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A new Android App – Duolingo

So I downloaded a new app to my phone. it’s called Duolingo and it’s free in the Play Store on your phone. But it also is available on the web too. So don’t despair if you don’t have an Android device.

It covers Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. Essentially all the Romance languages and then German. I’ve started in on the Spanish and find the basic is very much so – I recall it from three years of Spanish when I was in high school. I managed A’s and B’s so I grasped it. And when I hear native Spanish speakers, depending of course on the local dialect they’re speaking, I can pretty much understand the key phrases. The written I can translate on the fly no issues because all the context is there.

Once I review the Spanish I’ll move on to Italian. Then I’ll do the Italian and then finish out with German and Portuguese. This is fun.

Hey guys – Android exists

I’m so sick and tired of seeing people who go all ga-ga on apps developed for IOS (Apple’s iPhone OS) but then they don’t have an Android version?

Even the city I live in – they rolled out ProvConnex for iPhone first, but about a month later they did the Android version. Thanks guys!

But there’s a lot of cool software out there and they completely miss the Android market.

Yet the market is now split pretty evenly between IOS and Android.

All you have to know is some Java to develop for Android. And download and install the SDK and hope to God your phone OEM or carrier didn’t completely fuck up the Android deployment. I’ve written about that part before and it irks me that Google didn’t retain TIGHT control over the Android system. If Google ever does manufacture a phone I’m probably going to buy theirs, as they’ll be the ones to least mess with the Android OS.

But to all those cool software people – we exist too. And at some point we’ll probably overtake IOS. There’s a sobering thought.

And if anyone else is like me – I don’t recommend the iPad. It’s got serious flaws that I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. I do like the Asus tablets and they run, you guessed it, Android.

One of the biggest reasons I don’t recommend the iPad is simply the price. It’s a ripoff. For less money you get more feature with the Asus for example, including a keyboard dock that turns it into what is pretty much a laptop.

And my next computer – while I got some serious usage out of my current Dell computer I want something better. The Samsung Series 9’s look pretty nice. Granted, they’re short on disk space as they only have a 128GB SSD. But then I realized, I can spend a couple hundred on a Buffalo NAS device. That shares over the cloud now too. And the Series 9 – it’s sleek as hell:

Nice isn’t it. And cheaper than MacBook Air. And it runs Windows – sadly I’m sort of married to the Windows platform. I could go MacOS-X Mountain Lion but even that would limit me.