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Justice Antonin Scalia dies at age 79

It’s funny – just earlier today I was thinking about how he had to be up there in years and how much longer could the pure originalist evil of Antonin Scalia go on.

And then – I hadn’t really been on the net all day what with shopping, visiting friends and seeing a movie. But while visiting friends they mentioned that Scalia died. Oh happy fucking day indeed – and President Obama gets to appoint one more justice on the Supreme Court.

And by my reckoning, the court has now tipped to the liberal side with the selection of the next justice. But I still think it’s critical that a Democrat gets into office. Because I suspect a couple of justices might just go the way of the dinosaur in the next 4 years. Got to keep it liberal – and overturn say Citizens United and a few other court fuck ups.

Let’s stop calling him a Conservative Justice

And instead call Justica Scalia something else – the label Asshole works.

Now he’s saying the courts shouldn’t create new rights and that the constitution is a frozen document in essence.

But the thing is, the Constitution as we know it is a living document. It expands upon the “All Men are created equal” part of the Declaration of Independence.

So from this point forward stop referring to Scalia as a Conservative Justice, just call him the Asshole of the Court.