Now they think an overactive imagination causes Alzheimers

When will the madness cease? First it’s aluminum pots, now if you use your imagination too much you’ll end up with brain rot. And people wonder why I have a basic mistrust of medicine. Sheesh.

“In bad news for proponents of the “inner life,” a study in the current issue The Journal of Neuroscience suggests that “the normal brain activity of daydreaming fuels the sequence of events leading to Alzheimer’s”:

Researchers at Washington University and the University of Pittsburgh used five imaging techniques to map the brains of 764 people. The subjects fell into three groups – people in their 20s, and older people with either early-stage dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease.

When they compared images, they found that parts of the brain involved in musing, daydreaming or recalling pleasant memories in young people were where evidence of Alzheimer’s disease appears.”

What superhero would YOU be?

Ok – so this was something of a surprise to me. But accurate none the less. I was a little surprised by Catwoman ranking number 3 but then realized that when you live with predators sometimes it influences your outlook.

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern



Iron Man



Wonder Woman

The Flash




Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

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Update to 12/31/05 Post

Finally found out why they tore that building down. They’re going to use it as a parking lot extension.

A fucking parking lot. But I guess real estate is finally at saturation point in these parts so it made sense.

Deep thoughts from the shower

So as I was showering this morning I started thinking.

Got to wondering why monotheism was so popular and then it came to me. Having to worship multiple gods could be quite the time consuming endeavor. One the one hand you had to appease the god of war while at the same time appeasing the god of eros could be quite the energy drain. It’d leave you no energy for love or war.

So monotheism started with ancient Babylonian sects. Next up were the Jews, then the Christians, and then Mohammed came along with that misogynistic wonder called Islam, combining the very worst of both Judaism and Christianity.

But here’s where it gets deep. With regard to Christianity I firmly believe that Christ was NOT the son of God. I believe that even our God is bored with his creation and off doing something else, maybe walking among us and having his/her self a hell of a good time.

But I think much of what we read in the Bible is myth and nothing more.

For an experiment, write down short story on a sheet of paper. Tell this fact to half a dozen friends and co-workers and tell them to remember it the best they can. Then forget about it and a month later ask them to write down what you’d told them and give it to you. Compare your original to their reproductions. Guaranteed the story will have drifted, maybe even become mythical where you could miraculously heal the sick, etc.

You have to keep in mind that the stories of the Christ were written a century or more AFTER his death. At a time where the printing press hadn’t yet been invented it’s pretty hard to believe that the stories are true, or at least that they’re accurate.

And in the centuries since, many men including King James, St. Thomas Aquinas, and several others have put their mark upon those writings. Those were men with an agenda so it isn’t hard to imagine certain prohibitions in the bible weren’t added until AFTER the fact.

So next time you want to quote a biblical passage, or put down another person because of a what a book inaccurately says, think about what I’ve said.