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Using a MacBook Pro OS-X Yosemite

So I never thought the day would come. I started on the new job three weeks ago and I was issued a MacBook Pro running OS-X Yosemite (10.10) I had a somewhat crestfallen look on my face when I saw it but I’ve adapted nicely.

I have to say functionally not much different than Windows and vice versa. Things I do like about it are I’l list.

  1. The Retina display is REALLY nice and sharp.
  2. The OS is intuitive – well, only because I’ve used Macintosh computers in prior days all the way back to the origin. So it wasn’t such a stretch to remember where things were. And there’s very little difference now between OS-X and Windows.
  3. The design of the case is really slick.

Now the problems I have with the machine:

  1. Only two USB ports. Oh sure they give you two thunderbolt ports too. But like Firewire what the hell can you attach to those thunderbolt ports that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
  2. There’s no easy way to install things on the command line in OS-X. You have to download an app called Brew to do it.
  3. The App store isn’t used for just apps but systems updates too. And you cannot update without a god fucking damned Apple ID. That really irks me, plus you have to tap in a credit card too. After all they don’t distinguish between systems and applications so they need to bill you somehow for the apps.
  4. The machine is plenty fast but every now and again I’ll detect a freeze up – just wait a couple seconds and the mouse will return.
  5. As to Safari – the behavior of hiding the scroll bar over on the right in a web page is stupid.
  6. The clickable gesture touchpad. Ick! I know, everything is going gestural, even my Windows 10 box at home uses them. But the other thing, the whole mouse pad clicks down. It’s really annoying. PC manufacturers figured out detecting force on a touchpad long ago – why the hell is Apple still using it. It feels cheap.
  7. No on board ethernet port – which means you have to suck up on of your USB ports with a network dongle.
  8. No easy dock capability. My Dell E6420 has a big old dock connector on the bottom of the machine. The Mac world you have to buy a $300 to $400 Thunderbolt dock. The dock for the E6420 is less than $100.

So there you have it, my honest view of a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro. I honestly doubt I’d buy one for personal use knowing what I now know. And I still have the memory of an older MacBook that could not connect to an 802.11G network, only 802.11A/B. Of course they fixed it – for $79 you could download the next version that DID connect to 802.11G.

It’s funny the place I work is a mixture of these Macintoshes in the dev side – and Lenovo T420 and T440 machines on the business side. And I will be the first to admit even the Lenovo boxes feel cheap as hell. But then even IBM’s ThinkPad felt poorly constructed and mostly plastic too so nothing changed there. I’ll stick with my Dell machines – they’re built solid. In fact the E6420 I have – I could get the external casing and turn it into a ruggedized machine. And I bet it wouldn’t cost a fortune. Plus the case on the this E6420 is magnesium.

The iPhone 5 fawning on facebook

Ok, I’ve already made a few comments on it. Friends are crowing about it’s fast, thinner, lighter.

So I made comments like “Unless there’s been an advance in battery technology that I missed I can’t see this having better battery life.” and “The battery life must be around 300 milliseconds.”

In the past I’ve dinged Apple’s iPhone because:

1) You cannot change out the battery.

2) Charging via that crappy dock connector

3) You cannot extend the memory

4) Apple blocks a lot of 3rd party apps that let you tether, sling, etc.

So if you want to fawn at the cult of Apple go for it. Just shut the fuck up about it already.


A Happy Android user.

Google jumps into the Apple v. Samnsung case

I knew this was coming. I mean, why else would Google, the producer of Android, buy Motorola Mobility? And as I had foreseen, it was to crush Apple.

The suit would ban the import of iPads, iPhones, and Macs. Yup, it’s all made in China and if the Google/Motorola suit is upheld, it means Apple stores will be empty, just in time for the holidays.

When Google bought Motorola Mobility I knew what they really wanted, the treasure trove of over 15,000 patents having to do with cellular telephony.

And sure enough – here they go! I also suspect we’ll see Google/Motorola branded handsets with the latest Android coming onto the market shortly.

It’s funny -I heard about Apple going after Samsung. And I have a dog in this fight as I own two Samsung product and two Apple products. When the news then broke that Google was buying the assets of Motorola Mobility and those assets included a trove of patents, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Google moved in for the kill.

And Apple – they could have played nicely and licensed the tech. But they told Motorola/Google to go get fucked. And then they turned around and sued Samsung.

If I was an Apple shareholder I’d be asking some very pointed questions right now. Because this really could be the death knell for Apple.

God Damn it Apple! Make sure it works before you push it out!

Dear Apple,

I’ve run into this problem with different pieces of Apple hardware. For example, I had a G3 Powerbook that had the version before Snow Leopard. The damned thing would NOT connect to an 802.11g router.

Now it’s my iPod Touch running v3.1.2 of the iPhoneOS software. I have a few nits to pick.

When you pushed the latest update to 3.1.2 you broke the genius functionality. Pressing genius simply blows you back to the home screen. Nice going, did you even bother to test this before you shipped it?

And lets not even get into the failure of bluetooth support for Motorola S9 earphones. I can use the play/pause and volume controls but the damned Touch doesn’t support the track select either, or even the phone button. I do run Fring on my Touch and would love to be able to use the S9’s with it. It would be nice if you fucking geniuses (And I’m talking to you Mr. Jobs) would build functionality in instead of crippling it and then charging for a feature enhancement that has been inherent in the devices (Bluetooth ring a bell?)

And another gripe, the shit ass headphone jack on the 2nd gen Touch. It sucks. Fails after about a year of plugging/unplugging. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to shell $45 to Apple to just put the same damned thing back in. I’ll hack it to extract audio from the dock pins thank you very much.

And do I have to mention the Flash debacle? You’re pretty much the only mobile device that DOESN’T support Flash. You’ve hemmed and hawwed about resources, etc. I don’t give a fuck about your cries, send it out and let us decide if we want to use it or not. I find it interesting that you can play flash based YouTube videos just fine, so what gives?

And DRM, walk away from it. Seriously, walk away. Your iPad is dead on arrival due to two factors. Number one is that the biggest group that uses touch screens is the medical profession. And the DRM restrictions on the iPad, I suspect you’ll be shoveling this little lovely into landfills (Apple Lisa anyone?) before long. It’s been proven time and again that DRM laden devices meet with consumer resistance. We don’t want to be told HOW and WHEN we can play music or read books.

If it weren’t for the fact that I consider the iPod the best music player out there I’d he hard pressed not to buy another one in a few years. But you need to listen to your technically savvy users and do the right thing.

Finally got one

No, not an iPhone, but the iPod Touch instead. Why? Because I don’t like the fact that the iPhone is locked into at&t, not to mention it’s a bit too pricey.

I got the 16GB Touch and I love it already. No more click wheel. Yippeee, I passed my 2nd generation Nano to Keyron so now he’s got a portable MP3 player.

The Touch syncs up flawlessly with my wireless network, and I love the feature where if you turn it landscape the image adjusts to that. It’s a cool device.

And I paid $299 for it, which is only about $50 more than I paid for the 2nd gen Nano. So features and memory rocket up while price only goes up a little bit. Could have gotten the 32GB unit but the price seemed a little steep at $399.

My next Apple purchase will more likely than not be a MacBook Pro. I’m tired of the Microsoft games. It was funny, the Apple Store near me uses Symbol bar code scanners with a Windows CE type OS on them. They’re slow as shit and I was having a good time talking to the guys there. They loved the Obama button on my backpack too.

Dead iPod

I bought this iPod 13 months ago. It’s a Gen 2 Nano. Last night it worked fine but today, it won’t even power up.

Doing a bit of research I find it’s probably the battery. It had been acting strangely, showing less than full charge after showing full charge 10 minutes before, things like that. And I can get a replacement for about $20.

This appears to be a common problem with iPods. It’s a lithium-ion battery so why just a little over a year or use? My li-ion battery in my laptop is going on 3 years old and still going strong. Why the hell can’t Apple use a battery that lasts?

And how curious it dies right after the one year warranty.


I decided to hook it up to the USB cable today. And what do you know, in faint grey I saw the battery low warning on the screen. Then it went into sync mode with iTunes and now it’s charging. But I know this is the beginning of the end. I’m going to let it charge for a few hours and see what happens. I’ll still get the replacement battery though because this is all indicative of impending failure.