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Investigating USPS

So I notice every time we ship something like a package to North Carolina – it always routes through the Greensboro, NC 27495 office.

So I did a little poking around. Checked USPS web site and it says the zip code 27495 doesn’t exist. Then it hit me – there are certain zip codes that only route to what are called Sectional Sort Facilities. For example here in Providence the main post office is 02904 – that’s the first automated post office in the country btw. But it has the code 02940 assigned to it too – that’s for the sectional side. So 27495 is the Greensboro, NC Section Sort Facility. Another – Boston is 02100 Sectional Sort Facility.

So then I went to google and plugged in the 27495 zip code. I got this:


It’s at

3701 Wendover Ave W

Greensboro, NC 27495

This is the facility that held a package for near 4 days back around mothers day which meant 7 total days in transit. If you looked at the track it almost appeared the post office shut down for the weekend.

But better the google results let you write a review of the post office. The reviews that people have written so far haven’t been flattering. So i reviewed and and told of the saga of mother’s day.