When religion gets involved there are strings attached

The latest is that a little over a quarter of the money from the federal government for AIDS prevention and treatment has gone to faith-based charities. As one who does not trust organized religion as far as I could throw it, this disgusts me.

In other words – should you be suffering the symptoms of HIV/AIDS you’ll be regularly demonized and potentially denied treatment.

This is nothing but a money grab by the religious right. Interesting that nobody has done an audit to see exactly where the money is going, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s lining someones pockets. This seems to be how this administration works.

Domestic surveillance without a warrant

Naughty, naughty, naughty! The members of the Bush administration who thought up the current methodology for monitoring terrorist activity needs to have their hands slapped from the cookie jar. They also need to be prosecuted.

I can’t wait until the next time I fly. I’ve been critical enough of this administration that I may just have attracted the attention of someone in Homeland Security. Oooo – the boogey man.

The New York Times does a pretty good job of shredding the argument for warrantless suveillance.

Another ramification of leaving Republicans in power

If you’re not familiar with the types of civilizations ranging from zero to three, I suggest you familiarize yourself with it, but for those unwilling to google I’ll give a brief synopsis:

Type 0: Uses dead plant/animal matter for energy. Right now we are a type 0 civilization.

Type 1: Uses all planetary resources for energy. We’re coming close with the fusion projects.

Type 2: Uses its closest star as its main energy resource. We’re still quite a way off from reaching this point.

Type 3: Uses galactic resources for energy.

So with this in mind, you can see that the Republicans and the Bush administration are keeping us mired in a type zero civilization. Even though we could make choices that push us towards type one, we won’t because short term profit trumps long term growth.

But there is a glimmer of hope. ITER is about to be built and the Chinese are building their own fusion reactor. Not only does fusion produce more energy, its waste product is several orders of magnitude less dangerous. In essence it produces heavy water.

But I’ve had discussion with a few people from ITER. THe United States could have financed the entire effort. Instead we believe that the end of the sword is a mightier form of diplomacy.

So if you wonder why the 2006 elections are so important keep this in mind. The Republicans are people who’d keep us type zero, probably even type negative one if they could. Sticks and stones.

See that, I can turn the physical into the political.

Why must they do this in public

Ok, I’ve noticed that the pace is picking up with regard to religious nuts handing out their little tracts in public places, like intermodal transportation hubs, etc.

So today as I’m about to board the trolley home, this guy starts passing out this tract. Everyone just took it, some threw it away immediately, others held on. When he came to me I didn’t even take my headphones out of my ears and said to him “Go peddle crazy somewhere else.”

Was I rude? I mean, in public I have a reasonable expectation to not be annoyed by those attempting to proselytize.

My dismay is only increased by the fact that this year there was no Columubs Day celebration on Federal Hill, but we had TWO religious processions and one wine festival.

One of these days I’ll post the video of one of the lame religious processions.

But here is what I’ve noticed. Ever since George W. Bush was elected President, the religious nutcases have come out of the woodwork. I want these folks to go back to being the freaks that they were, the people we laughed at, and didn’t take seriously.

The world was so much better then.

One thing that Republicans ARE good at

Spending. You read that right, spending. That’s billion with a ‘B’. Pork projects that increased in number over the years that Republicans have controlled Congress.

What happened to a party that used to pride itself on being fiscal conservatives and social libertarians? It was hijacked by the military-industrial complex also known as Corporate America. I won’t even start in about the religious nutcases comprising the so called religious right.

Graphs here.