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Common Core observations

So I’ve written about Common Core before – I see it as standards. But then I only reviewed the common core for mathematics in Rhode Island. I assume they’re the same everywhere.

The logical engineering side of me says standards are good. Much of my life has been governed by certain standards be they my amateur radio activity or programming computers.

So I don’t necessarily see why Common Core is a bad thing. In fact I know there is wide variation in what is taught in schools all over the United States. I see Common Core as a move to rectify that.

But talk to someone in education and they go off. They talk about the differing abilities of students and how common core forces everyone into the square, etc. And sure I agree – some kids will excel while others don’t have the cognitive ability to do so. Some kids might be able to do the Common Core work faster and want more but the educators say it doesn’t offer them any other options.

I’ll counter that last part – it’s up to the educators to identify the bright ones and give them something more challenging. If little snowflake breezes through the whole of the math core, give snowflake a little advanced math – maybe linear systems, pre-cal, calculus, etc. It can’t hurt. And it should be part of the educational repertoire. Yes you’ll still have to teach to the standard, but you can in fact teach BEYOND the standard.

So that argument falls flat.