found this on Onanites blog and just had to post my results here. The bias in this test is interesting. According to it I’m, oh just look at the results.

Satan’s Lil’ Helper
The results are in, and it appears that you have scored 83%…
Whoa. You’re not just an atheist… you’re an evil atheist! Satan’s Lil’ Helper sees atheism as a good excuse for covering up a whole array of misdemeanours and crimes, because after all, there’s no divine punishment awaiting them when they meet their doom. Whilst not believing in God, Satan’s Lil’ Helper would be ready and waiting to give God a metaphysical wedgie should he ever pop into existence. Keep on sinning, you evil little thing, but just try not to get caught…

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 85% on pentagrams

Link: The Atheist Test written by chi_the_cynic on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test