Effects of Agent Orange Still An Issue in Vietnam

Agent Orange was sprayed over most of Vietname to defoliate it so that Viet Cong could be found and exterminated.

Typical of corporations of the time and the same could be said of corporations today, the effects of the dioxin in Agent Orange were probably known but never publicised. To do so would invite a host of lawsuits. And in the long run, American and South Koreans sued Dow and Monsanto and won.

But in Vietnam, no cleanup has been done and the people never compensated. The few examples of the toxins effect on children is heartbreaking. Spina Bifida is one of the more prevalent effects but the article mentions the four year old girl with only indentations instead of eyes, or the boy whose skull is so highly pointed and eyes bugging out that he just stares into space. I’m making a jump here in saying that dioxin appears to have some very severe neurological effects.

But now there’s hope that there will be some compensation as Vietnam seeks to join the WTO. Time will tell.

Of course you’ll never find a story like this in the U.S. mainstream but you can find it here.

Tell me again that Iraq isn’t turning to this generations Vietnam

Just read this article on Guardian Unlimited titled “If you look at them as humans, then how are you gonna kill them?”

First, I’m extermely displease with this perpetual state of warfare that’s been going on.

Secondly I’m very tired of people not being able to see the parallels between Iraq and Vietnam. You only need look up the definition of quagmire to understand the best parallel there is.

But the thing that really iritates me is the blatant disregard for life. By that I mean both the lives of our soldiers, and the lives of the Iraqi people. In particular, the Iraqi’s lived under a brutal dictator for the better part of thirty years, and now we’re doing the exact same thing.

Problem is, in order for a military machine to be effective, you have to dehumanize the enemy. Referring to Iraqi’s as ‘hajii’s’ doesn’t help. It shows our ignorance – Iraq is more Persian than Arab. But then I suppose it’d be a bit more eyebrow raising if we were to cast them as ‘muslims’. Because that is the common binding element, and even at that you have the various sects like sunni, shia, wahabi, etc. How the hell do you tell the difference unless you’re an Islamic scholar. Most of it comes down to disagreements about dogma. Of course we in the U.S. have the very same thing going on with Christains – choose the sect that best fits your dogma. But our true motives for going into Iraq had nothing to do with WMD. Instead it had to do with PNAC but I’ve discussed that ad nauseum. If you don’t get it by now, you never will.

But what really makes my irate is the treatment of our guys. I know for example that both my male grandparents suffered from PTSD but never received treatment for it. But they were fighting what I consider to be a just war, even if they U.S. was dragged into it because Britain could never have defeated Germany without us. My father also suffers PTSD from his tim in Vietnam. Now imagine what’s going to happen when soldiers start returning from Iraq.

Just imagine what Mr. Shackleton is going through:
We are in a Mexican diner in Mississippi when Alan Shackleton, a quiet 24-year-old from Iowa, stuns the table into silence with a story of his own. He details how he and his comrades in Iraq suffered multiple casualties, including a close friend who died of his injuries. Then he pauses for a moment, swallows hard and says: “And I ran over a little kid and killed him … and that’s about it.” He has been suffering from severe insomnia, but later he tells us that he has only been able to see a counsellor once every six weeks and has been prescribed sleeping

Sleeping pills. That’s all he gets. Just look at how the Bush administration is trying to cut veterans services. It’s enough to make you sick. But the backlash will be felt by the citizens of the U.S., not our rulers.

Interesting way to commemorate the Holocaust

I don’t see what the big deal was. It was for one day and gave these kids just a little taste of what it must have been like. At the very least they got out of it with their lives intact. The majority of those in the holocaust did not.

But what I find most amusing is that a cleric says his boy cried because of it. Good.. little bastard ought to cry. Maybe he’ll be less likely to try to round up a group of people when he gets older.

See the original here.

Katrina: Things you won’t see on the MSM

Ok, I admit that I’m on the Truthout email list. Every email I get contains things that the main stream media either won’t report, or the report comes out weeks later. That pretty much impeaches the credibility of the main stream media.

But technology changes everything. In the ten minute video clip shot seven months after the Katrina disaster, you’ll see an Iraq war vet asking why Kellog Brown and Root can build massive military bases in Iraq yet at the same time no real government sponsored help has reached the gulf coast of the United States. Or how about the marches that you NEVER see on the evening news. You’ll see that all here:

Windows Media DSL 56K

Quick Time DSL 56K

I’ve posted before on how the national debt impacts every man, woman and child in the United States, to the tune of $30,000 each. Now realize that the yearly military budget for this country is somewhere in the $500 Billion mark.

You could take $50 billion or so from that to help rebuild the gulf coast. But no, we’re rather play our little PNAC game in Iraq.

I can’t believe. Now well have to say

Bovine Effluent/Effluvia instead of using the all purpose ‘bullshit’. I suppose when you use the technically accurate term it flies so far above the FCC commissioners heads that they consider it elite speak and thus protected.

I hold both amateur extra and general radiotelephone licenses. As such I believe that the FCC should remove itself from content management and concern itself only with bandwidth management. We don’t need a nanny to tell us what we should and shouldn’t listen to.

And when you consider that the days of broadcast radio are numbered, you can see where this all goes. It’s just a way of pandering to the pious (pt^2p from this point forward.) and nothing more. Most of my listening these days is on last.fm, cd’s I’ve ripped to digial and placed on my pmp, or even podcasts and m3u’s of NPR shows.

Oh – if you’re an earth science geek as oposed to a general geek like me, you have to check out NPR’s Living On Earth. Some very good stories ranging from things like nuclear power to the signs of global warming.

And the Bush Idiocy continues

Here is Pierce Bush attempting to defend his uncle, George W. Bush’s decison to let Dubai Ports control U.S. ports.

That this little puke first can’t pronounce Amarillo properly, to the fact that the ‘like’ and “uh’s” seem to rule the conversation. He also makes a poor case for the rejection of DP as being racially based. It isnt.