A disappointment to their parents

Ok, so while I’m bored I surf the web. I find things that I like to share with friends.

This one from Houston, TX (I know this because they zoomed on a Waste Management dumpster and I looked up the NPA-NXX 713-686). Now all the Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese I know had high aspirations for their kids. Doctors, attorneys, accountants.

Instead they end up working for Wally World and making amusing video music parodies.

See it here.

The geek in me loves this

Guy built a fully functional computer out of 99% relays. The only thing he capitulated on was the 32Kx8 memory unit. I can understand why though as it would have taken a maximum of 32767 x 8 or 262,136 relays to do so.

Imagine the power draw if he’d done that.

By the way – this almost makes me want to get a PhD in Info Science/Computer Science, hell I already have the B.S. in Info Science. Must be nice to have a full up professorship and have the time to putz around with this stuff.

See the mechanical computational monster.

A tour of Paris, or, how to rack up as many moving violations as possible in a short amount of time

Oh my. I lost count of how many red lights were run while making this little film, not to mention the violations of speed limits, failure to keep right, etc.

This is the blurb attached to the video:

“A short film from 1976 where a camera is mounted on the front of a Ferrari driving at up to 140mph through Paris. The film was made by Claude Lelouch, who was arrested when he showed the film to the public.”

I suppose with all the violence happening in Paris as of late this would be the ideal tour package.

140MPH in a Ferrari

Now they think an overactive imagination causes Alzheimers

When will the madness cease? First it’s aluminum pots, now if you use your imagination too much you’ll end up with brain rot. And people wonder why I have a basic mistrust of medicine. Sheesh.

“In bad news for proponents of the “inner life,” a study in the current issue The Journal of Neuroscience suggests that “the normal brain activity of daydreaming fuels the sequence of events leading to Alzheimer’s”:

Researchers at Washington University and the University of Pittsburgh used five imaging techniques to map the brains of 764 people. The subjects fell into three groups – people in their 20s, and older people with either early-stage dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease.

When they compared images, they found that parts of the brain involved in musing, daydreaming or recalling pleasant memories in young people were where evidence of Alzheimer’s disease appears.”

What superhero would YOU be?

Ok – so this was something of a surprise to me. But accurate none the less. I was a little surprised by Catwoman ranking number 3 but then realized that when you live with predators sometimes it influences your outlook.

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern



Iron Man



Wonder Woman

The Flash




Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

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