Interesting RC Church Experience Today we buried …

Interesting RC Church Experience

Today we buried my grandmother. But the church service was most interesting.

When the priest was greeting and consoling the family he came to me and just shook my hand and didn’t say anything. That’s odd I thought. But then I realized, I wear this face of utter disgust when I enter a church. But this priest looked like he was scared of me. Am I the anti-christ? I thought that title already went to Benedict the XVI.

What was more interesting was that of a group of 40 people in the church, only six went up for holy communion. So the normal 45 minute services was about 27 minutes.

Blogs and Newsgroups I find it amusing that when …

Blogs and Newsgroups

I find it amusing that when one expresses their opinion they’re labeled as an ‘incorrigible ass’. Are people that afraid of confrontation? What my detractors don’t realize is that lables like that are more complimentary to me than they realize.

Since starting and publishing this blog I’ve been accused of ceaseless self promotion which is rather suprising to me. I’ve been one to make that same accusation of others.

The Catholic Church in America As a seriously l…

The Catholic Church in America

As a seriously lapsed Catholic it seems to me that the best thing for all of us would be for the Catholic Church in the U.S. to break ties with the Vatican.

I believe that we should have women as priests. I believe that our priests should be able to marry. I believe that we should value every participant and not villify people as an agenda item.

But this will fall on deaf ears. The hierarchy controls all. The Vatican is the biggest corporation in the world.

But who am I to say this. My views on religion and faith are somewhere out in left field. On any test I’ve ever taken with regard to religious views, it always comes back that I’m either heavily Unitarian Universalist or Secular Humanist.

And socially I come out somewhat to the left of Ghandi.