See how fascistic you are

Go here and then report your results as a comment. *WARNING* Unfortunately it won’t calculate the score in Firefox so use IE to open the link.

I scored 2.13 – according to the site I’m a “Liberal Airhead”. I’ll freely admit to being as left liberal as one can get. I like to tell people I’m just to the left of Ghandi.

Of course the point range runs to six. And I count among my friends a couple of people who might be close to 6.

At this site I’m Tony P. and as you can see, I’m in the communistic/anarchistic quadrant. BTW, all those others in the graph are either current Rhode Islanders or former Rhode Islanders. Oddly it seems those that have left Rhode Island tend to fall into the anarchistic libertarian quadrant.

The Rovemaster is at it again

It’s like listening to a one track looped recording of “There is a boogeyman in every closet and only the Republicans can handle it.”

I’ve known Rove was a dirty trickster since 1999, but I guess that the rest of the U.S. citizenry isn’t as quick on the uptake. Only took em’ five years, the highest energy and other prices, the lowest wage increases, and a quagmire to realize that Republicans aren’t what this country needs.

Go look at this.