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Gay Rights march in Georgian Republic turns ugly

This is awful. It’s awful for more reason than just the blatant animus against the LGBT community.

Here’s the first sentence from the article:

“A throng of thousands led by priests in black robes surged through police cordons in downtown Tbilisi, Georgia, on Friday and attacked a group of about 50 gay rights demonstrators.”

And the Catholic church raises it’s ugly head once again. Really – by this point in time the priests have to know it’s a losing proposition. And some of the things they say about gay people are horrid.

For example: “No to mental genocide”

What? Mental genocide, so wait a minute. Is that me thinking that if there were a god I’d like to think she’d smote all the bigots with a huge bolt of lightning.

But I know what they’re really saying – no learning that gay people are normal. No learning about the outside world when religious belief is at risk.

In fact one woman who protested the parade said this:

“We are trying to protect our orthodoxy, not to let anyone to wipe their feet on our faith,” said Manana Okhanashvili, in a head scarf and long skirt. “We must not allow them to have a gay demonstration here.”

So Ms. Okhanashvili in essence proves my point.  The bigots are saying they’d prefer to bury their heads in the sand than acknowledge that the LGBT community exists.

But the game is over and the priests know it.

Details on my recent correspondence with Rev. John Codega

So I sent this:

Hey John, I’m sure you know that marriage equality is now law in RI. About time too! I’m dismayed by the Bishop’s recent screed though. You all fought an interesting if redundant fight that exposed the root of anti-gay animus.

To which he responded:

“antti-gay animus”? You know Tony, I don’t get it.  I have never heard Bishop Tobin or anyone one who truly represents the Church (there are fanatics on both sides of the debate) say anything negative or derogatory about  the gay community.  Yet, including your own comments, some have have been extremely offensive, insulting, berating, hateful and accusatorial to the faith community. To me this exposes out of touch with reality and lack of truth put forward in the same-sex marriage debate proposed by the advocates. Give credit where credit is due – it worked!
Emotions trumped logic and threats and lies overshadowed truth.

Speaker Fox summed it up when he said, finally the State of Rode Island says his relationship to his partner is worth something.  How sad.  I sincerely hope a piece of paper issued by the government brings peace to couples seeking peace, though I doubt their personal struggles can be legislated to be whole again.

As always, I wish you well

Rev John Codega

And I shot back with:

Well John, It isn’t so much that he comes right out and says it, but rather says things like how attending same sex weddings could put their faith in jeopardy, etc. I’m paraphrasing but coming from a Catholic background I know how to read between the lines. And yes, I’ve made some comments that won’t sit well with those who espouse a paradigm that is essentially bigotry. But it had to be said.

It is however water under the bridge at this time because civil law trumps religious doctrine.


No response after my reply but if any I’ll update this post.

More on the Rev. Codega correspondence

So I sent the Rev. Codega and email that I was happy that marriage equality finally passed and how I guessed the anti-gay animus of the Catholic church didn’t hold.

He of course counters that there’s any animus including in what Bishop of Asshatedness Tobin had to say recently when he warned his flock of sheep that attending gay nuptials could endanger their faith.

Despite what Codega maintains – it’s animus.

And the bigot cavalcade starts up again in RI

Now that equality is the law in Rhode Island I note certain bigots just can’t let it sit. Oh no – the day before the historic vote and signing of the marriage equality bill, Asshat Thomas Tobin, bishop of the Diocese of Providence told Catholics they shouldn’t go to gay weddings, or support or recognize them.

I note that MassRestance’s top two articles are titled

Rhode Island Legislature votes for “gay marriage” after two “pro-family” Senators cave during Judiciary Committee vote.


Analysis: What really happened — how the marriage battle in Rhode Island was lost

Then I hear talk radio is seething with bigotry today. I don’t even have to listen in to know that talk radio has now become a cesspool of hate. Be it for President Obama, The Health Care Reform Act, or the Marriage Equality Act here in RI, they’ll spew hate like it’s a virtue.

It’s all par for the course but I think we’re going to see the rhetoric coarsen. It’ll lay bare the anti-gay animus that motivates every one of these hate groups, SPLC hate group tagged or not. I suspect the folks at the SPLC are going to be increasingly busier in the coming months and years as the root is exposed in all these groups.

Just goes to show that the bigots won’t stop. They can’t, because the basis of their animus is a thing called emotivism or what I colloquially call the ‘ick’ factor. They get grossed out, terrified and angry when thinking what two men or two women can get up to sexually. It’s pretty easy to spot. Look at Porno Petey LaBarbera, or Bryan Fischer, Peter Sprigg, Pastor Ted Haggard, Tony Perkins; the whole lot of them. All of them likely have a spot of sugar in the tank.

And I note that here in RI NOM has pretty much given up. I know their director Christopher Plante suffered a health issue but the thing is, an effective organization doesn’t dry up when their leader drops out of the picture. Good leadership dictates you train your people to take up the reigns at any moment. Interestingly NOM both locally and nationally lacks that ability.

Little RI is going to be used as the latest template by the bigots in what went wrong in NOM’s and the Churches little anti-gay campaign. But the thing is, the bigots will completely miss the message. The stars finally aligned in Rhode Island. And there’s no way they’re going to be able to repeal it here.

Minnesota Marriage Minutes Two Minutes of Boving Effluent

I’ve been watching these inane Minnesota Marriage Minutes for some time and I always find it interesting that the bigots don’t allow you to comment on their YouTube videos. They even disable ratings.  It is akin to someone holding their hands over their ears and shouting ‘La la la la la’ in order to not hear something that would cause cognitive dissonance.

But in this case I’ve decided that I will make my comments in the most logical place, my blog. And I know I’ve been lax on tagging posts but you can bet your ass I’ll be certain to tag these appropriately. I want them to be very easy to search out on Google and other engines.

I’ll take it point by point with my responses:

1) First of all they use stock photography : Family with kids, couple no kids, couple no kids, and then just a bunch of kids. You can read a lot into this. First of all they try to make it appear that those are the norm. Of all of the photos, the last one of just kids is the most normal of all without any baggage.

2) Calling Judge Walker’s judgment ‘preposterous’ is interesting. It wasn’t that traditional marriage violates the Federal Constitution, oh no. It was that law violated the constitution, more specifically the BAN of same-sex marriage in California’s Prop 8. And calling into question Walker’s alleged homosexuality is a false flag tactic. I say that because any jurists try and balance a case against the Constitution. And the arguments made against Prop 8 which btw, have been confirmed at the Appellate level, were solid. That’s the thing about law, you have to PROVE you case with facts, not superstition and personal feelings, something our opponents cannot do.Yanta saying it “… may have colored…” is interesting. She’s essentially telling us that this is her OPINION.

3) Yanta tries to bring up a 1972 court case in Minnesota. That it was 40 years ago says it all. 1972 saw the country still being Neanderthal in it’s thinking about gay rights even then. You didn’t have any preponderance of people that were living out and productive lives. For us to live openly took time. As we have done so many people, in fact more than half the average sample population in surveys on marriage equality, have been supportive. She says that no other Federal court has ever reached such a ‘radical’ conclusion. Well yes peaches, that’s because in 1972 you didn’t know a whole lot of gay people. Now you do.

4) She calls Minnesota’s law ‘defining marriage as a man and a woman’  is not only rational but profoundly in the common good’ – that may be so however changing marriage law to be gender free would only ENHANCE marriage not destroy it. She continues to say ‘It is motivated by a sincere and well placed to ensure that children born are known by and cared for by their natural parents. Children need a mother and father” and she goes on to quote the ideal environment for children. This  is the standard falsehood spread by the likes of NOM. It is false because what about the unwanted children out there? Would Yanta want them to languish in an orphanage or in state care, rather than let a gay couple adopt and rasise those kids? That right there is the epitome of animus.

5) Yes Ms. Yanta, it is about hatred and animus. You can try to mask it any way you wish but you have animus towar the LGBT community.

So if you don’t want to have yourself called out on your shit, maybe you shouldn’t even make the videos in the first place.