Our Educational errr Mind Control System

This is scary stuff. Consider this and also consider that most college graduates today are functionally illiterate.

And also consider that business now has direct input with many colleges, Johnson & Wales being prime among them. Could explain why in some programming classes we had to write papers. Heaven forbid we hone programming skills.

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The Thought Police are out in full lately

From the beginning of the article:

OCALA, Fla. — A 50-year-old classic novel about forbidden love is shaking things up in Marion County.

The controversy centers on the book “Lolita” and whether it’s obscene under today’s standards, WESH 2 News reported.

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Lately the fundies are coming at us from all angles. Some say they’re trying to transport the U.S. back to the 50’s. But I say it isn’t the 1950’s but the 1650’s. If you know a fundie please punch them for me.

Today’s "What to do when your fusion reactor goes supernova"

Put it in China of course. Somewhere in a remote desert. And then kiss your ass goodbye when it actually happens. Of course it more than likely won’t.

I often joke about this with regard to nuclear fusion but it’s damned near impossible to get a runaway process like that going.

And when you consider that a lighting bolt is hotter than the sun I don’t think we have a thing to worry about.

See the article here.

The War on Terror is like the War on Dandruff

I’m watching the Lincoln biopic on the History Channel right now.

During it Gore Vidal was asked to talk about the comparison between Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus, the 4th amendments, the 1st amendment etc. and George W. Bush’s constitutional games.

He quite accurately notes that the Civil War was in fact a war, while what we have going on now isn’t. That’s where the quote “The war on terror is like the war on dandruff.” comes from. In essence he says that the Bush administration has no right to suspend the parts of the constitution it doesn’t like in order to further it’s goals.