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YouTube Getting Annoying

So as you all might know I run a couple add-ins in Chrome  РAdBlock+ and ScriptSafe. Well YouTube must have made a change because I have to allow the ad servers on their site. On a regular basis to the point where it is annoying.

I conjecture that it’s because YouTube is pushing the ad revenue thing a bit far.

Here’s America’s Test Kitchen on YouTube. Why it’s trying to hawk insurance to me and why it thinks I’m in Cranston is interesting.


To the point where I guess I’ll just go play some games and make sure I tag google and youtube in this post. Not too the clearly labeled as Ad to Remove Eye Bags with Dr. Oz. Sorry – calling him a Doctor is an affront to M.D.’s the world around. But you see my point. Here’s what I get just using Chrome:

Also too note the little yellow marker in the timeline – that’s an ad that played before the video and annoyed the piss out of me.
Notice what is missing.


Notice no ads at all.


So I decided – let’s be patient and wait. Sure enough – there’s a 5 to 30 second wait before videos start playing. Right at the point where I guess I’d see ads. Then in the videos about 3-10 minutes in the video will repeat the last few seconds. That’s where an ad would have been. Ha!

See -patience pays off.

More on capchas

First go and read the article.

In the past I’ve exposed a problem with the Blogger platform and using captchas with OpenID or WordPress credentials. The issue is that if one uses OpenID or WordPress credentials on blogger, even if you correctly type in the captcha, you cannot login with the foreign credentials.

And when I think about it, I have wasted a fair amount of time trying to get it to work on the blogger sites that enforce captchas. Fortunately there aren’t many sites that enforce a login of some sort. But there are some sites where I am FORCED to use my blogger credentials. It’s annoying.

And Blogger has shown no interest in fixing the problem. So once again, I invite you over to WordPress.