Today’s "What to do when your fusion reactor goes supernova"

Put it in China of course. Somewhere in a remote desert. And then kiss your ass goodbye when it actually happens. Of course it more than likely won’t.

I often joke about this with regard to nuclear fusion but it’s damned near impossible to get a runaway process like that going.

And when you consider that a lighting bolt is hotter than the sun I don’t think we have a thing to worry about.

See the article here.

The War on Terror is like the War on Dandruff

I’m watching the Lincoln biopic on the History Channel right now.

During it Gore Vidal was asked to talk about the comparison between Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus, the 4th amendments, the 1st amendment etc. and George W. Bush’s constitutional games.

He quite accurately notes that the Civil War was in fact a war, while what we have going on now isn’t. That’s where the quote “The war on terror is like the war on dandruff.” comes from. In essence he says that the Bush administration has no right to suspend the parts of the constitution it doesn’t like in order to further it’s goals.

And the abortion debate rages on

Having been a long time supporter of abortion rights, I find the continued push against it by the hypocrites of the Religious Right to be throroughly disgusting.

This article tells of the obstacles thrown up against legalized abortion, particularly for women who don’t happen to have the money or basic means. Or how about all the illegaly performed sterilizations.

Disgusting. Loathesome. Disturbing. Despicable. Those are just a few words I can think of beyond the obvious cursing. For once and for all I want to strip the voice from religious right. I want to turn them back to the freaks they once were.

A disappointment to their parents

Ok, so while I’m bored I surf the web. I find things that I like to share with friends.

This one from Houston, TX (I know this because they zoomed on a Waste Management dumpster and I looked up the NPA-NXX 713-686). Now all the Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese I know had high aspirations for their kids. Doctors, attorneys, accountants.

Instead they end up working for Wally World and making amusing video music parodies.

See it here.